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Found 5 results

  1. Someone had to start this thread, and October is coming. Let's fire! Link to Tochiro's updated news on the front page http://www.macrosswo...l-site-is-live/ Info in short 90 minutes theatrical feature to hit the cinemas on October 20 Macross 7 TV series remastered+edited material along with new Macross F animation Directed by Tetsuro Amino
  2. I just got my hands on Chie's first album, "Loophole," and I was surprised to see in the liner notes that she thanks Tomo Sakurai, among others (though I didn't see any call-out to Fukuyama). The reason I was surprised was that I thought I had heard (from the SpeakerPODcast?) that - unlike May'n and Aya Endo - the two women didn't work closely together or even meet until after recording for their series was over. I'm not saying that's impossible (Loophole was released in late '95, around the same time the last M7 episode aired, so presumably recording for each wrapped up much earlier), but it just got me curious about the relationship between these two ladies I know Tomo was involved in one of the Mylene night events. What else have the two done together? Are they friends?
  3. Chie Kajiura's final Mylene Night gig is happening tomorrow! Going? Impressions? Reviews? Post em here!
  4. (Long time no posts. I am binging on Macross again, and finally got around to watching the whole original series.) So, am watching 7 for the first time in... a long time... and I still hate Chie Kajiura's singing. Except now I know why... at the time she had a weak voice and amateurish singing skills at best, and when compared to Yoshiki Fukuyama's EPIC POWERS OF ROCK (his songs are still good 18 years later... that can be said about very few fictional bands), it seems even worse, especially when she's singing a capella...and even more so when you consider how good Mari Ijima (at least for a 17 year-old 80's Idol) and the Frontier girls were. Speaking of which, I came with striking distance of May'n a few years ago when I snuck backstage at the World Cosplay Summit (long story). YOU MAD? (hehehe)
  5. Tomorrow is Mylene's Birthday, and that means that Chie Kajiura will be holding another one of her annual tribute gigs to everyone's favourite pink-haired, half-meltran waif (thats waif, not waifu you damn kids!). Save and I will be there among the crowd so stay tuned for impressions early next week! In the meantime, here are reports from the previous two Mylene Nights just in case anyone missed them. Mylene Night #1 http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=34630&p=896716 Mylene Night #2 http://www.macrossworld.com/1061/mylene-night-2-chie-kajiura-co-in-concert-february-2nd-2012-in-shibuya/
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