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  1. Mine arrived this morning from AE. Haven’t had a chance to open it yet though.
  2. Mine must be on the same pallet as yours. It’s happened before in the past with other stuff. It should start moving again.
  3. Received payment request for shipping from AE. ¥4480 for “fast” shipping which I’m assuming is EMS. Funny that the “standard” is the same price. EDIT: scratch that. Received noticed from DHL that AE is sending me a package.
  4. Thanks guys. There are no check boxes in My Orders page or even a select all items button. I went ahead and contacted customer service to find out what’s wrong. I do remember having trouble before with just trying to update my address since I moved. Their website would not save my new info for some reason. EDIT: Nevermind. A-E has received my request to ship. I think I may have clicked to fast and didn’t realize that I already did it. 😝 Thanks again guys!
  5. Anybody order from AE? I’m having trouble with their website. The email I received from states to asks for me to check item I want shipped but I don’t see any option to do so on my orders page.
  6. Hey, anybody know how I can get a replacement left hand for the VF-0S ? Only noticed now that it’s missing the index finger on the left hand. Looks like a qc issue I never noticed til 4 years later.
  7. Two. One from Kurama already on its way and the second one from BIJ’s second batch.
  8. Kurama just shipped my TV Supers
  9. And sold out in biginjapan
  10. I’m kinda glad my second set of SP was ordered from BIJ. They upgraded my Movie SSP’s to FedEx for free. Hope that’s still the case when it ships next year. Or hopefully Japan Post resumes normal operation by then.
  11. Wow! Looks kinda like they’re charging you per item.
  12. How many sets? My one set with them was $33.50 FedEx to California.
  13. I just received an email yesterday from them asking if I wanted to upgrade to FedEx (which I did) and that they’ll be shipping this December.
  14. Woot! FedEx just delivered my Roy from NNG!
  15. My Roy’s arrived in Oakland but FedEx still doesn’t have an estimated delivery date. Hope it gets here tomorrow!
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