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  1. Did anyone check the other links at the bottom? link look at the YF-19 ! Is this a new yamato? 1/100 scale? I wish but no.... It's a wonderfest kit Liquid Stone Just some minor clarifications for you guys. That site is Mr Sakuragawa`s personal website. He works together with Mr Sakamoto as Liquid Stone, which was originaly a small offshoot of IHP but became much more sucessfull. Both of them do sculpts for Yamato, as well as various other companies. Mr Sakuragawa specializes in mecha, Mr Sakamoto does various. The YF-19 is 1/100 scale and is a completed resin toy simmilar to the ones Studio Half Eye produces. Scheduled for release this upcoming Wonderfest.
  2. Cool ep. Very nice how it meshed with the first series. I originaly expected it to be a rehash of seed but its actualy an extension. We also find out what fake Lacus actualy is.
  3. Wow, you guys are being little girly men Most of you wouldnt last the first 5 minutes of the Japanese Wonder Fest You would probably run screaming from the first shota figure you see
  4. l`m hoping to go. Based on how well some auctions I`m going to be putting up. Will need much more cash than I went with last time.
  5. Bariaburu Faita


    Here is a pic of the full set of DGP after. The girl in the biker outfit is sold out as far as singles over here. All of the other figs can be found. The set goes for 2,500 to 3,200yen here in Japan and is getting hard to find.
  6. When I went to bootcamp in Orlando back in `91 I spent some time watching anime here; http://www.jaco.org/ No one just into macross, but alot of oldschool mecha fans.
  7. Now that is very disturbing! What's worse is that I thought of a more disturbing one I could do with the Vampire Savior gashapon! Inquiring minds want to know! I could put Basara's head on the Morrigan body, or on the Lilith body. Blergh, disturbing indeed. I am sorry I asked . The problem is that Basara has a post and hole type mount, not a socket like Misa. So it would take some conversion work to do that. Not that I am the type of guy who would do such a thing
  8. Bariaburu Faita


    Wow, thats a good price. Below Japanese retail.
  9. Bariaburu Faita


    I remember seeing some at Super Position. I`ll pick up an extra for you next time I`m there.
  10. Bariaburu Faita


    Well, I guess I know what gashapon fig I need to stock up on
  11. Really? Where are the Yammie Regults and Glaugs?
  12. I personaly dont want to see a high diecast content in the Koenig monster. For reinforcement use steel parts, diecast is too brittle when used in small pieces. If the WHOLE toy is made in diecast, then it works well. See Bandai and their awesome SOC line. Also essential is enamel paint that bonds well to properly primed metal. Previous Yamato diecast parts have a distressing tendency to chip their paint.
  13. Check the wanted section, I posted there with some info http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?...ndpost&p=228686
  14. What about using the Volks Neo EB-body? They have even better articulation, like the double jointed shoulders.
  15. At the end of Gundam Seed, that technology was outlawed. Won`t be long before they show up again though.
  16. Starting this weekend at Art Jenus in Nihonbashi they are displaying(and selling! $200-$500, ouch!) original artwork and prints my Mikimoto! They were selling calenders and were giving away free posters. But unfortunatly someone who got there before me took ALL of the posters(I guess he didnt see the "one per patron" sign) AND bought the last couple calenders. He was a tall heavyset guy with glasses and a beard. Looked kinda like the "banned gaijin" warning at the K-books checkout counter, but that was a fuzzy security camera pic so I might be mistaken. Had also had a very distinctive bannana-yellow bag. I also saw him taking pictures, but of course the "photographs are prohibited" signs were probably too far below his eye level to see.
  17. Because of leaks in the past, anyone who does know is specificaly barred from posting here.
  18. Believe it or not, there are quite a few fans of the live action Sailor Moon here. They usualy reside in the Other Anime forum though. This section is mostly Macross.
  19. As far as Mrs. Iijima`s voice, I like her voice alot better than most of the other singers out there. There is too much of the excessively cute highpitched squeeky voices. As a particularly annoying example I will refer to the opening sequence for Dears, "I`m your slave" by Under 17. Mouse chu Mouse is also quite excessive. And of course Morning Musume and all the clones they spawned. I also second the notion, MILF!
  20. Due to the tilt of the earths axis, and the fact that Japan is much further north than most of the posters on macrossworld, the angle of the earths surface relative to the equator reduces the amount of ambient light that hits the surface. So the suns warming rays have a greatly reduced effect. Thus there is a "international season line" that you have to take into account. This is why many anime magazines have a 3month lead relative to magazines published closer to the equator.
  21. Its Ramaya from Arabian Fights. Part of the Yujin Sega Gals gashapon set. http://www.verycoolthings.com/vct/images/YUJ93006.jpg
  22. Yeah, watching Zakus slap around the Gundams was quite entertaining
  23. Although they are called anti-ship swords, aren't they still technically beam sabers? Yes, they are larger and heavier than a normal 'hilt only' type beam sabre, so will be less nimble to wield but the basic principle and technology should be the same AFAIK. Graham The problem seemed to be that Shin was hitting MS with the physical part of the sword/boomerang, and since the enemy gundams had phase(or was it transphase?) shift armor up he did no damage. Against a ship that cant dodge the beam portion he would be able to inflict full damage. The Gundam seed MSV with the Sword Calamity showed what the swords were designed to do, shred ships. And he was a civilian in the flashback in ep 1. and those events made him decide to join the military.
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