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  1. some of the unpublished missing link designs were displayed at some of the Macross events at the Tezuka museum
  2. I work at a company that does heat treatment for injection molding tooling. The cost of producing a prototype is insignificant compared to the cost of the tooling to mass produce it. And then you have the cost of training workers and setup costs for the actual production line. You stand to loose much more than the money invested in a prototype if the product fails to sell some multiple of 10,000 units.
  3. One of these fans that made doujinshi, was Kenichi Sonoda. A large number of people working in the industry got their start in doujinshi and have the belief that it is ok to borrow content created by someone else.
  4. its a cliche to say its a culture thing, but it really is. Japan has a culture of accepting copyright infringement on a large scale. The biggest example is the twice a year(pre covid) Comic Market where half a million people cram into crowded halls to buy fan works of copyrighted characters. With the official license holders selling official goods one building away. And very few get sued. The corporations understand that this fan work enhances their brand, and allows it.
  5. so, cancelling full review, I just leave you with; avoid "The Omnivous Plus"
  6. one of the reasons I wanted to do this, was to warn some people of the non standard content in some of these issues, in case they were trying to collect them. This is actually how I got started in collecting dojinshi, I looked up the titles and showed images of the covers to dojin store staff and asked around. By most dojin standards they are pretty tame, but certain issues have had bad reactions from some other Macross fans I showed them to in IRL. So it might be helpful to warn others that might try to do what I have.
  7. Thanks for research, but it was a painted image from early 80`s. im kicking myself for not buying it at the time.
  8. Would it be ok to post a review of these; http://www.macrossworld.com/macross/books/_books_hentai.htm which most certainly includes vulgar and sexual content.
  9. Which publications did the GBP-1A armor with beam cannons replacing the missiles appear in? I believe it was in an early 80`s anime magazine.
  10. And she already had her distinctive deep non idol voice. I wonder if her hardsuit color in BGC was in consideration of her MILK outfit.
  11. probably the same one I watched. it also mentioned that Kinuko Oomori was in a "rock band" before BGC. but when I looked it up, I found this instead; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEbZQxTTevA here is a slightly better quality one from a wide show. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8H2AkYbJ-3Q
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Ws1wlWAZ4U Jeanne Mas - Johnny Johnny which I believe Bubblegum Crisis 5 Moonlight Rambler - Mysterious Night was a homage to.
  13. I think its a little of both. The industry standard at the time had mecha pilots as teen boys by default. Macross found a in universe justification for it as well.
  14. Isn't the vast majority of main Macross charactes high school age? The main exceptions are Plus and Zero. And the lack of character goods sales for those characters probably influenced them to go back to younger main characters.
  15. So, eventually someone else will have to take over as the main show runner of Macross. Who should it be? So far Hidetaka Tenjin has been producing excellent Valkyrie designs faithful to Producer Kawamori`s originals. And he has been given the opportunity to direct some of the recent Delta promotional shorts, so with a couple more years of learning production craft, I think he would be an excellent prospect as a successor.
  16. See Hayao Miyazaki as an example of how his retirement might go.
  17. These are also high on my want list.
  18. That is the point of the thread, Dax415 wants to know how to fit Macross 2 into the canon. That is how he wants to enjoy the show.
  19. I decided to drop the question after that, and talk about legend of the galactic heroes instead. After I get to know him better I might revisit the subject.
  20. its on life support, as a webcomic. no print volume for sale since 2015 also, very little presence in shops when new volumes were sold. And I went to a signing, where barely anyone showed up and I was able to get ticket 1 easily. after some time where he sat at his table with stacks of unsold manga, Mr Mikimoto left early.
  21. Unfortunately the manga bombed badly in Japan, and is not likely to happen
  22. These furoku are exceptionally rare since they were usually built by the kids who bought the magazine, very few exist in collectible form these days.
  23. So far retconing to a in universe fictional account of a historical event, is what they have done for SDFM, DYRL,7,Zero, so I think likely they will do it for II too.
  24. The last time I talked to Mr. Fuso of FANKY企画 was quite some time ago before the COVID stuff. But I specifically asked him if he would be willing to write another Macross Ships dojin featuring other races ships like Meltran or Protoculture. He said he didn't consider the Meltran ships to be real, and had already started work on LOGH book.
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