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  1. Regult 15.12M 1/72 scale = 21cm 1/60 scale = 25.2cm 1/48 scale = 31.5cm so it sounds like you are goning to be making a 1/48 "scale" Regult. JOY! BLISS! RAPTURE!
  2. Wow, neither Me, Noel, or Seichi could get any of those. Your source has some impressive red tape cutting skills.
  3. What? Have you guys forgotten this already? http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?...ndpost&p=194012
  4. dude, that guy is really funny! now I really want to go to Japan and teach english while I still have the chance! 15 year old japanese chix grabbing my dick and asking "biggu dikku??"!! hell yeah!!! Let us know where to send the soap-on-a-rope to after you try that. From his use of I`m fairly sure Panzer was just joking. But seriously you will note that Azrael tried his best to AVOID having his "Biggu Dikku" grabbed. One of the things that people hiring teachers for young kids check for, is that they do not have any pedophilic intents.
  5. I will second that. I was unable to make heads or tails of Mr. Kawamori`s crazy moon language so I asked a native Japanese Macross fan what it said. He said "Double chest tubes in Battloid mode" Clear as mud now eh? Excuse me while I schedule an interview with him to get the final answer. Uh... this might take a while
  6. Something on a smaller scale is going on with Macross now. Many people feel that there are not going to be many toys or resin kits from Macross, so they are taking matters into their own hands. Making 2 seater 1/48 conversions, Valk Boosters, Minmay statues. This is because we are fans of the show, and in many cases fanboys/fangirls of Macross. I for one will put myself up for possible Internet assault by stating that I am a Macross fanboy, I go well beyond the normal human norms to try to enhance the community. I will even embarrass myself publicly to show my appreciation for the show (see the pic I posed for in Noels Wonderfest report) So even though I do not have the same appreciation for Enterprise, I can understand why some people would go to great lengths to support the show. Enterprise may have its flaws, but so does Macross. But we support it anyway because it holds a special place in our limited "lives" In order to "get a life" you need to have a variety of things, work, play, socializing. A enthusiastic hobby is most certainly an essential part of a complete life. Jemstone and Major Johnathan have some valid points, but much of what they are saying is more than just a bit inflammatory. This is quite normal for the Internet, but I`d like to think Macrossworld is a bit more friendly than most fansites. Something that helped before with Hurin and Haterist was to take a short "don`t post in each others thread" break. A voluntary truce and cooling off period might help in this case.
  7. Kinda one track mind eh? Yamato Motoslave; maybe if figures sell good Atelier Sai Motoslave; Absolutey if financial backing comes through
  8. Here is what I know so far; Yamato BGC figs 630yen, slightly larger than female Takara Micromen figures, but smaller than CMS. To be sold sometime later this year, but as this is a Yamato project dont be surprised if it turns out to be next year... or later Atelier Sai BGC figs 6090yen, roughly same scale as Maxfactory Guyver figs, which means a bit smaller. Also to be sold later this year. Atelier Sai is very eager to make variable Motoslaves, but does not have financial backing for that yet. He does have a non-variable Mega Motoslave prototype that he did on his own time, but no release plans yet.
  9. Looks like you're flashin' a gang sign. The "Macross Plus Nerdboy gang sign"
  10. And sorry to say at this point I ran out of space in my memory card Tons more cool stuff. Noel mentioned he had like 200 pics so there is still some hope. I will try to get a better camera by next WF
  11. And this is one huge Catty. Need a 1/1 scale head to blow up and cry over now
  12. Man, these micromen fans are just drowning in stuff. Thats it! 1/18 scale Macross micromen! Thats what we need now, screw 1/48
  13. Unfortunatly the clear blanks were just display only, not for sale
  14. I remember someone asking about the Aliens vs Predator micromen figures. Here they are. The detail on the weapons and armor is incredible. Hard to get a closeup since they were in a plexiglass case though
  15. There was even an arena where you could duke it out with someone
  16. This was my favorite Tachikoma at the show. Radio controlled Super Deformed with light up LED with synchronized machine gun sounds!
  17. OMG, the 1/60 Monster for only 3,500yen! Oh... waitaminute
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