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  1. yea lets say they create emigration fleet to other galaxy. with domed ship bigger than frontier island-1 class, lets say continental class that can support 150million people. with dozens of quarter class & elysion type as an escort. and a bigger new macross class. it should have 3 front conflict, the "official" against new alien enemy and against some sort of rebellion inside the fleet try to take over control. it would be very long journey to other galaxy
  2. well I know delta wasn't so good or not as expected but somehow there's something missing. Usually this monday I will waiting for the delta subs
  3. so when it's destroyed, seems easier ( and cheaper) to just replace it rather than repair it right? if it a baster, and it's half destroyed did the engine cluster still working?
  4. what's the function of two booms on elysion? on ep 13 it was half destroyed and it never repaired. on final battle ep 26 it still the same half destroyed state. at first it was taught the main cannon like SDF 1 but it's not. it's connected to secondary booster ?
  5. perhaps the movie should be named macross elysion rather than macross delta, cause that macross seems just a backdrop. just 2 macross cannon fire for the entire series ? seriously quarter fire it's cannon more than 2 right.
  6. what I mean about retelling delta story are same characters but with different plot. let say they have real battle between winderemere fleet vs xaos+local NUNS. epic valk dogfight, more macross cannon attack. and the var song by heinz are not so dominate like in the series. winderemere have more than one sigur valens class and xaos+local NUNS fight them with elysion class fleet + quarter + NMCV.
  7. I imagine megaroad 1 found a super foldgate at the center of galaxy that send them to another galaxy far away and cant go back. but nevertheless let megaroad 1 remain a mystery
  8. If there's macross delta movie, what would you want it to be? 1. a retelling of the story but with better plot, better mecha battle, (messer not die, let hermann & the twins die) 2. a continuity of ep 26 (had no idea what this would be)
  9. as I said, I haven't seen the episode. At first I thought they use daedalus ehh aether attack to sigur valens or other ship.
  10. haven't seen the episode yet,.but if the joint are destroyed, why not release hemera from elysion? so this means hemera cannon are powered by elysion main reactor not by hemera own reactor.
  11. so the cannon are only in hemera? aether dont have it? I though aether and hemera are the same type of ship
  12. so no hope of dx macross elysion then ?
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