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  1. Ah, is that an AD Police Figure I see at the Yamato booth? Graham Yep it is, the cannon fodder of the BGC world. Will have to pick up a bunch of those
  2. And had to have something for you Transfans. Papercraft Optimus
  3. These might interest you aircraft nuts out there. The best part is that no licence is required(at least for now) so he can sell them direct to you whenever you want... as long as you live in Japan.
  4. And the massive Banshee. Note the aircraft carrier for scale. Also, these are all just the prototypes. The actual toys will be painted and have proper stands
  5. Thanks to the small size it looks like they can have a much more comprehensive lineup than Yellow Sub
  6. Also coming up the pipeline is 1/200scale fighters for Yukikaze to be sold in the popular 500yen boxed trading figure format
  7. After delays approaching Yamato levels, Yellow Sub finally has their new line of Yukikaze toys
  8. For those of you that want little Garlands to display with your Akira bike gashapon we have...
  9. Hey, where have we seen this before? 11,000yen. Believe it or not this is a low price for these over here.
  10. And here they are in what should be close to their final form
  11. here are some cute 1/144 scale battloids. First the VF-0A
  12. Ok, sorry about that. To make it up to you I bring to you NOT SAFE FOR WORK
  13. And of course, what would Wonderfest be without... "LISTEN TO MY SONG!!!!"
  14. Here is the right arm of the 1/1 scale Votoms, very impressive. I think they should leave it rusty instead of sanding it and painting it. Looks much more realistic this way.
  15. Here is the Yamato Bubble Gum Crisis mini-figures. Looks like they are close to being final
  16. some other option parts in development for the scopedog
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