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  1. Please do not use the word "recast" near any IHP product. Mr. Sakamoto is one of the very few sculptors remaining who are still trying to earn a living making variable resin kits for the fan market. Not only is it a personal insult to him, but puts him at risk of loosing the chance to make more licenced products in the future. If that were to happen the loss to the Macross community would be immesurable. Edit; that should be SaKAmoto
  2. Damn, I cant believe how much easier things are now that I switched over to a Japanese OS and keyboard. Check this site out; http://www.terra.dti.ne.jp/~dossoull/data3.html
  3. I think I found some info on the WF 2004 summer YF-19 batteloid. Looks like Jika Norihiro of a group called Kantogakuindaigaku-Mokeidourakukai made it. Here are some making of pics; http://diary.fc2.com/cgi-sys/ed.cgi/edo-ki...Y=2004&M=9&D=30 and the homepage I got the link from; http://www15.ocn.ne.jp/~kgumokei/
  4. after asking around, only one person has done conversion wings from YF to VF-19. EMINENCE from the group Gokigen-Seimetsu. Just like Noel says, the same person who did the other conversion kits/lathe turned metal parts.
  5. I try to help people, and fix some of the damage done in the past. I am also trying to increase the amount of variable Macross toys/kits. A LV is short for 1/48 scale Yamato Low Visibility VF-1A And yes, take a look at my figure pic thread in the toys section, I am VERY silly
  6. It would be very damaging to his future projects if he were to reply to this thread. This also makes my job much harder. Please call a truce.
  7. Just for the record, I would like to state that I had nothing to do with his "yayoi" auctions. Rob did not ask me to accompany him to translate titles of doujinshi on the 3rd floor of K-Books, where in theory we would have been the only males present. Once there, I did not help him find 6 copies of "Butt Pirates of the Carribean" I never stop on the 3rd floor any way, its just someplace to pass quickly on the way to the 4th floor. Um... Which I dont go to either, what kind of sick, twisted, perverted worm do you think I am?
  8. Which wonderfest was that kit from? If it was from the most recent 2004 summer one, I might have a lead on it. I found a very messy handwritten entry in the program guide that mentions a YF-19 battloid. Can you send me a high resolution pic of the text in that pic? Its funny how these guys can make super detailed resin kits but have such lousy handwriting, kind of like doctors and professors.
  9. And I totally missed that ouch ! Yeah, I missed out on those too. Didnt see any at the Platz booth when I went. I only found out recently about them when I was re-reading the program guide. Is there anyone out there that has them? And Noel, whats up? I asked you to let me know the next time you were in town. And then I find out that not only were you in the Osaka area recently, but called Rob several times and scheduled a meeting with him. I guess you dont want a wonderfest dealers badge for christmas eh?
  10. Is it just me, or is there a ugly artifacting on the first Mylene is metal pic? If so, how do I fix it?
  11. Even us members in Japan had a tough time finding the posable Rei. Stores just didnt get them in the numbers they ordered. So I`m not expecting to be able to find the Asuka either. Sorry.
  12. Here is some more info on the various kits from Wonderfest 2004 summer; Patemori Soba 1/72 scale Destroid series; Defender Spartan Tomahawk Phalanx Edit; Patemorisoba did a 1/72 Destroid Monster for the 2003 summer WF, was not at this years though Platz etched parts for VF-0 and SV-51 (does not say scale or model, I assume 1/72 for hasegawa kits) UN Balance 1/72 scale fold booster resin kit for Hasegawa YF-19 All of the above info was from the program guide. Tough time decipering handwritten photocopied scribbles:P
  13. Mylene is metal! Quick! Look at the previous pic, hurry!
  14. Mylene is metal! Quick! look at the next pick, hurry!
  15. Regarding the Hasegawa Related Upgrades/Conversions/Accessories (Creator Unknown): 1/72 YF-21 Gerwalk Conversion Kit 1/72 VF-19F Conversion Wings 1/72 YF -19 Fold Booster 1/72 Head lasers, micro missile launcher, etc. 1/72 DYRL Launch Arm The gerwalk conversion kit, VF-19F conversion wings, head lasers, micromissile launcers were all made by Gokigen-Seimitsu And you should know who made the Fold Booster for the YF-19.
  16. Ohhhh, your helmet is so BIG! Yer dirty! And the Lilith-Mao... Woah, what gashapon set is that from? Why thank you;) And the fig was from Vampire Saviour 4
  17. The Club-M Q-rau still goes for 19,800yen. It hasnt been affected in price like the YF-19/21 and VF-1 kits since those were hit hardest by hasegawa.
  18. The problem with that is her hair gets in the way due to the way liliths arms are chained to the cross. Mao`s head on the other hand fits perfectly;) Pics? Graham The fig just might be excessively wrong to post. But if you insist(and keep the mods from banning me)... LOL... c'mon BF... I know you've been itching to post these... Alright already! By popular demand; Forget fan service, this is PERVERT service!
  19. Ohhhh, your helmet is so BIG!
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