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  1. Hey all, I'm kinda thinking about selling my Yamato 1/48 (and one 1/60) customs. Some were done by Jung, Kurt and some other old old school MWF members. Any ideas if people are really into customs anymore? Thoughts? Note - the 1J is not really a custom. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hey all, thanks for looking. This lot has been sold.
  3. Update - this lot has been sold. Wow, it's been a few years since I've posted here. Maybe even longer. Anyway we are moving and I have a bunch of older Macross/Robotech stuff I just don't want to move to another house and eBay. Most of the stuff has been in our converted garage but as you can see in some of the pictures, some of the boxes aren't in the greatest condition. Those fancy black limited edition ones are interesting. Some of them I bought from a user (or eBayer) ages ago and they were actually opened by the previous owner. Anyway, I'm selling the lot for $200. Feel free to text me - 213.503.2172. Take the whole collection and flip them on eBay or setup your own awesome diorama. I live near the Santa Monica airport. I am not shipping these. Thanks! I have sold here before (like half a decade or so ago).
  4. I'm starting to move these to eBay. Thanks for those who have purchased some of my stuff. Also - I have a large Heroclix collection I will be selling on eBay soon. If you're interested in Heroclix stuff, please PM me. I'm happy to sell to MWFers. -yaks
  5. Thanks very much Duy. Positive feedback for Duymon as a great buyer. Thanks again!
  6. All PMs replied to I believe. Please re-send if you're waiting a response.
  7. Cool! Please PM me a picture of it when you get it customized/cleaned up?
  8. Replied to both PMs. One thing I failed to mention in the initial description - As the condition of these toys is not perfect, I am happy to offer full refunds (or discounts) if there are any issues with the toys upon receipt. I am not listing these here to make money as I could do that on eBay, but I'd like to give back some of the wealth that the MWFs gave me so many years ago. I'm hoping someone here has a use for these guys (I unfortunately, do not). tl;dr - I will definitely try to make things right if there are any issues with these toys.
  9. Scratch & Dent garage sale. Hi all, I haven't posted in ages. I have a handful of Macross items that I am looking to move. I understand that you may not remember me but I am on the straight-shooters list. I also have perfect eBay feedback. It's been a long time since I've looked at prices so they are negotiable (if they seem outlandish, please let me know). I will put these up on eBay sometime in the next week or two if there is no interest. I have other stuff I will also be moving soon... this is just the first batch. I send via USPS Priority mail and accept PayPal only. If I over-quote you for shipping I will refund the difference via PayPal (if it's $5 or more). Additionally, I will offer discounts for combined shipping. I will send out boxes on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Thanks in advance. -Yaks prices: Yamato 1/60 VF-0S. Opened, displayed, in very good condition (box isn't 100%). $225 + $15 shipping and handling. Images below - Miria Q-rau. Opened, displayed, box is torn. Pilot is in battle suit. $40 + $15 shipping and handling. -- SOLD -- Yamato 1/48 VF-1A. Opened, displayed, in fine condition, missing gun pod. $50 + $15 shipping and handling. -- SOLD -- Toynami super deformed exclusives. There is a 'Ben' in one and the other set is of the transparent variety. The boxes are in poor (warped) condition. $40 + $10 shipping and handling for both Pencil sharpener boxes: Unopened, fine condition (I have three sets) $35 each + $7 shipping and handling (again, I have three sets). (1 on hold) Super poseables - Variety of toys, boxes in OK condition (warped again). Toys are un-opened (see attached pictures for one that is opened along the blister. $10 each for non-convention exclusives $20 each for the comicon exclusives. $4 shipping and handling for each. OR, the lot of them for $100 + 20 shipping and handling. VF-1S Masterpiece bookends Displayed, boxed up when I moved and in very good condition. $500 + $30 shipping and handling... I suspect these won't sell and I'm kinda attached to them hence the high price. Thanks! Album of images Collection -
  10. As a seller, it never occurred to me to leave positive feedback for buyers. After re-reading some of this thread, I felt it important to give (very) positive feedback for the following buyers: ae_productions - Awesome buyer and good communicator. Thanks very much sir! (/'-')/ Peanut - Cool buyer that was very patient. Smut Peddler - No worries here. Excellent buyer. Hope your project goes well. typhoon - Glad to see the valks made it to Australia. Thanks for buying! CheeseKing - Excellent buyer. Thanks! and of course KiriK. Thanks for driving down to meet me sir!
  11. So it occurred to me that gmail was bunching up PM emails and I missed a few replies. Apologies for that and I think I've caught up on the backlog. I also unearthed a couple of more valks I'd like to sell. Some 1J Hiarkus and a few more 0S'. I'll update my thread later tonight when I've taken inventory. Is anyone interested in some Star Wars busts / statues? I have some Republic Commando statues (two), I think one colored, one bronze (will have to check). Also have some clone war busts. If there's interest in those I'll add them to the list. Thanks.
  12. Matias - I'd prefer not to but I have been known to compromise from time to time.
  13. Updated to reflect recent sales. I also have an updated SS list entry - http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=171&view=findpost&p=853887 . Also, shipping within the US has been lowered to $30. That's USPS priority with shipping confirmation.
