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  1. I remember somebody talking about this here a long time ago. Nice pictures.
  2. Will it matter? They're fighting the next war in Cyberspace, apparently! 409815[/snapback] look out they are using an aimbot and wall hacks
  3. I didn't think it was that bad. Aside from the fact that god wanted to steal the Enterprise. And Eugimon, no, the Voyage Home didn't entertain me even a little. 5 408998[/snapback] photon > god I like nemesis except the begining and the end, they always overloading phasers and data just what like shot at the generator point blank.
  4. Must be one of the hidden changes from the upgrade, I noticed I still have one I sent back in 2004 but don't have the couple I sent last month.
  5. kill it or place it somewhere other than on top the new topic/poll buttons
  6. You can always get a professional to paint a white ds lite blue if your that worried.
  7. I wonder if they improved sea combat. TA was great but it barely had any pure sea maps to have massive ship vs ship combat also AI wasn't geared to build much sea units.
  8. I never like that first date skit. The voltron and the sailor moon skits I think are funny.
  9. Seen both before. always fun to watch it over again.
  10. Bah, Microsoft (or any other company)is no better...Gates said "Toy Story 2 Level detail " and unlimited graphical visuals before the XBox launch (commonly an urban myth as Sony's quotes by Microsoft fans): Toy Story quality graphics "We're approaching the level of detail seen in Toy Story 2," he said, referring to the computer-generated kids film from Disney/Pixar. "Game developers will finally be able to develop games as they can visualize it in their minds, without having restrictions placed on them due to performance." Sound familar each generation? I never bought into the PS2 boasting at launch (anyone that owned a Dreamcast were playing stronger games at launch than PS2 games. Take any graphics boasting with a grain of salt. If they achieve it be happy. E3 '05...all 3 made boasts and ahem...weird statements...PS3= awesome visuals...360= backwards compatibilty with best selling XBox titles and non gamers will buy 360 so they can sell stuff they designed to gamers on Live (why would a non gamer buy a game system?) Nintendo= Graphics on Rev will make you say "Wow". One year later E3' 06 Yes, Wii's controller is innovative but, graphically the Wii games look exactly like Gamecube titles (Which would explain why Zelda is being released day and date for both). Wii= impressive controller that will be a hot new fad...cool but not sure if it will truly win over the people in sustaining power after a couple years (Only Nintendo could sell you basically a Gamecube 1.5 with a new controller and get away with praise..if MS or Sony did that with a PS2 or XBox, people would say it's just a gimmick). MS= Umm...I guess they showed Halo 3 so all's well in 360 owner land Sony= Shocks the world with price and sell your sister financing on PS3. Heavenly Sword demonstration indistinguishable from last year's trailer...but they don't even touch on it much..in fact their press conference was boring as hell). These reputations are taken to the nth level on the internet...all companies make absurd claims. All of them. Nintendo is the most kiddie friendly company in the world it would seem but behind the curtains, they have done a lot of nasty things in the industry (16 bit wars cough...cough). MS does the same, and Sony...welll just does some really stupid things sometimes. Take it all with a grain of salt but I think the "sony lies and your in PS2 is really a bomb waiting to go off so you have to buy a new one"!!! or "MS is the devil incarnate evil"!!! things you hear online is mostly exagerrated fanboy ranting. And to make one last point: did anyone really think the PS2, Xbox, or whatever have you would produce the level of details in a demo from everyday games? A couple might. The power might be there...real world usage always dictates a drop in highest specs. Ever had once a year car wax actually stay on for a year (sprayed with water 52 times in a day long test does not equal one year in the real world) ? My search gloves are "sharps proof" including needles...for about 2 months. Cell phone batteries talk time....any battery operated device's operating time (always at the lowest power setting doing nothing so CE companies can give the highest number available). Ever get a Big Mac that looks like one on TV? Just smile and play the games you like. These reputations mean nothing to the mass market. 405891[/snapback] huge differernce between FF and toystory 2. If billy gates said be like that monster one where they had to render lots of hair and fur then I would belive you.
  11. Does sound like a Porn thing. Maybe we should unofficaly call it Pre-mac
  12. Bad guys don't need detail description on everthing they have.
  13. It would be hard to reverse engineer the afos since it wasn't in the hands of the UN spacy for very long, so they won't be able to recreate any of its grav based systems and weapons. They recreated the anti-grav generators from the macross but its nothing like the one afos had.
  14. Theres one way to tell. if the hydrolics are leaking its Grumman. If not its either not Grumman or it is Grumman and its broken. You know the old saying about them and their planes.
  15. Underage school girls = porn? You perv. 405164[/snapback] Heh you don't need to watch hentai to know whats going to happen here. Wonder if the next shot has gannon or bowser showing up with tenticals popping out
  16. Meh i just use photobucket if Internal uploading is not allowed on a forum.
  17. What about Agent One's image of Graham out killing hobos, that was pretty funny. There were a few funny images in the "great moments in Anime done in MSPaint" thread too. 404397[/snapback] Can you post a link to the A1 image of Graham wasting hobos? I've been trying the search function, but have given up after just scrolling through one of the hits that was a 37 pager. 404862[/snapback] Points to ava
  18. You can say that again. I remember my dads old stories when he was station in guam as a painter for helocopters he uncovered a coffee can full of gold plated nuts and bolts that be belived belong to the presidental helocopter. how it sent to there he has no clue.
  19. You think they should be able to make their own by now. They have the resources to do it.
  20. Let me guess, something thats is suposed to be flexible gets stiff and starts cracking?
  21. What about Little Valkyrie comic strips? I think those were funny. FV 404089[/snapback] Little Valk sucked. The only thing funny about that was the writer's elitist schtick wherein he had so much hot-air blown up his ass he thought his strips were actually worthwhile and something approaching "art." The only reason people thought Little Valk (and other various fan-made comics on MW) were funny or amusing or even worthwhile is because they feature Macross. Put any other series in there and the people on MW would be realizing them for the unfunny crap they are. 404104[/snapback] Those are fighting words I liked those comics the part with the pokemon not as much but rest was good.
  22. Sky Fury, Sea Fury, Storm Fury Unite! When our powers combine we become Fatal Fury! 403973[/snapback] Heh its Sky Sea! Storm! GO Fury! With your powers combined I am Fatal Fury! Fatal Fury!, he's our hero, Gonna take pollution down to zero, He's our powers magnified, And he's fighting on the planet side Fatal Fury!, he's our hero, Gonna take pollution down to zero, Gonna help him put us under, Bad guys who like to loot and plunder "You'll pay for this Fatal Fury!" (chanting) We're the Furyteers, You can be one too! 'Cause saving our planet is the thing to do, Looting and polluting is not the way, Hear what Fatal Fury! has to say: "THE POWER IS YOURS!!" edit: hmm I just relized the captain planet lyrics suck.
  23. cruel yes but thinking back he just wanted me to grow up, he was working since he was 14 and since I was 8 at the time he was preparing me by killing my childhood with a bang. At the time he also made me cut tons of wood with a spilting maul and stack them cords apon cords, learn to survive in the woods alone with a pistol and one magazine in the dead of winter (good thing it was the mild winter of washington state instead of the bitter cold of michigan he tells me about), and gut and clean out every single animal he killed during animal and fishing season. Strangly enough I became a computer geek changing out electron boards, soldering stuff replacing computer components as my hobby.
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