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  1. It says 1/465 scale Here is the full set;
  2. Strange, I just clicked on the link now and it worked. Here`s one of em in case you cant see the whole page.
  3. http://ripplemark.ddo.jp/MINI.htm
  4. Making of the UN-Balance 1/72 YF-19 fold booster(and some other non macross stuff, skip past the Zeta) http://www2u.biglobe.ne.jp/~maps/fullsc/garmor.htm
  5. Hmm... The other guilty parties dont seem to want to talk. Am I going to have to tell the WHOLE story? I wont leave anything else, at least if one of you guys tell it you might be able to leave some stuff out.
  6. The second one is Rainbow Man(watch Prefectural Earth Defense Force for a cameo). One of the 70`s live action heroes before the "sentai" format homogenized the genre. I vaugely remember watching the others, will have to consult the bible and get back to you.
  7. For the very first time all 3 of the Kansai region Macrossworlders get together for some Macross item hunting! The guilty parties are; Bariaburu Faita(Howard), Monkey-Nugget(Rob), and Renato(Renato) Starting out at Umeda station we hit the various hobby shops and look at all the poor club-M kits no one wants to buy for some strange reason. At Mandarake Umeda we check out all the cute girls dressed up as Gundam seed boys. We hit most of the main stores and then head south to Namba to do some more shopping, but since Blackaces was in town a while ago nothing worthwhile anywhere. Then we finally pass by K-books. Renato"I haven`t seen this place before, is it new?" Howard"Yeah, it just opened up a couple months ago, Rob comes here every week" Rob"Hey, Renato you can read Kanji real good, right? I need you guys to help me find some stuff to auction here" Howard"Oh dear God, not again..." Renato ???? And we to up to the infamous second floor. Renato !!!! Rob"Ok, ebay rules prohibit anything explicitly obscene, even if its censored by you or the comic so..." Renato"Why are we looking at gay dojinshi?" Rob"Hey, when one of these books can go for $300 you kinda have to overlook that. In the golden age of gay dojinshi a couple month back, I made enough money to pay for the hospital bills for my new baby." Howard"That is just too wrong for words..." Renato"Your daughter is going to curse you for bringing her into the world via gay dojinshi." Rob"Nah, she`ll probably want me to buy her some. Anyway, start finding ones with Vash and Wolfwood" And so after depleting the Trigun section we eventualy work our way to the Lord of the Rings section. Rob"Ok, don`t bother with any of the ones with Hobbits, everyone knows they are gay anyway" Rob does his impression of a gay Hobbit and Renato`s jaw just kinda goes slack. Howard having seen the routine before is only slightly shaken, reminds self to bring camera next time. Two 14 year old girls that were holding hands looking through the books nearby suddenly decide they have to be elsewhere, quickly. Rob"So look for ones with Legolas or Aragorn. Especially if you can find them in the anime SD form." Renato"like this one?" Rob"Nah, more like this one, very cute" Howard"Oh, this one is so wrong. It says "Gimli be closer to me"" And so Howard and Renato slave away finding more stuff for Rob. Eventualy we have a good sized stack. Rob"Ok, I need to pay with my credit card and we need to make sure we have at least 3,000yen worth of stuff to use it, Howard add up all of those to make sure we have enough" Howard"Yez, massuh" Rob"Smartass" Howard"Looks like we`re one short" Rob"No prob, Renato, pick one more from... This section" Renato"The Prince of Tennis?!" Howard"Damn, that whole cabnet is Prince of Tennis!!" Renato"Not just the whole cabnet, the whole row is Prince of Tennis!" Howard"Look behind you, both rows are Prince of Tennis! I am so not every going to watch that show ever again." And so we finally head over to the checkout counter... (to be continued, by one of the other guilty parties)
  8. This is a very valid gripe. We need to make a info only FAQ. No smart comments just information. I`ve tried using the search function before and its not very helpful. Signal to noise ratio is frequently very poor. I`ve been guilty of making noise myself.
