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  1. Im going to do what any self respecting chinese would do Im going to download the show copy it burn it onto a dvd scan some macross frontier posters stick it on the front cover and then scan a picture of Gundam Seed and stick it on the back cover put a BlueRay Sticker on the front say there are english subtitles when actually its german and sell it for a buck then if you want to buy two i give you special price for 1.99 and when it doesnt work i tell you to go fuk yourself thats what im going to do
  2. I see your point and agree and can add a bit more in my own theory Life, nature, the universe is imperfect. Imperfection ism is the perfect system. It creates the dimensions and time. Without the Universe continually seeking perfection there would be no movement, no time. Just a sea of DEAD. In G.L. The Anti Spirals believed they were the culmination of Perfection and thus time around them and the universe was a sea of dead. Therefore they were the cause of destroying the universe. Spirals are expanding the universe. Life is the only antithesis to system decay and as soon as Lord G. gave up growth and expansion he was decaying the universe around him even if they were not his intentions. In the end of the OVA we see an older Simon and if you look at his eyes you can see the same spiral energy as Lord G. I interpret that as the growth of the imperfect power.
  3. Could you please post comparison pics to a SOC Mazinger by Bandai. I want to know how it compares. I want to know what the metal content is and how the quality it. I saw a fewture figure for 250 US and its pretty similar to the going rate on Ebay..... Thanks
  4. :lol: :lol: And I shall Call him Mini Me
  5. the profile is decent enough but look at all that bland solid shoulder molding and the back wing stabilizer part in gerwalk mode. Reminds me of the earlier bandai Macross 7 Bomber valks
  6. The toy looks really cheap. Look at the shoulders and arms Its like cheap painted prototype plastic. Borders on a No Grade 1/100 by bandai Anything from Kawamori????? I mean they are his designs. I am assuming there is merit for a lawsuit. Maybe G-man can sneak some of these photos to Yamato and it will seep to Mr. Kawamori oh hell i call him myself!!!
  7. What scale would this be if they did it in the MacQaurt DX Size. At that size they can still maintain the details and mechanics
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUWc4uGIxSM...player_embedded Maybe this is what Transformers Live action film should have been minus the humans of course unless you might want some as plasma splats!
  9. Hmm looks like the Wing MG Custom doesnt look to bad. .....if you panel lined it and added the stickers it you would be perfect. BTW the Pirate one. Is it any good
  10. ?????? ITS HOLLOW. And has the flexibility of a regular 1/60. The 1/60 pictured here looks better. Im not sure what that is but it seems a revisit of a PG V2.0
  11. wawawawahaaaaaaaaaaaaat i hope that studio does a second ova and Pete those are some beautiful bubbly jubblies I remember when I lived in Zurich and vacationed on the Croatian coast man those Polish girls are so well endowed. Ahh must be something in the milk!
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