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  1. yes, but its from Japan, so shipping will be higher and you will also need a proxy buyer.
  2. here too, this place might be a little more reliable: http://hlj.co.jp/product/hap68000
  3. there are still some places that have cases of 10 in stock, like this place: http://wfwave.com/kit-19119-マクロスメカジオラマ+10個セット(食玩).html you could use a proxy service to buy it. but I have never bought from that store so can`t be sure of their reliability.
  4. Next time you are in Japan, visit Osaka and I will show you around and help you find what you dont have yet.
  5. Its the Macross Mecha Diorama blind box candy toy set made by TOMY a couple years back. 5 piece set consisting of: VF-1S, VF-1J, VF-1A, Quedluun-Rau, and Regult. Each having one piece of the Monster
  6. since its not the Robotech version of the SDF-1, I would assume not.
  7. The DYRL version is much harder to get, it was a event limited dojin item from Comic Market 91 produced by Yasu0. Only 15 were made, 5 of which are now owned by various MW members. He makes caps for nearly every Comic Market, twice a year. But he usually has a different ship for each Comic Market. Yahoo Japan Auctions is your main option now, if you want the DYRL SDF-1. As the cap owners I know at the moment would require you to pay "The Iron Price"
  8. depends, which version are you looking for?
  9. You are right, its is higher than normal thrust for a VF-1 by over a factor of 10. So most likely a editing or printer error with an extra zero like you say.
  10. Your observation is absolutely true, because Producer Kawamori designed the original VF-1 to be 25% smaller than it should be. And likely the mass reduced in proportion. Designer Tenjin mentioned this was a major difficulty in making the 1/1 scale VF-1 cockpit, as it was originally designed someone like Roy Fokker could not physically fit inside. The VF-0 was designed to be actually the size and mass that would be realistically possible, and there is a noticeable difference compared to the VF-1.
  11. Yes, its called Gunnm Mars Chronicle, and she is on the final leg of her story. We get to see her as a young child growing up on Mars.
  12. there is no need to be angry, the Master File series is basically a high print run fanbook, a "doujinshi" its just some people putting their unofficial made up stats in a book. It does not affect true cannon.
  13. Both the Master File and Chronicle are non-cannon. All Producer Kawamori has to do is declare that there is a separate parallel world where the VF-4 can transform. And BigWest can issue licenses to anyone who wants to make a toy of that one.
  14. If they are more seal than cat, he could be much larger than a female of the same age.
  15. In Japan, where Macross is made, same sex couples are not a political issue. Neither do they include LGBT content in Anime to be progressive. Its normal and accepted by mainstream entertainment.
  16. Same sex couples are very common on prime time TV here in Japan. Even post op transsexuals show up with very little fuss. You even have LBGT hosts on childrens shows here. It is a very different climate compared to the US.
  17. No problem, it was easy, first page on google image search.
  18. Valkyrie (and Regult) Girls started appearing in doujinshi in 1983. Sorry NSFW cant post pics here.
  19. Even more significant is the specific one he wanted to get rid of was love. The sponsors don't want it to get too grim and gritty
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