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  1. Say People, actually I live in two places - not at the same time, of course but still I spend about 5 months a year in Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro, where I was born and lived till I was 14 and for the past 8 years I spend the rest of the year => 7 months, in Vienna, Austria...well I put me as in Belgrade...Home is Home I'm only going to the University in Vienna anyhow - I intend to go back when I finish...
  2. Thanks for the goods words Dangaioh I'm browsing right now...jeee, I didn't know you could still buy GI-Joe from the 80-ies
  3. Thanks P5, I'll drop a look
  4. Hey People!!!! Glad to hear that everybody is very pleased with the new GBP, it really does seem that it's THE DADDY I have a question: Since our beloved Valk Exchange closed where do you suggest I should purchase this Masterpiece? What's this BBTS?....Toy Store is probably what TS stands for but you guys gotta give me some directions 'cause I just got to have this beauty Thanks for all the pictures, reviews and kind warnings folks Sorry for the missiles Promethuem 5
  5. Well, in any case, Thanks for the pics G...sure like to see it in my collection
  6. Here goes: 1/72 => 0 1/60 => 0 and now, for the things that really matter: 1/48 => 4 1)Roy's VF-1S with dyrl packs, 2)Hikaru/Rick's VF-1J, waiting on the GBP-1S 3)Miriya's VF-1J, 4)Max' VF-1J, both of course with FAST packs would love a VF-1A CF and a D so keeping my fingers crossed
  7. Well, I trully believe Yamato will be making the VF-1A CF because that's pretty much the last one that they didn't do, of the single seaters I mean...And they already have the molds, it's only the question of colouring Don't want to blow anybodys bubble but the J CF...I don't think so, 'cause we only see it one or two times in the show (I don't know about DYRL, haven't seen it) and I believe it is more of a animation error they weren't painted more Hi Vis instead of the standard brown-white camuflage scheme. And for the twin-stick versions, weeelll I 'd adore the D inthe those orange Hi Vis colours from the first episode. 'Though, I can imagine that the two seaters aren't easy on the design side, I mean look at the point where the nose "breaks" (the sound it makes always makes me wonder) when it goes in to Battloid. Not much length there for a whole second seat. We'll just have to wait and see won't we? But in the meantime let's rejoice in the appearance of the mighty GBP
  8. Many Congrats to your Missus and yourself LTSO Now you must take care that the progression from a CF to an S is a smooth one and about the size...man when You make 'em - you sure make 'em
  9. I mean, PPL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pure perfection, I tell y'a...I must say I didn't see it coming even after Kevin said Yamato planned one but now, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now my VF-1J is finally getting it's armor - My VF-1S has the DYRL packs, and M&M's came very well equiped too. But I decided to buy the standard Hikaru/Rick J because I was hoping for the GBP - HAHA It's coming!!!!!!!!!!! wonder what the price is going to be.....
  10. Well I' am talking main sticker sheet for the Aircraft itself. The Fast Packs have the logos printed on (once again, thanks Yamato) in white, but the legs/engines themselves are left to be marked. There are three UN Spacy logos on the sticker sheet: No 10 black (small, to be used on legs/engines) No 11 white (small, to be used on legs/engines) and No 12 white (big, for the gun pod). Now, the fast packs have the logos in white, the pictures on the box show the valkyries legs/engines with the white logos (the one and only picture of the valk sans Fast Packs, in F mode) and it would seem logical that in the instructions they point towards the white ones, but no the instructions say use No 10 sticker and that's the black one I just wanna make it right
  11. Oh come on guys, there must be someone who actually took their M&Ms fro the box I need help!!!!!!!!!! Graham, Shawn mighty Fathers of this 'Site....HELP!!!!!!!
  12. well, I too think that white is the more logical but there ARE black UN Spacy stickers on the original Yamato sticker sheet and they imply the use of the black UN Spacys (No 10 Sticker) in the instructions
  13. As you can all see I'm definitely taking my time with marking of my two newest treasures => gotta make them perfect, no Anyway I got another question for the higher ranking officers around here. The UN Spacy signs on the Fast Packs are printed on (thanks Yamato) and they are white, yet in the blueprints for the application of the markings on the Valkyrie's legs/engines, the signs to be used are BLACK. So what gives... I mean, first: they don't match with the Fast Packs and second: theya are less visible like that... On the other hand I find black more appealing So, what is true to the anime, black or white? Thanks in advance, guys
  14. a thousand thanks to You Dat Piche Haro!
  15. hey can anyboda translate the japanese list into english?Would be appreciated by a buch of us I'm sure
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