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  1. Just to be a silly nitpick Why are you calling this a recast when he is producing an original master for the 2 seater parts? Isnt a recast when you are making an unauthorized copy of someone elses resin production casts? I`m guessing he gave Rohby permission to make casts of his masters.
  2. The VF-1 are most certainly saturated. You can still find Banprestos, Bandai 1/55, Yamato 1/60 and 1/48 sitting on shelves gathering dust. Only the very high demand ones like the Low Vis, and VF-1A/S Hikaru are sold out. The VF-1S Roy that everyone was demanding a re-release of is easily found. The M+ stuff is pretty much gone though. Only a couple VF-11FP remain. None really flew off the shelves to start with though, it was more of a slow and steady sale volume. Howard is it like that all over japan or just the area you are located in? A lot of fans here keep saying "oh yamato's being ignorant oh yamato hates us oh they neglect us now after making money bla bla", so thats why I asked. From what you said, I gather stuff is not exactly flying off shelves. With that in mind, I can understand yamato scaling back releases. I mean if the market is saturated, the japanese fandom might want a breath of fresh air rather than buy new macross stuff. Who is to say it would sell? To US hell yea it would, but see guys our fandom on macross world, as big as it may seem, is small compared to the whole fandom in japan. And plus they are the target market, not us. Besides with market saturation there is not really a good chance to make mucho profit. Yamato is a small company why would they risk it? I mean I of all people was DESPERATE for a PV VF-0(you guys reember my polls? LOL), and I would love to see all new retools of all 3 macross plus toys, but realistically speaking, if yamato chooses not to for the time being, I don't blame them. I understand why. Doesn't stop me from wanting the "paper airplanes" but hell thats the way it is. No sense in blaming them for not making stuff we want. IF they've still got the licenses they procured to begin with, perhaps all this other merchandise non macross is to make profit until saturation wears off(1-2 years?) and then create another resurgence in macross product, considering if a market drought happens inevitably during the time no macross product is released. Don't get me wrong guys, I WANT yamato or hell even bandai to make more stuff, but if they do not I definitely understand. And I understand how a lot of you want the same, it has been a while since a company did good macross stuff, and bandai's lazy ass took too long! I can speak for the current Macross saturation in the Kansai area, Kyoto, Kobe and Osaka. I used to live in Yokosuka so I am familiar with the toy market near Tokyo. I would speculate that the retail market there has fewer Macross toys in stock, but the secondary resale market has more. For more remote areas with less gaijin and fanboy population I would speculate that they have more in stock. Those are the places I have been searching to find Low Vis. And it has worked.
  3. on the info plate July 2005... but you know how accurate that might be
  4. The VF-1 are most certainly saturated. You can still find Banprestos, Bandai 1/55, Yamato 1/60 and 1/48 sitting on shelves gathering dust. Only the very high demand ones like the Low Vis, and VF-1A/S Hikaru are sold out. The VF-1S Roy that everyone was demanding a re-release of is easily found. The M+ stuff is pretty much gone though. Only a couple VF-11FP remain. None really flew off the shelves to start with though, it was more of a slow and steady sale volume.
  5. That is a possibility. Although I dont know how far back they got the VFX-2 licence, as I understand it the licences only last for a couple years, and are very specific as to scale and other details.
  6. Two wonderfests ago, when I asked a Yamato rep if they would be making a new sculpt for the YF-19FP, I was told "if we did that, we would have to redo the VF-11 and YF-21" So doing a 1/60 scale would be highly unlikely. If they do it would probably be 1/72 like before. Given how their 1/100 VF-0 is progressing I give the YF-19 1/100 even a lower chance.
  7. Well, the original announcement was that there would be both a bundle and a stand-alone pack, but now I'm not so sure. The info plate makes no mention of a VF-1J set, only a 8000yen GPB pack. Since there are still 1/48`s on shelves here in Japan, maybe they dont want to oversaturate the market with 3 different boxes with the same VF-1J in it? They know full well the dangers of oversaturation.
  8. Yeah, I watched it too. I like it alot, it blows away all the cute girl/fanservice shows that seem to make up 90% of whats on the air this season. BTW, check your PM, McBride. I send you one source for the show
  9. thats a common speculation. that he intentionaly made it toylike so it could be mass produced at 1/10 the price by Yamato.
  10. This is an interesting development. This IS the larger Atelier Sai hardsuit action figure. The sculptor info is listed right above the price. Instead of releasing the figure himself it looks like Yamato will be doing it for him. Based on their current policies, I think its safe to assume that there will be no motoslaves unless the action figures sell well. I think its a good move on Yamatos part. They have a low cost point trading figure to get people addicted, and then offer a high priced upgrade.
  11. they probably didnt kill the moles, its possible they were fired. I asked about the YF-19FP last WF, not likely was the answer. It could just be that they didnt renew their M0 or M+ licence, and kept their DYRL or SDFM licences
  12. Of course, we don't know that those boobs are real do we. They could be false. Rey could actually be a guy pretending to be a girl pretending to be a guy How's that for a plot twist! Anyway, I don't really care about Rey. Just as long as they don't make Lunamaria a man, then I will really scream. Graham heh... looks like you guys dont see enough Destiny dojinshi, it gets MUCH more interesting
  13. its just a low end snap together injection moulded plastic kit. If you want high detail you guys know where to go.
