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  1. I`m glad you posted your Gloval pic, robodog562000. But its a shame to waste all that articulation. Put him in some entertaining pose, maybe with some other characters. As for me, I present; Misa: "Oh, my! Snappy salute, Hikaru"
  2. I`m not sure of the exact reason Yamato is not talking to Graham, but I do have a strong inkling that Yamato does not like the Macrossworld forums. Many of the employees lurk here because they like the fan customs, but the upper management dispises the negative threads and the bad publicity generated by them. Do not expect any official news about Yamato releases on this forum. Asking and speculating only makes them more upset.
  3. Its kind of hard to tell, but the Sailor Mao has a bandaid on one knee. How she got that injury is a matter of pure speculation. YUM. You sick puppies I was merely speculating that she skinned her knee while innocently skipping along the way to school.
  4. The PVC VF-1J that is in the lower left corner(battloid,gerwalk,and figher) plus the VF-1S and the light grey tomahawk in pieces on the rright hand side look like the 1999 Bandai Macross Mission 1 gachapon set.
  5. Its kind of hard to tell, but the Sailor Mao has a bandaid on one knee. How she got that injury is a matter of pure speculation.
  6. Yeah, I like theSai lor Minmay too. But I`m just posting these so others can enjoy them. I`m not advertising them to sell or trade. Currently prices for CMS set 1 are rising at an alarming rate and I would not be able to replace them if I sold one. I dont remember the exact details about the mini valk, but it was a part of a larger set of a variety of mecha. The only other Macross mecha was the SDF-1. I think it was a banpresto set, but not sure. Will post again when I get exact info.
  7. Here`s the latest release; Amdriver Nyrguise Very cool, the most chaotic neutral looking of all the Amdrivers. The helmet is very bubblegummy too, for you ambitious figure converters. Some minor gripes though. All the armor limits his posability somewhat. And when you try to reposition the floating binders the backpack frequently falls off. Trying to get the fig to stand on its own is also a bit of a pain.
  8. And in case that wasnt pedolicious enough for you guys; Sailorsuit Mao
  9. Been there, done that, not posting them. But due to popular demand, I have for you; Sailorsuit Minmay
  10. "Who would want to open up their a-hole for you?" That Dutch guy was hilarious, especially his Japanese. I think that was a little bit too literal. Its more like he wanted to say that Japan will one day unclench its a-hole, as he was using the term for anal retentiveness. And then the second guy added the literal inuendo of why someone would actualy open their a-hole for him.
  11. Well?............... Well, my better judgement said the figs were too... wrong to post. Esp the Mao conversion. I`m working on some figs appropriate for family viewing, or at least just worksafe.
  12. Excellent, finally someone else posted pics here. Now I can post some more of my pics.
  13. I got mine at toizaurus for 5,000yen back when they were overstocked and having a sale. The normal price was 9,999yen. Seeing how many stores were overstocked and took a while to sell out, I voted "no, they probably saturated the market" As in saturated the JAPANESE market. It probably matters very little to Yamato that the AMERICAN market is still wanting for more.
  14. Wow, thats all it takes to freak you guys out? Anyone thats lived in Japan for a while can tell you it gets much, much, MUCH worse.
  15. Yes I second that. I third that, and I nominate Mamoru Nagano to replace him. See Zeta, FSS and L-gaim.
  16. This pic wasnt getting any love in the toys section, so I thought it would be better appreciated here.
  17. Hello, to answer your questions, no they weren't produced at the same time, the Low Viz came later. It is a limited edition kit but you can still find them on Ebay. I have one, I check HLJ daily so I don't miss anything. HLJ lists them but they're grayed out under the discontinued status. Thanks for the info. Engage scalp drive!
  18. What? No one liked the ARMDRIVER headswap? Those toys are so cool, my wallet is in for a world of hurt unless I can resist the urge to get a complete set. Bariaburu Faita
  19. After all the fuss about the Yamato low vis, this caught my eye. It seems to be in low supply, the only places I found it in stock are typicaly in BFE. It has the same limited status as the Macross Zero Tomcat and MIG, and one place that I saw it at had equal numbers of all 3. I would make an educated guess that all 3 were produced at about the same time, in simmilar numbers. How many of you have one of these? Or know what the actual status of the kit is. I didnt see it listed at HLJ. Thanks for your help ahead of time. Bariaburu Faita
  20. Ore no uta o kike! Uen ai shinku abauto yuu ai tatchi maiserufu!
  21. Yeah! Shake it baby! Wait... She`s starting to turn around
  22. Reba West sings "My boyfriend is a Coordinator"
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