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  1. wow... Shoji Kawamori sensei did a great job with Aquarion's anime of combining 3D and 2D. Now, he is on fire with Macross F. Thank you, sensei...
  2. I did have an old Chogokin GodMarz when i was a boy... then my mom threw it away when my family immigranted to Canada. So sad... Definitely I will buy this new version.
  3. So I guess WB will go along with the Alpha and armor bikes mech design? They don't necessary have to produce the Macross saga... right?
  4. not exactly... Turn A didn't do very well @ the beginning as everyone hate the mech design of Turn A Gundam. (For those don't have time to watch the TV series, I recommand you to watch the movie version) However, it did become one of the best Gundam show with great 2D animation and rich storyline... What does RT:SC have... outdated CGI, bad dub, cheesy 2D animation, questionable character designs, predictale storyline, "MIA" Rick Hunter...
  5. Sounds like even Pokemon has better animation! I still don't understand what is HG and Tommy thinking... They are trying to draw new fans to the Robotch franchise with crappy production? I know they are short of money but I think money can be spent better than that... It is good that Bandai/Gundam never follow this way of marketing...
  6. I think this movie already served it's purpose... to get us pay to check out how bad the movie is. It has nothing to do with Transformers, or even toys... just pure $$$.
  7. I wish I can line-up too... but work is getting busy lately with Christmas. (need to finish repairing several servers before holiday) My next chance is Toyrus. They have a new shipment coming on Saturday however I cannot lineup overnight. I guess i am not playing Wii during holidays.
  8. I still haven't able to buy one @ Vancouver, Canada yet... Anyone has any suggestion?
  9. The worst is Autobots look evil... they all have that evi looking face...
  10. Don't get those Sunrise Eiyuutan games... they are crap. Super Robot Taisen series games are always good. Zeonic Front (not in your list) and Gundam vs. Z Gundam are the best Gundam ever, period.
  11. I know this "OVA" suppose to introduce Robotech to general public "again" + attract anime fans to it. However, those "low frame rate, out-of-date" CGs really are making the Robotech series look even worse... And you are asking money for it?!?! What is HG thinking?!? If I have $30 in my hand @ best buy and looking to buy an Anime DVD, Final Fantasy VII Advent Children is way more eye-catching then RSC.
  12. First of all... the voice acting and the dialogue are terrible!!! "Oh Yea!" and "my wife is going to kill me!" are like copied from Family Guy. Geez... that's not right for a sci-fic anime ova. The 3D is not impressive if i need to pay $2x dollars for it. It is only around the level of Transformer Galaxy Force, maybe even less. The frame rate looks below average as well. The only good thing is the 2D. The scene with Janice thou... hmm... how her face changed looking, that's a common error for low budget anime.
  13. It's good that they gave up on the live-action version of Evangelion... (or not...)
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