  14. I've replied to the PMs and marked the valks as being spoken for (none of been paid for yet).
  15. Hi all, it's been a long time since I've visited the MWF (woot, my account still works). Anyway, a few years ago my family and I grew and we moved into a smaller house (logical, eh)? Anyway, I moved my Macross collection into a storage unit until my wife got pissed off ('you're paying $40 per month to store your toys???'). First to go was my Star Wars bust collection and now it looks like my Macross collection will need to be moved. We need to annex the space they're taking up in our office so it's time to move on I'm afraid. As you can see in the pictures I have mostly older stuff. The last stuff I purchased were the VF-0S', Stealth type and Low Visibility woodlands. I have a crapload of VF-1S' Fockers that I collected for customs (Jung and Co). You can see my customs in the images but they aren't for sale. I included them hoping people would know I am a collector and not some guy who stole a bunch of 1/48s. All of my 1/48s (and the 1/60s) are unopened except for two or three VF-1S'. Now the boxes I have are in various states... some are mint, some are dinged, some are bowed, some are gnarly. I've tried to accurately describe each one below and I got lazy taking individual images and just started grouping them. Now let's talk sales: 1. I'm offering these here before I eBay them. It's much easier for me to sell them on forums than to list a buttload on eBay. Any I don't sell here, I'll eventually put up on eBay. 2. I will give a substantial discount if someone wants to kickstart a collection and buys the whole lot. This would obviously be easier to do in person but if someone wants me to ship them across the US I should have enough boxes. (I live in the Los Angeles area) 3. Shipping (as most of you know) is a major pain in the ass. Due to the size and the USPS suffering, I'll ship them priority for $30 each. If it's significantly less I'll happily PayPal you the difference (assuming it's 5$ or more). Currently, I'm only shipping within the US. 4. If you'd like me to take more detailed pictures it's loads easier for me to take a pictuer with my cellphone and send it via email. If you want to wait for me to use my Digital Camera and transfer the files the turnaround might be a bit longer than one day. 5. You can see on the SS list, I've sold here before (ages ago) http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=171 I have perfect eBay feedback: http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=fearyaks&ftab=AllFeedback but it's mostly as a buyer. I sold a bunch of Harmony Gold crap years ago but I don't think you can go back that far. Please feel free to PM me / email me (sagestevensATgmail.com) if you have any questions. Descriptions: Hikaru VF-1J #1. Box is in very good shape, unopened. $95 SOLD Hikaru VF-1J super #1. Box is good, a few corner dings, unopened $150 SOLD Max VF-1J Super #1. Box is not so great, dings, creases, unopened $95 Sold Miria VF-1J Super #1. Box is Ok, dings, unopened $80 Sold Miria VF-1J Super #2. Box is OK, dings, some glue got loose at the flap hinge and peeled a bit of paper away. $80 Sold Hikaru VF-1A #1. Box is ok dings, unopened $80 Sold Hikaru VF-1a #2, Box is OK, a bit 'bowed', unopened $75 SOLD Stealth Type VF-1J Super & Strike parts (1&2). Outside box is 'worn' from being exposed. Unopened $250 EACH Both sold Macross Zero 1/60 VF-0s (1&2). Boxes are very good (no peeling, dings, or creases). Unopened. $125 EACH One is available, one is SOLD Low Visibility Woodland #1: Box is OK. Dinged/bowed unopened $100 Low Visibility Woodland #2: Box is very good. unopened. $115 Sold GBP 1/48 parts: Box is OK (just old), flap is kinda warped unopened $100 1/48 Super & strike Parts: Box is Ok, unopened $90 Fodder VF-1A: Box is very good, unopened $125 VF-1S Hikaru (DYRL): Box is good (just old), unopened $90 Sold VF-1S Focker' 1. 2nd edition, mint unopened $150 SOLD 2. 2nd edition, mint, unopened $150 SOLD 3. 2nd edition, mint, unopened $150 DOLD 4. 1st edition, box is poor, opened (no idea about the decals), no pilot $100 5. 1st edition, box is poor, opened, decales affixed. $90 Or everything for $2,300 before shipping? Thanks in advance. EDIT: EVERYTHING SOLD. Thanks everyone!
  16. Looks like the patience paid off!!!! Looks great!
  17. Anyway I could sign up for a few sheets?
  18. nice! I really like your poses. I may have to 'borrow' some of them for my display.
  19. Hmm... some of them haven't sold. I will probably be re-listing them sometime next week so feel free to PM me if you're interested.
  20. Thanks all for the comments. Just got a question of someone accusing me of shill bidding. Quite interesting and yeah the dog and girl pictures make it less likely someone will rip my pictures off for their own purposes. Oh, and my daughter demanded that she be part of the pictures.
  21. Just thought I'd throw a Link to my auctions up here.
  22. Great job and great poses! Looks groovy man.
  23. YEah.. to me, the best way to maximize profit on something like this is to basically do it all online. AdWords/Overture/MWF would be the way to go. If these are patented, then yeah you could probably sit around and figure out something similar. That $4000 could be better spent. Really, all you're paying for then is the patent and the designs. As for the $20,000/extra year. Sure that's nice but on top of one's FT job and life, there might not be a lot left over. With that extra work you'd be doing why not just get a second job and not have to deal with half the headaches that owning/running your own place could provide. However, if you're up for doing it Haterist, go for it! If anyone's crazy enough to pull it off, you are!
  24. Hmm. perhaps this is me being a bit stupid but why spend $4000.00 for contacts and a 'customer base? I mean, unless the stands are patented, why not just re-create them yourself? Shoot, we've got amazing modellers here that re-cast entire Valk cockpits and we couldn't reverse-engineer these simple stands? To me the smarter thing would be to - 1. Find a plexiglass plant and give them specs of the individual pieces. 2. Order a bunch from the plant 3. list on AdWords/Overture and MWF and see if anyone bites. Really, I don't see what is so unique about what he's selling. If he had inventory, that'd be one thing but he doesn't.
  25. A7 - I like your ride. I remember making a low comment about new Mustangs and I apologize. Anyway, here's my new ride - And below is what paid for it. Can't put car seats into a '65.
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