  14. I just noticed something strange. At Mandarake Umeda there were 5 1/72 IMAI VF-1 gerwalk kits. At Mandarake Nanba there were 3. Pochi had 2. Wonder why people are dumping their 1/72 gerwalks all of a sudden?
  15. "The name`s Hawke... Lunamaria Hawke" complete with high powered binoculars, long distance audio surveillance equipment, and an autogyro capable of keeping up with Athruns Savior!. Yeah she is turning out to be the WAAAY over the top psycho stalker girl
  16. probably Tokyo Superfest. Very simillar to Wonderfest but smaller.
  17. Sorry to say this, but this is crap. Or to be more specific there is a good chance of you getting a crappy one. QC and paint job seems to be very random on the ones I have seen so far. I have seen a bunch with parts that are sticking out at odd angles, messy paint and various other cosmetic defects. Does not meet the standards set by the regular Fix Figuration line. The base sculpt looks good. Maybe future production runs will be better.
  18. Transformable MS almost never reach mass production due to the costs of the extra mechanisms required for the transformation. Both manufacturing it, and supplying maintenance to it. Orb, however, has a mass-produced transforming mobilesuit in addition to its Astray units. This suggests that they have superior manufacturing facilities that allow for the manufacture of transforming MS without excessive rises in costs per unit. I hope you two dont mind me joining into this very well thought out and interesting conversation. The Murasame might not be as economicaly feasable as you think. Orb could have undertaken the project dispite the likely high cost of the unit. Orb has been set up simmilar to Japan. Small landmass and high technological base. So per capita income is likely higher than the average Alliance member. So their defense budget would be small on an absolute scale, but relative to the size of the land they must defend quite large. So they might decide that rather than spending money for 2 cost effective land and air units, combining the 2 into one cost ineffective transforming unit would be worth it. Less hangar space would be needed, and less pilots. Land and personnel being a premium at Orb.
  19. standard retail for a non fast pack 1/48. 14,800yen plus 5% sales tax. Pretty much the only way to find these now is to go out into the boonies. This was about halfway between Osaka and Kobe.
  20. Not sure what edition the 1S was. Will check the next time I`m out there.
  21. where have you been howard? everyone up in this piece is looking for a 1A max. not me personally, but a lot of guys on the baords are still looking for one. and you could make some extra money. I thought there was an oversupply of those. Remember someone unloading a couple cases at $90 a pop. Thats cheaper than what I can get over here. I figured no one would pay 14,800 yen for one, much less any comission on top of that.
  22. While heading to a remote suburb to search for some Sandtrooper corporals for a MacrossWorlder, I on a whim decided to take the long way around a river. Would waste alot of time but it was my day off. I after going down one of the side streets I noticed the ubiquious "gundam inside" sign. Ah, small mom and pop indy plamo store. So I checked it out. Much to my pleasure it had a toy selection. Even Yamato 1/48s Going down the line... black box... VF-1S Roy, ahh ton of those out now black box... VF-1A Max gaaah who DOESNT have those in stock Red box... VF-1J Millia poor millia, just dont get no love Blue box... VF-1J Max a bit harder to find but still nothing exceptional Light blue box... VF-1J Hikaru since I skipped on getting the separate armor pack, might have to pick one up. GREY BOX!!!... No, couldnt be... Carefully take it off the shelf... YES 1/48 VF-1A LOW VISIBILITY LIMITED VERSION I check the price... straight up original retail of 14,800yen. And its not used, its being sold at a normal retail store. Condition is near mint. Its wrapped in plastic so no shelf wear. I ask if they have any more, unfortunatly no. So now I have my own Low Vis. And I hope to keep it that way. Of the 6 Low Vis I have found so far, I sold 5 all to MacrossWorlders. For the, IMHO reasonable price of $180. So I think I have earned the right to keep this one.
  23. Now that is an idea. A 1/48 VF-1A CF would not sell well enough to justify a full run of 15,000. But if they bundled it with the GPB they could. It is also cannon that the CF used the GPB. How many people would rather have a CF with their GPB over a 1J? There are many 1J still unsold from various sources.
  24. Everything I got at wonderfest is long gone now. There is no "Official" blanket one product per customer rule at wonderfest. Dealers can sell as much of a single item as they wish. They can also make their own more limiting rules, such as the lottery for the Liquid Stone YF-19. There is an Unofficial one per customer tradition, enforced by the person standing behind you who wants to buy some also. As the southern saying goes "Git thea fustest, with thu mostes"
  25. It has come to my attention that there are some of you who wanted the Gokigen-Seimetsu/EminencE battloid conversion kit for the 1/72 Hasegawa VF-22s but do not have it. This is very unfortunate, and could have been easily avoided. The whole reason I made this thread is so that everyone would have advance notice of what would be showing up at the next Wonderfest. Everyone had plenty of time to contact your prefered seller (Me, Noel, Seichi, Valk009, etc,...) and have that person secure one for you. Several people contacted me to buy things for them at wonderfest, and I did. Had more people contacted me, I could have gotten more. Simply posting that you want something, and hoping that a seller decides to pick one up for you, not even knowing if you are willing to pay for it, is not a very reliable way to go about aquiring rare items where the demand exceeds the supply. After the event is over, it becomes a sellers market. You will most likely see the item on ebay. By taking the initiative, and contacting a seller ahead of time, you have greatly increased the chance of getting your item.
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