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  1. Now that is a positive and worthy project. Instead of trying to replicate it, do something slightly different. MW has a large toy and modeling community, so a Macross TOY and MODEL museum would be most impressive. JVMacross has every Takatoku Macross toy, and that in my mind is more impressive than a complete set of Yamato valks. How about people temporarily donate their collections to display next MW Con for display?
  2. Most people have the original Protoculture plate and handwritten song translation? The original photo album shown on the original SDFM TV anime? Full cosplay costumes for Minmay, Sheryl and Ranka? Original production art from unreleased products? Glovals Pipe? Large prints of Tenjin art? Event limited items from the last couple years of Japan exclusive Macross events? I am sorry but I have to respectfully disagree that most people on this forum could make this Museum exhibit. In fact, I would say that no one on the forums owns all the items shown here, so zero people could make this same exhibit.
  3. And it looks like its from Macross E manga.
  4. Yes, like Sketchley said its unfortunately already done. Where are you at now? Will you be in Osaka area anytime soon?
  5. I directly spoke to Producer Kawamori and asked him a question about Macross II being on the official timeline at the first Macross Museum Talkshow. His reply was that "they are all parallel worlds". Now since he didn`t explain exactly what that means, here is my opinion on what that means. Each Macross show, story, event, etc,... exists in its own pocket universe. Each show has its own timeline where there are past and future events that fit with what happened in that specific show. The setting for the Macross Museum indicated it was set in 2060 and made the events of DYRL sound like they actually happened. But from what was shown in Macross 7, it was supposed to be an in universe fictional movie. Thus there are 2 separate universes where DYRL is either real, or fiction. Plus very likely many many more. Also, the 2 Macross Museums exist in separate timelines, in the first one, somehow the museum curator was able to find out about events 30 years in the future, while the one for the second one did not. These are the in universe explanations, the real world reasons could be as simple as some staff members not knowing a detail about a past show and making a contradiction. And "They are all parallel worlds" is just a catch all excuse for the contradiction.
  6. Also further confusing the issue, is that each Macross show takes place in a different universe from the others. Each has different rules, in some Zolans can mate with Humans, and in others they cant.
  7. From an anonymous but knowledgeable source, whose name starts with T and ends with O: Is art from an upcoming delta manga.
  8. That is another very rare doujin, published in august 2004. so very difficult to find now. which means about 30 seconds on google to find http://page7.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/g131541461
  9. This section was very difficult to photograph without people in the way. Very popular for some reason.
  10. This is the entrance to the museum, where it introduces the setting, taking place in 2060 showing artifacts from the DYRL era. This area had the only no photograph sign, on the protoculture artifact with the lyrics to Ai Oboeteimasu and the english translation. And here is the main attraction, where you can either have someone take a picture of you in the 1/1 VF-1 cockpit, or pay 1,500 yen for a professional photograph taken, photoshoped to whichever model you want.
  11. Sorry no new book. But lots of merch, as well as leftover merch from previous events.
  12. that should not be an issue. many many people outside of japan, buy things from japan on this forum. proxy buyers are one way.
  13. Just got back from Nagoya. Its mostly the same as the first one in Takarazuka but with some changes. One of the few negative changes was that the timeline shown at the entrance ends at 2059, instead of going to 2090 in the Macross II era. I might actually be partially to blame for this. At the first Macross Museum talkshow, I asked Director Kawamori how a museum that is set in 2060 could know about something 30 years in the future. The 1/1 scale cockpit is back, and has improved detailing and weathering. But if you buy a photograph of it for 1,500yen, they photoshop it to look like whichever model you want, brand spanking new with no weathering. The other displays are mostly the same. The new section is for the Delta characters and a 3D printed hand painted prototype of the VF-31.
  14. if you have a proxy buyer in japan, which should be very easy to find, here are some links to book 0 and 2. http://www.toranoana.jp/mailorder/article/04/0030/21/70/040030217075.html http://www.toranoana.jp/mailorder/article/04/0030/36/38/040030363800.html
  15. All but the DYRL SDF-1 cover one are in stock at original retail price at various dojin stores here. You could probably even find that one if you look hard enough.
  16. the one with the front and side profile of the SDFM SDF-1 on cover was published August 2014 (in print) 超時空要塞マクロスシリーズ異伝 統合軍史 the DYRL SDF-1 on cover, published December 2014 (out of print) 銀河の戦艦 第1集 統合軍の艦艇(1) the New Macross on cover, published December 2015 (in print) 銀河の戦艦 第2集 統合軍の艦艇(2) which are you missing?
  17. And Rising Sun Empire has done dojin focusing on enemy mecha, for the other series that he does.
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