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  1. some of the confusion could be due to: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Studio_Nue its listed as an animation film studio on the right. a much more detailed and accurate description is at: https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E3%82%B9%E3%82%BF%E3%82%B8%E3%82%AA%E3%81%AC%E3%81%88
  2. what is your native language. we might have someone who can translate
  3. As per Kawamori`s previous stance, the new series will take place in a separate independent parallel world. As do all Macross series. Yep
  4. I think its neither, its probably a "kira" That`s surprising, based on your collection I would have assumed you have a personal shopper in Japan
  5. It looks like they actually have a large supply of event limited items, they are just gradually rationing them out over time. Which is good, people who go later have a chance to get stuff. But they sell out almost immediately so go early. We are meeting at museum on the 12th, 9am. If you get there earlier get in line and save us a spot please.
  6. Yes, but most sold out on friday. I got the last signed autobiography. I did not get any of the aquarion event bromides at the restraunts. There were non event limited Cyber fomula toys, and Aquarion T-shirts still left. As well as the event only program guide which I assume they have a ton of. what days will you be in Osaka, I will show you around if its the weekend. if its a weekday I can at least take you to firebomBAR in the evening. the 3 toys in case are standard arcadia 1/60 scale valks. the statues are one of a kind event only.
  7. Many Japanese people do read our forums.
  8. Here is an example, Yamato`s first YF-19. It was very bad, and was not as good as it could have been. The sculpt was far from anime accurate, the QA was very bad. Parts broke if you looked at it funny. But, people bought it. And bought enough for the company to make a profit, which was put back into improving the sculpt and production quality. And with each not quite good as it could be reissue, and new versions, we bought allot of them. And it continues to this day where more YF-19`s are being produced. Because we went ahead and bought the bad toy.
  9. It saddens me to say, that I don't think there was a point where MOSPEADA toys were lucrative. Gakken, CM`s, and Beagle are either dead, or no longer producing toys. Of the MOSPEADA toymakers only Megahouse survives, because they stopped before completing the line, and had their main moneymaker of cute girl figures to fall back on. People were far too picky when deciding not to buy "unacceptable" products and directly contributed to the death of these companies, eliminating the chance to get more MOSPEADA toys in the future. As an example, at R###TECH.COM the blue and green treads are sold out, only the red one, Rooks is still in stock. She sells the slowest in Japan, and in the US.
  10. sorry all the unreleased early sketches, and lego prototypes were behind this sign
  11. Be it model kits, toys or whatever, Hoquet/Fuke/Rook products have been pegwarmers here in Japan. Stick sells out first in every case where those 2 have product out. Beagle would have gone out of business earlier if they released Hoquet/Fuke/Rook first.
  12. I won`t be able to go to the signing on friday due to work. For everyone in Osaka, lets meet there on the 12th of this month. I will try to do a quick scouting run early saturday.
  13. Yes, this keep coming up. Macross II was on the "historical timeline" at the Macross Museum exhibit in Takarazuka. And I even asked him about it during the question and answer session he did there with Tenjin.
  14. And I was the one who specifically asked him. The way I asked the question was that if the museum was set in the "present" timeline of frontier(as the dedication plaque at the entrance said), how could they show an event from the "future" of M2(as shown on the series timeline in the exhibit). He answered that every Macross show takes place in a similar parallel universe.
  15. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/disneys-black-hole-remake-lands-433034 if they just got the writer recently, there is a long while to go. want chogokin V.I.N.C.E.N.T
  16. for everyone who likes what they see here, and want to see more. google カーエロ閲覧注意
  17. the list of companies that have been doing this and going bankrupt is quite long. including one that specialized in Macross valkyries.
  18. The valkyrie toys are expensive to produce, and have a razor thin profit margin and sell in small quantities. CDs are cheap to produce and have high profit margin and sell in huge quantities.
  19. Actually, during the same Q&A session Producer Kawamori complained that the 3 pillars of Macross limited what he could do story wise. He wanted to get rid of one to be able to tell a new type of Macross story. He already did this once with the Musiculture.
  20. in a nutshell, he changed his mind. that is just what we heard when he did his question and answer session at the takarazuka macross museum event. tomorrow he may have a different explanation. but for now each and every macross story takes place in an independent parallel world.
  21. from the mouth of Producer Kawamori "it`s a parallel world"
  22. its impressive that just adding a picture of a cute girl can increase sales of a WW2 ship model kit by a factor of 10. some people though the Sheryl and Ranka marking YF-29 was silly but this is why.
  23. I think you are missing the even more obvious effect of M7. It was not "highly emotional effeminate males" but actual young girls that was brought into Macross fandom. Initially male fans of M7 may have been indifferent to this, but once the girls grew up to be women of child bearing age, they quickly saw the benefits. The result is, today we have another generation of Macross fans, who are the offspring of fans of M7. Living here in Japan I have seen ample proof of this. At the last crossover live event, fully half of the audience were female. During the performance of Totsugeki Love Heart, Yoshiki Fukuyama had the audience sing the chorus, with directions that all the females do it, followed by the males. The female sung chorus was just as loud, if not louder than the males. And those young girls, are now middle aged women with discretionary income. One of the few macross events still frequently being held, is the Oshare Macross. Held at the Marui department stores they have merchandice like jewelry and such that is primarily marketed towards women. This puts money in the pockets of Big West, funding future Macross products. Even if some of us are not M7 fans, we must thank the series for ensuring the future of Macross. Please, Agent ONE. visit us in Japan and lets have a drink at Fire BomBAR and you can see how diverse the M7 fanbase actually is.
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