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  1. The other half of the booth had some machined metal parts. Such as head lasers, Antenna, and even micromissiles.
  2. Here are some nice upgrade parts for your YF-19 and 21`s. Very nice paint jobs too.
  3. And another one, not quite as cool looking though. Still an impressive transformation.
  4. For those of you into variable bikes, here is a very nice one of a kind piece. Machined out of aluminum! Perfect variable no parts swapping.
  5. Here is the Garland with rider shown at the Atelier-sai booth. The Garland is identical to the one at the Yamato booth. The rider has no facial details or clothing, just an articulated dummy at this point.
  6. Here are the Atelier-sai BGC action figures. They are articulated and are about 50% bigger than the Yamato ones(very rough guestimate since I didnt have a ruler on me) He is still negotiating to find someone to mass produce it and market it. It will probably cost a couple thousand yen. He eventualy wants to make a variable motoslave but is first working on a simple exo suit that the hardsuits fit into.
  7. Ah, glad to see Noel was there taking pictures, my camera sucks. I`ll skip posting pics of the VF-0, Monster and Garland since he probably has better ones. Here is a pic of the central area before the mad rush of people trying to get their promotional bottled water. Man, stick a cute underage girl on anything and people will line up to buy it at wonderfest;)
  8. I voted Atelier-sai because he is very enthusiastic about his models and friendly. The fact that his stuff looks nice and doesnt requre parts swapping is also a plus.
  9. Whew, sorry I took so long to post, but I needed to sleep. I need to go to work now so no pics for a couple hours. I apoligize but I was unable to take multiple close up shots due to limited memory card space. The yamato Releases are all stuff you`ve seen already. I couldnt tell if the VF-0 had a new head sculpt since it was in fighter mode. Looks nice though, much better than the ones originaly shown a couple months ago. The Variable Koenig monster looks awesome. One of the cannons was slightly droopy though. The Garland seems to be the newest. It was only spray painted with primer. It is perfect variable. The leg linkage mechanism is big and ugly though. It might have been made intentionaly though, it keeps the bike from leaning over to one side. The display model at Atelier-sai had a articulated rider prototype, the Yamato one did not. The Yamato BGC fig is a small trading figure size and will go for 630yen. The larger Atelier-sai BGS action figures have not found a distributor yet and price is not set, several thousand yen is a rough estimate. A motoslave is almost a certainty since the same guy did the Garland prototype.
  10. ooo, that'd be neato. I was never an expert at casting, but I think it might be a little hard for someone to cast that VF-1J in one piece, especially with the slanted stablizers--as one piece anyway. That's why the taka 1/3000 valks have no legs and feature parallel tailfins, for ease of casting and moulding. While we're on the subject, would any of the little valks from the Valhalla kit work any better for our 1/3000 SDF? I`ll send my banpresto VF-1J to >EXO< to foward it. And I`d love to have a Squadron of mini valks from the Valhala kit as well.
  11. People were already lining up yesterday! I was told I could have waved my yellow badge and gotten instant offers of 60,000yen. Will take pics and post later.
  12. Could you recast the VF-1J shown here? I`d be willing to loan you mine provided I could get a couple.
  13. I was about to ask in the toy thread, but felt if would be a bit off topic and end up flooding the thread with pics that dont contain the toy the topic was about. HLJ would just have pics of the toy in question, I wanted to see pics from various non toy sources like the show, movies, artbooks, fan works, etc,...
  14. In the toys forum it has been mentioned that the new CMs 3pack of Millia looks nothing like her. So what should she look like? The character design reference drawings from the TV show? The DYRL design? Mikimoto watercolor painting? Post pics of what you think the definitive Millia should be.
  15. wait a tick, you bought a VF-1S Hikaru STRIKE valkyrie for 1600 yen???? Either you've got it confused with the "SUPER" valkyrie or something's up... You guys smell something? Given the time frame he mentions, its very possible that what he says is true. Last year was when the Bandai re-releases were flooding the market and many retailers over ordered. I picked up a 1/55 VF-1s Roy(no fastpack)when the price dropped to 2000yen(at Gamers in Motomachi, Kobe) But prices dropped even further. In Tokyo where even more stores were overstocked, It is likely that even a strike VF-1s would go on sale for under 2000yen. Even the 1/48 was not immune, I got a 1/48 VF-1s Roy for 5,000yen.
  16. Why cant US TRU do like Japan TRU and get popular toys at low prices? It my hands down favorite place to get Yamato Valks. Best prices in all Japan. And they tend to have alot of model kits that sell out at other specialty stores.
  17. Use a pinvice and drill a long hole into Saras leg. Drill a hole into the base peg and coil up one end of the wire and epoxy it onto the bottom of the base, with the uncoiled end sticking up from the base peg. Coat the wire lightly with epoxy and insert into the hole you made in the figures leg.
  18. Well, I`ve been walking on eggshells myself with the figure pic thread that I started. I contacted a mod to get better guidance and decided not to post most of my pics. Although the intent of my pics is to show Macross related humor, the hentai aspect might be all some see. And if I post some gross pics, someone else might post some grosserer pics in response. So I try to restrain myself.
  19. What have I done to deserve this?! Have I wronged you in some way? I greiveously beg your forgiveness for whatever I have done. Please, make the torment stop.
  20. BBQ with mesquite... Just checking between episode 2 & 3 to see if I had triggered seeds of envy By the way, I am on vacation so I am not slacking work or anything. Ciao ! STEAK! BOVINOUS FLESH! God do you guys know what its like living in Japan now that American Beef is illegal?! So what if I can get all kinds of Macross toys, I cant enjoy a nice thick, juicy, mouth-watering T-bone without paying out the yinyang. I read his post, and suffer.
  21. Ah, so thats where they got the limited version CMS Hikaru?
  22. Damn!!! hahah. Nice!! this is beginning to be a hentai macross figure thread. hehe. I know there are hentai type figures out there that you can put misa, minmay and the rest of their heads onto! Well, that was not my original intent for this thread. But I have a rather sick sense of humor so it ended up like that. Maybe we should back off a bit and just post regular figs before it gets moderated.
  23. Very impressive. My feeble headswaps pale in comparison. I long to have true conversion skills like you em/bows
  24. I've got a feeling Yamato doesn't trust MW any more either. But, it's not for those reasons. scand is defintely right. yamato gets mopney regardless of whether this site exists or NOT. Fanbase in japan was enough for them to even restart the seemingly dead toy license and look what happened. They are going towards the japanese market, not us. We just happen to be kind of the sole source for info ever since valkyrie scramble's admin left to become a father. Yamato could care less what we say negative or not. "Boss desu, many fans want to know more info!" Yamato higher up"who cares? let' em be surprised" "boss they are complaining!" Yh"you see that money bag there? where do you think THAT came from? " Though yes this site is an important meeting point for macross fans all over don't ever think it is that influential to yamato. I hate to say it but the truth is the yen speaks more than we will ever do, and we been kept in the dark since what a year now? And during that year did you hear yamato get pissed about how we complain? NOPE! they simply kept going regardless of whether we bitched or not. So point is, Yamato don't care what we say and how we bitch. THey care for the YEN. And the YEN they get regardless of whether we bitch or not. It is true. I think eugimon and scand are correct. I also think eugimon and scand are correct. It is very likely a combination of factors that resulted in Yamato cutting contact with Graham. Very likely more things going on that we dont know about. I was just making some educated guesses based on my limited conversation with one Yamato employe. While you say that they could care less, they cared enough to initiate contact way back when, and then cut it off. What they care about is unknown, but its a definite that they care enough to apply direct pressure on their employees to avoid talking to any Macrossworlders.
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