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  1. I was looking through the legacy page for bandai toys, and noticed that one was missing. Does anyone have it? Or information on where it was sold?
  2. Well, according to the official timeline, Mac-II takes place a couple decades after Delta
  3. One of the few Southern Cross items I’ve seen for sale recently in Japan was a unofficial fan doujinshi and it only went for ¥210 in resale shop
  4. lots of comments about eyes too big
  5. Yes, I believe that was a 3minute digest of one of the rehearsal runs that was used to promote the show.
  6. I could see everyone in the audience. no one had a video camera
  7. I went to see this, and also wanted a video recording. But it bombed so badly they have not released any supporting merchandise afterwards. The only additional material I have found is fan made doujinshi.
  8. BomBAR this Saturday!


  9. Sure, but I work late on Friday so it has to be Saturday or Sunday
  10. The established pattern for Macross movies, since DYRL is to be a parallel world story. A chance to do things that were cut due to budget reasons(like multiple quarters in Frontier), and to streamline the story. And, for Bandai to demand a new more powerful Valkyrie to be made so they can have an exclusive license to sell it.
  11. This is a fairly typical reaction, as far as I`ve seen. Several other news and variety shows have done similar man on the street interviews asking people what they thought about Scarlet Johansen playing the part of the Motoko Kusanagi. For young people not overly familiar with the source material, they are mostly positive in those interviews. I work in a factory in Japan, so I have a lot of coworkers in the 30-40 year old range that are mecha and anime fans. I asked around, and the reactions were mostly positive. The one negative, was from an older fan, who followed the original manga. He was upset that it looked too much like the anime, both movie and series. He considers those to be unfaithful to the original manga. But he was fine with Scarlet Johansen playing the part of Motoko Kusanagi.
  12. like most things at Comic Market, it is self published by a fan, if putting some xerox copies in a ziploc bag could be called "publishing" He goes by the circle name Company.
  13. From Comic Market 91 by Kurobousidan circle
  14. Here is an interesting item I found at the recent Comic Market 91. It is an expansion for a fan made table top pen and paper tank battle simulation called "Tankhunter". This expansion adds Mecha from Macross, but also borrows some units from Southern Cross and Megazone 23, but renames some them to fit in the Macross universe. The artwork is also borrowed from various Robotech sources.
  15. just curious, how much was the monster selling for at MWC?
  16. yes, but its from Japan, so shipping will be higher and you will also need a proxy buyer.
  17. here too, this place might be a little more reliable: http://hlj.co.jp/product/hap68000
  18. there are still some places that have cases of 10 in stock, like this place: http://wfwave.com/kit-19119-マクロスメカジオラマ+10個セット(食玩).html you could use a proxy service to buy it. but I have never bought from that store so can`t be sure of their reliability.
  19. Next time you are in Japan, visit Osaka and I will show you around and help you find what you dont have yet.
  20. Its the Macross Mecha Diorama blind box candy toy set made by TOMY a couple years back. 5 piece set consisting of: VF-1S, VF-1J, VF-1A, Quedluun-Rau, and Regult. Each having one piece of the Monster
  21. since its not the Robotech version of the SDF-1, I would assume not.
  22. The DYRL version is much harder to get, it was a event limited dojin item from Comic Market 91 produced by Yasu0. Only 15 were made, 5 of which are now owned by various MW members. He makes caps for nearly every Comic Market, twice a year. But he usually has a different ship for each Comic Market. Yahoo Japan Auctions is your main option now, if you want the DYRL SDF-1. As the cap owners I know at the moment would require you to pay "The Iron Price"
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