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  1. as far as I know, both the sword strike and sword impulse have anti-ship swords. For anti MS meele the Aile Strike or Force Impulse beam sabers or knives are more effective.
  2. You got those pics from here right? http://mokei.net/test/read.cgi/up/1079559471/l50 The post under the pic says it is from a model magazine from that era. Doesnt say specificaly which magazine. So my guess is that it was a custom fan project that got a pic in a magazine like hobby japan durring the 80`s
  3. Cool, thanks for contributing guys! Looks like I need to put my camera on a stand, and make more frames for GIF use.
  4. If the sign was there, then weren't the three of you at fault? The staff should have pointed it out right away, but I bet the three of you felt silly arguing over something that could have been settled in one second. So, in the real version did you threaten them, challenge them to a fight, push stuff over or what? And must you always pay by credit card? How about good old cash? Yeah, in hindsight us 3 were double plus wrong. The only thing that they really did wrong, was to let Rob get away with using 3,000yen on a credit card in his previousl purchases. And this was probably a nice thing, the register girls that did that previously were experienced and were familiar with Rob and his purchasing habits. They probably knew the 5,000yen limit but let it slide since he was a big spender there. The last time was a new girl that only knew about the 5,000yen limit and had no clue as to how to deal with someone who didnt want to pay that much. In the "real" version people were no where as well behaved as the story suggests, I was infact looking forward to seeing how my outburst would be depicted There were also some highly entertaining conversations we had that violated section 3 rule #2
  5. Its too bad we couldnt take pictures inside the K-books. Should have known better about the Macross 7 dojinshi, content was highly suspect since we got it on the second floor. If we got one from the 4th floor the contents might have been more interesting... Er, not that I would know whats on the 4th floor Jeez, just because I have a scissors, knife, tweezers, screwdrivers, nailfile, ruler, vietnam era P-38 can opener and flashlight on my keychain does not make me a McGuyver And dont get me started on the contents of my Utility Backpack, its saved my life on more than one occasion
  6. This isnt really a sequel per se. Its more of an "alternate reality" version. Something very commonly done for movies based on anime/TV shows in Japan. In the original TV series Hakkaida is killed by Skeleton Squirrel and his body occupied by Professor Gill`s brain in the sequel series Kikkaida 01. So it is possible that someone else recovers the Hakkaida body and transplants another brain to it, but this is not official cannon.
  7. Perfect Grade 1/60 Strike maybe? Edit; Woohoo, no longer a waxer!
  8. Damn, its true. I went yesterday and they have made it much harder for foreign hairy barbarians to display the volume of ignorance that we did I guess some good did come out of this
  9. Ah, that will do it. MUCH easier than the SEARCH function. Sorry for my nooblieness.
  10. If you spent some time in the model kit forum you would have known about these months ago These are made by a Japanese resin kit maker named Patemori-Soba. They have been cranking out 1/72 destroids for the last couple wonderfests. And they will likely continue as long as there is demand.
  11. And keep in mind Renato and Rob wimped out and gave sanitized versions of the ordeal
  12. It seems to me that this is the forum with the most traffic, which is kinda sad considering that this is a Macross site... I have been having to hunt for some threads I have been following and its getting a bit difficult. Maybe it should be split into two, the Other Anime, and Science Fiction. Is this possible? It sounds like a huge task to sort all the existing threads, and alot dont quite fit into either catagory.
  13. The lowest price I have seen for a Yamato 1/48 was 5,000yen new. But the box was in craptacular condition. Toy was near mint. I rarely every find a new toy these days that I would call "mint".
  14. Not only did he have a son, Monkey-Punch wrote a manga with his son as the title character.
  15. Haruhiko Mikimoto was responsable of character design?? Close enough, they are all late 80`s OVA`s that sucked, and have Mikimoto character designs But now you are back in the hot seat. Got a new question? No question... sorry again someone else can take over Again?! Don`t answer if you aren`t willing to post a question Here`s my next question; What is the name of Lupin the Thirds son? Wrong answers get a pic of Basara-Faye sent to them, so no guessing
  16. Well, at least he said "dont go there". Now people will just have to use their imagination as to what happened. And did you wear your monkey suit like you promised? Remember saying that they only way you would ever go back is if you were in your monkey suit and had a video camer a with you?
  17. Haruhiko Mikimoto was responsable of character design?? Close enough, they are all late 80`s OVA`s that sucked, and have Mikimoto character designs But now you are back in the hot seat. Got a new question?
  18. Ok, let me try. This should be easy what do the following have in common? Salamander, High Speed Jecy, Macross II
  19. Maybe you can get 10 of her in 1/48 scale... I rather have her 1:1 scale. Believe it or not, here in Japan that is a very real possibility
  20. You want 2ch posters here? Are you sure that is wise? They are a bit more... enthusiastic about subjects.
  21. Very little point in opening a Japanese forum here unless we can get ahold of some automatic translating software. And besides, they are already here. Notice the "guests" that are always here at odd hours? I personaly know several who lurk here without an account. Look at all the Japanese Macross fansites that have Macrossworld in the links section.
  22. Ok, based on Renatos refusal to continue the story, and Rob`s "version" of the story I can assume they do not want to have the whole story told. We can consider this thread closed. Please do not PM me asking to know what happened unless you have written permission from both Renato and Rob.
  23. I saw this list on Tanmens site, lists a couple things I havent seen before. But it mentions "if demand warrants" in the middle. This was in the "event limited" section. 1/72 Macross Series 1/72 VF-4 (Remade version) (SDF マクロス flashback 2012) 1/72 VF-3000 (advanced Valkyrie) 1/72 V-BR-2 1/72 VF-9 (SDF マクロス M3) If demand warrants 1/72 cat's eye (SDF マクロス) 1/72 fan racer (SDF マクロス) 1/72 fan liner (SDF マクロス) 1/72 dragon II (SDF マクロス)  
  24. Oops, should have worded that better. EMINENCE is the pseudonym of the sculptor who made the Missilepods.
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