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  1. we have the ability to do live action frontier. musiculture was just the tip of the iceberg, let takarazuka do it.
  2. you may think its simple, but to do that an expensive metal rig has to be built that fits flush to the side of the monsters face, just to print that one detail.
  3. two things you say that are mutualy exclusive are tampo printing and limited run. The cliché(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pad_printing) is very expensive, the smaller the run the greater the cost per unit. If you make a 100,000 units like a star wars toy, the cost per unit becomes negligible. But for under 5,000 unit runs like for Macross, its cost prohibitive.
  4. running out of time for travel and lodging reservations. I want to go but wont be able to if we dont have a date.
  5. Me and Dyna Gold want to go. Is there a specific date set yet?
  6. Wish I could be there. Let here know her fans in Kansai appreciate her singing.
  7. he "retires" after almost every major movie project he directs. http://blog.livedoor.jp/dqnplus/archives/1783936.html
  8. It was my fault for bringing up the politics. I vote to drop it and just carry on with instead, which toy company anywhere in the world should make Pacific Rim toys, and why.
  9. http://www.hlj.com/product/KYD01135/Sci http://www.hlj.com/product/SET88807/Act and by checking places like mandarake you can find revoltechs under 1000yen. where the sentinel tends to sell at a premium above original retail price.
  10. well the sentinel costs 500% of what the revoltech version does, so naturally it is much higher quality. And sentinel still lacks others in its line to play with.
  11. My vote for which toy company to make Pacific Rim Jagers and Kaijyu would be Kaiyodo, in their Revoltech line. That would be relatively affordable, and have a pre existing horde of mecha and kaijyu to fight with in huge dioramas.
  12. Please dont take it wrong, its about Japanese not liking the Movie Pacific Rim, not you. If you visit I will be glad to show you around the Kansai area. And the Tokyo guys would likely say the same. And we will all introduce you to Japanese who have no problem with whatever nationality you are.
  13. Ouch! I find myself guilty of making an over simplistic generalization, and causing some drama. The reality is there are many people with many differing opinions about Pacific Rim in Japan. The first reaction I saw first hand was after I saw it in the theaters, a pair of younger mecha fans were excitedly talking about it at the bus stop nearby. They were there for the mecha porn and story and characters were not important to them. But later talking to Kaijyu fans, they felt they didnt get the spirit of the genre right. Kaijyu being the spirit of the earth retaliating against nuclear weapon use by humans. And Pacific Rim showing the usual American bias of nuclear weapons being the solution to save the world. That bit is also offensive to the general population of japan. Even nuclear power use for propulsion of the mecha is a bit offensive now due to fukushima. I found an article in english that sums it up pretty well: http://www.filmschoolrejects.com/opinions/how-pacific-rim-got-kaiju-wrong.php Also, the actress that plays Mako, Rinko Kikuchi, is not very popular: http://kotaku.com/will-japan-finally-adore-this-pacific-rim-star-5968393 As previously mentioned, Japan did not have a Jager survive till the end, while China did. Younger people dont seem to mind so much, but Adults seem to take it harder. And it seems the movie was very popular in China, earning 10 times more than what it did in Japan. And since the Adults control most of the toy companies, they might feel the same. But there is hope, if they are mecha fans first, and that overrides their other biases.
  14. Ok same plan as before. Everyone is invited to the early morning party.
  15. Here is an unusual shitajiki by Takatoku Toys promoting their hand held LCD games. It is made of cardboard unlike the usual plastic.
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