  9. I looked for it before I posted but failed to find the link. If you have it could you post it please. Thanks for the info, Carl I would like to clarify that I made a mistake in my earlier post, it should be Mr. Sakamoto, not Mr. Sadamoto. Very sorry about that. His website is at; http://www.nn.iij4u.or.jp/~jab/
  10. Not to disagree with your point but does IHP still exist? And I thought the name of the man behind IHP was Mr Sakuragawa. Am I mistaken? The last kit he made was the VB-6 and though it was released under the IHP name initially he soon changed the name to Liquid Stone. Several here at Macross World were on a pre-order list to get one and he couldn't fill that order. The reason as I understood it at the time was he went to work for Yamato and didn't have the time. I don't believe he's worked on any resin kits since then. He's now done the VB-6 for Yamato and I believe he's still working on other projects for them. I'm under the impression we've seen the last of IHP and probably Liquid Stone. If you know something I don't PLEASE set me strait. Thanks, Carl There are two people who work as team on IHP. Liquid Stone was made as a sidebranch of IHP to sell other types of kits, but ended up being more financialy successfun than IHP. In fact there were several Liquid Stone items that sold very well at the last Wonderfest. Go to their site and check it out. IHP is what they do because they want to. Variable resin kits are not cost effective based on how time intensive they are. They do have plans to make more variable Macross kits, but paying bills and putting food on the table comes first. As well as project comitments for other companies.
  11. Please do not use the word "recast" near any IHP product. Mr. Sakamoto is one of the very few sculptors remaining who are still trying to earn a living making variable resin kits for the fan market. Not only is it a personal insult to him, but puts him at risk of loosing the chance to make more licenced products in the future. If that were to happen the loss to the Macross community would be immesurable. Edit; that should be SaKAmoto
  12. Damn, I cant believe how much easier things are now that I switched over to a Japanese OS and keyboard. Check this site out; http://www.terra.dti.ne.jp/~dossoull/data3.html
  13. I think I found some info on the WF 2004 summer YF-19 batteloid. Looks like Jika Norihiro of a group called Kantogakuindaigaku-Mokeidourakukai made it. Here are some making of pics; http://diary.fc2.com/cgi-sys/ed.cgi/edo-ki...Y=2004&M=9&D=30 and the homepage I got the link from; http://www15.ocn.ne.jp/~kgumokei/
  14. after asking around, only one person has done conversion wings from YF to VF-19. EMINENCE from the group Gokigen-Seimetsu. Just like Noel says, the same person who did the other conversion kits/lathe turned metal parts.
  15. Which wonderfest was that kit from? If it was from the most recent 2004 summer one, I might have a lead on it. I found a very messy handwritten entry in the program guide that mentions a YF-19 battloid. Can you send me a high resolution pic of the text in that pic? Its funny how these guys can make super detailed resin kits but have such lousy handwriting, kind of like doctors and professors.
  16. And I totally missed that ouch ! Yeah, I missed out on those too. Didnt see any at the Platz booth when I went. I only found out recently about them when I was re-reading the program guide. Is there anyone out there that has them? And Noel, whats up? I asked you to let me know the next time you were in town. And then I find out that not only were you in the Osaka area recently, but called Rob several times and scheduled a meeting with him. I guess you dont want a wonderfest dealers badge for christmas eh?
  17. Is it just me, or is there a ugly artifacting on the first Mylene is metal pic? If so, how do I fix it?
  18. Here is some more info on the various kits from Wonderfest 2004 summer; Patemori Soba 1/72 scale Destroid series; Defender Spartan Tomahawk Phalanx Edit; Patemorisoba did a 1/72 Destroid Monster for the 2003 summer WF, was not at this years though Platz etched parts for VF-0 and SV-51 (does not say scale or model, I assume 1/72 for hasegawa kits) UN Balance 1/72 scale fold booster resin kit for Hasegawa YF-19 All of the above info was from the program guide. Tough time decipering handwritten photocopied scribbles:P
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