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  1. They are working on Legend of the Galactic Heroes next, a truly MASSIVE undertaking
  2. Yes, but not the most recent one, I met them when they did their Megazone dojin
  3. unfortunately the next issue is Space Battleship Yamato centric
  4. It is current and in stock in most Dojin stores, also, Vol 11 is out now
  5. 10年以上もパラレルワールドとして紹介されていた本作だが、『マクロスF』終了後の2009年には複数の媒体で『ゼロ』、『超時空要塞マクロス』、『プラス』、『7』、『F』、『II』まで統一された年表が発表されるようになる[7]。 『マクロスエース』vol.001 超時空年表、『マクロスアルティメットフロンティア 超時空娘々パック』パッケージ裏面年表、「マクロス・クロスオーバーライブ」パンフレット「The HISTORY of MACROSS」。 Translation Macross II was considered a parallel world for over 10 years, but in 2009 after the end of "Macross F",a unified timeline including "Zero", "The Super Dimension Fortress Macross", "Plus", "7","F", and "II" will be announced. Sources "Macross Ace" vol.001 Super Dimention Chronology, "Macross Ultimate Frontier Super Dimention Girls Pack" Chronology, "Macross Crossover Live" Pamphlet "The HISTORY of MACROSS". This is where I believe MII switched from being a parallel world, to a fully unified timeline in 2009. As far as Big West is concerned. DeAgostini would later designate it a separate timeline in Macross Chronicle. Kawamori would still publicly describe it as a parallel world, in 2013 at the Macross Museum. So really it can go either way depending on who you consider the the true authority on Macross. Pick whichever one you like better and go with it.
  6. In this case, it may be helpful to divide it into what BigWest considers the status of Macross II, and what Kawamori thinks. I think they are not the same. For Big West they consider it a completely valid part of the main timeline. Kawamori does not agree, and thinks it belongs somewhere else where fewer people can see it.
  7. Yeah, I agree with what you are saying, different words with same conclusion.
  8. When MII was first introduced, it was the official true sequel and actually happened. After Kawamori got back into Macross7 it was retconed to be in universe fiction. At the Macross Museum Kawamori stated that it was a parallel universe. Now, the most current published timelines include MII as actually happening. Puttting this all together, I believe that the MII anime as shown, was created in the M7 era, based on future information obtained by time travel by the staff of the Macross Museum. The actual events have not been shown yet, the Characters, Mecha and locations are all what someone in the M7 era created based on what was probably inaccurate and brief verbal information from an unintentional time traveler.
  9. They had a combined Macross Plus and Seven 25th anniversary festival in Yokohama last year. It included a stage play that showed Basara, Isamu and Freyja meeting each other.
  10. Enough to have a dedicated theme bar for M7. Which was closed due to covid for a while but recently reopened.
  11. Not just that, I used to work as flight deck electician on a LPH, so I am sure the flight deck crew would have to do a FOD check after every shot that takes place on deck.
  12. Sorry for late reply, I am guessing you had to postpone your trip. Once things settle down I recommend visiting Osaka area as well.
  13. Thanks for the heads up. I will be there for sure. Be glad to show anyone else who shows up around town.
  14. One possibility is that fastpack hardpoints are standardized, so that they can quickly be switched without modification. A comment was made in Delta where the lil Drakken was able to be attached to a VF-31 with little modification due to standard mountings. A more drastic example would be Isamus VF-19 using VF-25 fastpacks, in this case some custom work was probably done. A Mayor of a colony could probably afford to have that done as well. edit; how do I remove previous page tags?
  15. Thank you, im missing that one, I will have to pick it up.
  16. Very nice find, which magazine was that?
  17. My understanding is that Isamu spent his life savings to buy his VF-19F/A. And fuel and maintenance for it would be astronomically expensive. So between wars he would need to earn money doing whatever SMS has for him. I do not believe he has matured enough to command a squadron, and I do not think he would want any position that involves responsibility or paperwork. I think he is happiest piloting, anything.
  18. As shown at the 25th anniversary Macross 7&Plus Festival event last week, he is piloting a freighter for SMS. The in universe date was 2067 August He looked exactly the the same as the last time we saw him as they reused animation stills. He still doesn't care about following the rules, as long as he gets the job done. He could be doing other jobs for SMS, thats just what he happened to be doing that day.
  19. This lines up with what Kawamori has stated about the overall timeline, everything is an in-universe fictionalization of a in-universe event. So I amend my theory to say that the curator of the in-universe Macross Museum in 2059 had been already familiar with the future events when he was younger, and advised the production staff of what the general outline of the plot of Macross II should be in the 2040s. I think the general population believed it to be speculative fiction, until he revealed in 2059 that it actually will happen.
  20. Yes, that would make sense. I also suggest that the same production company that produced Macross II made DYRL. And being part of a multi media corporation with a subsidiary that produced the Macross 2036 video games in-universe.
  21. What im theorizing is that its a fictional account, of a future event, made with knowledge gained from time travel
  22. I offer my theory on the canon status of Macross II. I believe it is a piece of in universe fiction produced before 2059 and shown to the public at the Macross Museum. The curator of the museum was able to collect information from the distant past and near future to make his displays. Probably using some form of time travel similar to what was shown in the Macross 30 game. I speculate that he had little control over the people he was able to interview, some may be unreliable witnesses. And further errors may have occurred in production, as was seen in Macross Zero sequence from Frontier. So that the Macross 2 OVA we all saw does not accurately depict what actually happens in the prime timeline. The other possibility is that drastic extinction level events alter the galaxy so much that humanity has to restart from earth and develop exactly as shown in the OVA. Tech is lost and alien races disappear. What do you all think would allow Macross II to fit seamlessly into the prime canon timeline?
  23. I live in Amagasaki, right next to Osaka, I would be delighted to show you around. PM if interested in a tour.
  24. I saw one for sale at Mandarake a few years back when I was broke and couldn't afford it.
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