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  1. What surprised me is the large number of people that did shell out 210,000yen to buy it, the staff at yamato seemed confused by the demand exceeding the manufacturing capacity also. When I asked, they said the most likely scale of a mass produced plastic version would be 1/3000 like the old takatoku.
  2. I had the chance to visit the showroom last month with Save. From what the staff said they had a backlog of orders to fill up to feburary. So if you order one now it wont be produced till after those are made. It looks like they will not be taking additional orders if production backlog reaches april, so still some time to get one. At least for this color variation. My money is on more milking in different colors, finishes, washes, weathering, etc,... *edit* doh, looks like they did hit the production limit, site shows it sold out, so yeah he is right
  3. it rankavalk looks like a worksafe version of the cover art from the mechagirl doujin that came out a while back
  4. hell no, way too much waste heat generated and minimum range limitiation. multiple medium lasers, plus skillful use of line of sight blocking terrain, is the way to go.
  5. This might help with some of the transformation issues, but the floppy backpack seems to be a problem here also
  6. since there seem to be some people here who like normal airplanes I thought this might be interesting to look at, but not actualy buy, unless you are insane/hit lottery. http://deagostini.jp/zst/ its sold in a format simmilar to the Macross Chronicles, each installment includes a magazine with history/lineart/instructions. and a small number of parts. if necessary the required tools are included. there will be 100 issues, with most issues going for 790yen. then again, a bunch of people have no problem with buying 50 issues of Macross Chronicles, and not getting a 1/16 valk out of the deal.
  7. This appears to be a fan made rules supplement for the Seig Zion Gundam RPG by Tsukuda Hobby, that allows the use of the various Mospeada mecha. This particular auction was for a second printing from 1995 by Rcompany. Various other 80`s mecha shows were made into simmilar rules supplements. Since Tsukuda Hobby and Rcompany have gone to the big D6 in the sky, and modern japanese dicechuckers are all but extinct this is a very rare item. Do your part to restore the natural habitat and feeding grounds of the endangered dicechucker by culling the herds of feral cardfloppers, if you have any young cardfloppers in your household, please spay or neuter them.
  8. I apologize for for not being able to do much work on the translations, been a rough year workwise layoffs reducing manpower so have to do more with less. I also apologize for the crime of thread necromancy, to attone for this I offer some information I have come upon that may be of interest to some of you. Mr. Sueoka Hazuyoshi, AKA Mechanized Unit(the author of the Mospeada doujinshi this thread was originaly about) has apparently been doing material for the doujinshi Mechanist. Most of the material is non-mospeada, but in vol.12 he has a short article covering the Legioss, Tread, and Condor mecha.
  9. I do not know for sure, but hasegawa has a long history of re-re-releasing supposedly limited kits. such as the "limited" version of the VF-1D with photo etched parts.
  10. You are welcome. sorry no flightsuit or tentacled pics.
  11. I`m not so sure about that, she has a blemish above her nose and right eye. so her skin is probably natural. its her eyes, the contacts and heavy makeup probably is whats doing it. this angle mitigates the effect somewhat;
  12. not enough pirate captains and to keep him company
  13. Im the type that has to buy 1 VF-1S, 2 VF-1J, 6 VF-1A, 2 Glaug and 12 Regults. Pose, play, and break into little pieces giggling like a little girl;) http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?...st&p=228957
  14. Something that has been mentioned a couple time is to get a Japanese girlfriend. I disagree that this is the best way to learn japanese, due to the differences in masculine and feminine forms. You dont want to end up talking like a girl. So obviously you should find guys to talk to on a regular basis. Ideal place would be to work in an environment that is mostly men, who do not use english at all. Ive worked in a couple Japanese factories and learned tons of stuff I would have never learned otherwise, slang for tools, troubleshooting terms, shorthand for long technical jargon, what to scream(in a manlyman voice of course, not a girlygirl morning musume wanabe squeal:) when your thumb gets caught in the kensamaetoretoridashiisaisohosei. When guys come over to Japan a common thing for them to do is to teach english to earn a living, this IMHO is a big mistake if you want to learn Japanese. One of my friends here has been living here longer than me, but is clueless on speaking japanese because he uses english day in day out both at home and at work teaching english.
