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  1. I think the point of the previous post is that Veritechs are cool. And on topic.
  2. Here is another link with more info: http://www.amazon.co.jp/マクロスメカニクス-マクロス30th編/dp/4798606804/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1376978284&sr=1-1&keywords=マクロスメカニクス It looks like a Hobby Japan publication with pictures of Macross model kits that appeared in their magazine.
  3. I have to agree with Agent ONE here. The stuff you guys are posting here is weak. TV shows that aired on network TV. Music videos from VH1. I was hoping my example would inspire you all to post real guilty pleasures, but no.
  4. Whenever I go to Comiket I actively search for Jetfire on Starscream yayoi doujinshi. PM me if you want pics.
  5. I would guess that Kawamori would say: In the parallel world of the original SDFM TV series, its a heat shield. In the parallel world of the DYRL movie, its armor plating. In the parallel world of the Macross the first Manga, its whatever Mikimoto decides fits his artistic vision of a Valkyrie.
  6. Its from this site, scroll down to bottom of page. http://anime.geocities.jp/saikuya11/newpage4.html its a work in progress. no concrete plan to sell it yet.
  7. Rare Star Wars fanbook from 1983 with interesting cover.
  8. This has been posted here before, but just in case you didn't know this is his site: http://members.jcom.home.ne.jp/sdf1/index.html
  9. He will usually start in black pencil, or color pencil outlines genga style(his black and white stuff could be color pencils xeroxed). Sometimes he does CG style full color. I'm not sure if fans have colorized his work, but its certainly possible.
  10. Mr. Tachibana Kazuto has been a regular at comiket for several years now. He is one of the few artists who do non frontier Macross dojin on a regular basis. He has had a long career in 2D and 3D art for many games and anime so hes a bit more of a professional compared to other fans, and it shows in his work. I dropped in to say hi at his booth at comiket today and picked up his latest release, Remaster, which is a very limited run xeroxed and stapled dojin. The true form of dojin IMHO.
  11. It finally opened in Japan, and I went to see it in IMAX 3D. I loved it, and after the movie ended, we grabbed some random geeky types and asked them how they liked it. They were especially impressed that a foreigner could channel proper showa era kaiju tropes.
  12. Several of us still play the game. Its on its 6th expansion.
  13. Some people in Japan still proudly support the Osprey
  14. Blind packed trading cellphone straps. cost 500yen each, 10 per box. Release date august 2013. Do a google search for Pikuriru! Macross and you will see many 3rd party importers who sell it.
  15. Me too. I wish they could make something like this:
  16. This was a emotional decision that would cause no end of trouble. Because of this, the interior volume of the VF-1 needs to be 1.5 times larger than the outside dimensions would indicate.
  17. Based on yesterday at the Macross Museum, we must take that announcement VERY seriously. Be there if you can.
  18. The cockpit canopy size and shape was also covered in depth, much pain and suffering involved in trying to make it in scale and accurate to original line art. It was just not possible to make line art, anime, and small scale, large scale models all match up due to many real life factors.
  19. The relative size of Zendran and the VF-1 is inconsistent and subject to much debate: http://www.macross2.net/m3/forfansonly/zentradiheight.html But from the recent Q&A session at the Osaka Macross Museum, Kawamori stated that the reason he made the VF-1 so small, is to make it different from a Gundam.
  20. The details of the whole Q&A session will be in an upcoming speaker podcast.
  21. At the Osaka Macross Museum, Kawamori himself showed up and related a story about how he saw the SDCC Jetfire and was greatly amused by it. Tenjin elaborated on the lawsuit and other details.
  22. Wish you could have been there. The others got cold feet and failed to ask Kawamori any questions, I was the only one to ask from the Gaijin Butai. I am curious to what you would have asked.
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