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  1. Ahhh.... you gotta love Sony. http://ps3.ign.com/articles/615/615745p1.html
  2. Just picked up this little bit of info from Anime News Network regarding some more Hellsing anime. Apparently, it's going to be in OVA form, with 35-minute episodes at an undisclosed number of episodes. Best of all though, it's being based directly on the manga material. Woooo, no more Incognito! It's being co-produced by Geneon entertainment. However it's not Gonzo doing the animation duties this time, but instead Satelight, the guys who did the animation production for Macross Zero.
  3. Well the cool thing is, Matrix Online isn't as deep as games like World Of Warcraft and Everquest in many ways since the main focus of it is playing through the story based missions that are written. However, if you miss any of these, you get a history backlog of all the story cinematics to date, so if you go without playing for weeks at a time, you can still get an idea of whats going on. Well as with most games these days, the detail settings are very tweakable so there's a lot of room for optimisation. To get it running decently (high/max detail) you'd need this kind of PC: Athlon/P4 @ 2.4Ghz 1 GB of RAM 7GB HDD Space 128 Mb GFX Card (Preferably a Radeon 9700/9800, or a Geforce 5700) Broadband internet connection Hehe, I gotta mention though the Matrix Media Player, which allows you to play any kind of Windows Media Player formatted file in the actual game, hehe very cool: Matrix Online Radio
  4. The game itself looks pretty good to me at the moment simply because I love the city, the way you can make your character look, the wire-fu etc.... BUT the one thing that has really piqued my interest is how they have already begun to advance the storyline since Revolutions. I just can't wait to be involved in this: Matrix Online - The Continuation Of The Story Whaddya you guys think? Well in any event i'll be tossing back a coloured candy soon and will probably see a bunch of fellow MW'ers on there!
  5. Hmmmm, hows about Jack Nicholson's Joker from Batman? One eeeeeevil dude if I ever saw one
  6. Fansubs for me i'm afraid. If we are looking at 3 eps per disc. VIZ can indeed kiss my ass. I mean what episode are we on now? 122? I'm NOT buying 41 or so DVD's at $20 a pop just to see what I have seen already. Again, VIZ can kiss my ass.
  7. At the end of the trailers? Hmmm, it's an english narration though
  8. Uhhh.....WTF? Seph doesn't even speak in the trailer, you're thinking of Kadaj the shoulder length hair dude who speaks to the guy in the wheelchair. But I wouldn't say Cloud sounded like a pansy, just a miserable bastard
  9. Man, I knew that they were making two more sequels to this current Appleseed, but they are also making an Appleseed TV series too?? Appleseed TV Series In The Works All good stuff!
  10. Probably in my Zeta set that just got shipped from Digital Eyes
  11. Anyone been to AICN for their reviews of Blade Trinity? Ouchie!
  12. Hey welcome to MacrossWorld haro genki! Yeah, mine is ordered with Digital Eyes and hopefully, i'll get an early ship out along with everybody else!
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