  15. another special offer from yamato, a special storage case for the GN-U figures. collect 3 passwords from the toys, which appear to be on cards probably inserted in the packaging, and register them on the site. offer starts second half of may, and expires in september. http://www.yamato-toys.com/dev/cont_042/index.html
  16. You have to pay 500-1000yen per week/month depending on the specific title. This ends up costing FAR more than what the same amount of material published in normal book form would cost. But on the plus size, the info is in easy to use 3 ring binder format, and can easily be scanned. Also frequently include obscure information that would require expensive ebaying to find otherwise.
  17. wont be out for a couple months. save took pics of the info displays so give him a couple days to recover from the boozeothon and you will find out the exact date .
  18. Yesterday me and SaveRobotech went to the fair to take in the big sights. Our first stops were satelight and beagle. http://www.satelight.co.jp/animefair/ satelight is the hoary domain of his froatyness, where he commands his legions to do his bidding. BTW, I highly approve of the apparel he clothes his female minions in Its good to be the king The display there had no surprises, the most recent products on display as usual. The bandai VF-25 prototype was there, as was the large scale Minmei doll, which had the new head sculpt. Looks better, but lackling the Mikimotoish touches. One new product that was mentioned by the satelight gals was the Macross Chronicles. A monthly publication that includes information from all Macross series to be compiled into 3 binders. Ok, Save, post up your pics
  19. Yes I remember you, quite prolific here. Sorry about the confusion was thinking of a different auction, I should have asked if you were Shin_Mendoza. The HIRES scans will help alot. Also Robotto94 has agreed to help me with the Kanji. Will start on the first chapter, if anyone else out there wants to work in parallel and do a different chapter please feel free.
  20. Exactly. Wonderfest licences specify an exact number of kits that can be produced.
  21. Ok, I have been out of the loop for a while so my info may be out of date. To the best of my knowledge here is the chain of events. In the beginning there Mr. Sakuragawa and Mr. Sakamoto formed IHP to make macross resin kits which you are all familiar with. After working together for a while they decided to try other things and started Liquid Stone as a small offshoot to do non macross items. It proved much more successfull then they anticipated and now they make mostly toy prototypes for Gundam, Microman, Amdriver, Girl figures, alot of various gashapon. They have various assistants and subcontractors to handle the load. Experten is just Mr. Sakuragawas personal sandbox where he can go back to making macross resin kits again.
  22. Hello again all. Sorry about being gone for so long. For the last year I have been working a job with heinous working hours. Got a new job which gives me alot more free time now. Grats Carl on winning this holy grail of dojinshi(or should I say Greg?) Very kind of you to post scans, but unfortunatly they are not quite high enough resolution to make out the kanji in later pages. If you could post higher res scans of just the text I could give it a shot. I cant make any promises but I can ask Robotto94 for help on the kanji. Yes there are many japanese who come here to macrossworld, but very few actualy read the posts. If they do its in the modeling section. And very unlikely for them to see a post in the anime section, most of what is posted here is either incomprehensible to them or highly obsolete. The few macross/mospeada fans I know fluent enough to understand posts here are unfortunatly barred from posting here by their employers. Here is a quick and dirty translation of the table of contents: UNNAMED UNIT 2nd Squadron VR-052 MOSPEADA COVER - 1 CONTENTS - 2 First impressions of testdriving the VR-052 "MOSPEADA" - 3 Unit Description - 17 SCOOP! Next generation MRA caught! - 32 Photos Of 1st Landing Operation - 36 History of the RIDING/ARMOR SYSTEM - 45 Technical . Illustrations -61 POSTSCRIPT - 65 Print run information - 66
  23. From this months Figure Oh #90 it looks like the secret figure will be DYRL flightsuit Max. Interchangable helmet and normal head like the Roy and Hikaru flightsuit figs.
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