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  1. Looks like the patience paid off!!!! Looks great!
  2. Anyway I could sign up for a few sheets?
  3. nice! I really like your poses. I may have to 'borrow' some of them for my display.
  4. Great job and great poses! Looks groovy man.
  5. A7 - I like your ride. I remember making a low comment about new Mustangs and I apologize. Anyway, here's my new ride - And below is what paid for it. Can't put car seats into a '65.
  6. Well, I'm still curious about these lamps. If anyone has an idea or how I can even find them that'd be great. Anybody know who made them?
  7. Argh.. wife's B-day that day. Oh well, there's always next year.
  8. I like them! Here are some line arts that I DIDN'T do. These were on Garoquel's now defunct site. HERE Some of these were done by various MWers too.
  9. Done. They can be found HERE BlueMax was kind enough to send them to me so I've gone ahead and thrown them up online. Most of these were on Garoquel's with some other misc people included.
  10. I just got a bunch of Garoquel's line arts. I'll try to throw them up online tonight for people to check out.
  11. I was wondering what a good buying service is to use... any opnions?
  12. Jenius - great setups. Out of curiosity, why no Max bust?
  13. I got really tired of all the email addresses and domain names I wanted being taken so I looked for something unique that I could probably use as my own online 'identity' forever. Since the highschool band I was in had a name that really sucked I looked to my buddy's band. I think they were called Fear Yaks but I'm not sure anymore. At least I know that I can always register it for MBs and email addresses.
  14. Well, if money wasn't an issue. Get a 1S Roy with Strike, and have someone customize it to give it a more weathered look.
  15. fearyaks

    1/48 Gbp

    yep, exactly.... the 1/48 gbp in gravity would be a statue. 376265[/snapback] Well remember everyone that gravity is relative. The moon has gravity on it but the force it subjects objects to is a lot less than Earths. I suppose it's entirely possible that there's another planet out there with a weaker graviational pull yet has trees.
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