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    Hi-Metal R

    Tamashii Act Trident display stand, if you can find these, this is what I have for my HM-R VF-2SS's.
  2. I have to admit with REBEL MOON, I watched it with zero expectations and overall, it wasn't the worst thing ever. I tried to not to laugh when I saw Buckbeak's distant cousin make an appearance in the movie.
  3. Making progress. Now for the two sections I always struggle with, carefully glueing on the front section of the Canopy and then the landing gear... those tiny little parts for the gear/struts are hard with big old fingers. The last steps will be ordering in the proper decals for the ATF program & then a wash with some Flory's.
  4. Unless Arcadia sent a warning to Bandai, if you're going to borrow from previous designs, why no one has used the system Yamato came up with for the arms has puzzled me, I mean it works, the arms on my Yamato & Arcadia VF-1's are still rock solid with or without the Fast Packs on. Clearly ThreeZero is borrowing from Bandai & having the same issue. Also, what's up with that frosted/foggy looking canopy on Max & Miria?
  5. @derex3592 That looks really good, love the panel lining! šŸ‘
  6. Yep, that's the Hobby Boss YF-23 kit. Overall, it's a good kit but I feel it misses a lot of detail opportunities, especially for the size & price. No option for the flaps, the air-intakes lack what you see in the picture of the real aircraft, also the wheels, nothing worse than a modern kit where the tires are NOT separate from the wheels, it's a real PITA to get it just right. The other kit shown is the Collect Aire 1/48 YF-23 Black Widow, that one has some serious detailing plus an optional Weapons/missile bay. So after a lot of work, I'll have this YF-23 looking as good as I can.
  7. My apologies for the lack luster pics but here is my 1/48 YF-23. With it raining the past few days, I'm stuck until Sunday (sunny & warmer) before I can give it a final coat of grey paint, then finish off the engines & landing gear. Does anyone have a spare 1/48 fighter pilot you're willing to part with? I'm in no rush to buy an entire 1/48 grounds crew set just for one pilot. Hobby Boss failed to provide one.
  8. Well, this explains the price tag, that Gunbuster is huge & it looks amazing @tekering. Will you be getting the CCS Toys Gunbuster as well?
  9. @tekering That definitely should have read "I'm going to give these a base coat first".
  10. Hi all, I'm making a little bit of progress on the Gunbuster model kits, I started with the Exelion & Eltreum. The kits themselves are nicely molded and look like the line art, that said they are very basic with little to no detail or any real panel lining... so I added my own plus some spare photo-etch parts I had leftover & used them on the Eltreum. I have decent weather out here the next few days so I might give these a good basecoat and try for some actual painting. @no3Ljm If there is info out there, I can't find any, do you by chance know any specifics on that CCS Gunbuster in terms of height, cost & does it transform like the old Bandai DX?
  11. Wow, I'm impressed that AmiAmi still had these available, I just pre-ordered one. Ok Bandai, you have no excuse now NOT to make a VF-0A Cannon Fodder variant.
  12. While I have no intentions of starting a 1/72 VF-1 toy collection, for those who are, has KC attempted the following yet: Alaska base, Minmay Guard, Cavaliers, VF-X, VF-1D, Low Vis NAVY? If they haven't, these seem like better options than the 3-Ring Circus they're teasing. Though, I'll admit... their Angel Bird looked good, almost went for it.
  13. Now that we Shin's 0A ready for PO, I'm definitely on board for some SV-51's... my VF-0's need something to shoot at!
  14. While I know @Mog is waiting patiently for news on a Tread, I'm wondering if a Dark Legioss is in the works? I'd like to see that happen. And yes, I'm still harping on the idea of Sentinel making original TV version ride-armors, I'll buy those in a heartbeat.
  15. I've been wondering this as well on whether the price stays high or goes down, also how many will dump their old Yamato's altogether in favor of the DX YF-21?
  16. I straight up smiled & damn near teared up for a quick second. I wonder if this is all they'll do or try to make more short films? I'd happily chip in to help out.
  17. Gorgeous looking Kakizaki 1A! Is that your own custom weathering or is that the super rare Weathered edition? Either way. looks amazing!
  18. For a fan made film this turned out pretty damn cool. The costume designer nailed Nausicaa's outfit IMO.
  19. That too, it needs to be like the VD-0D plastic.
  20. So, what's your take on the color of the VF-0A, is it looking accurate or in need of changes? Getting those modex numbers correct seems to be a real headache for them.
  21. I was having some coffee and I just caught that & you're correct in that using some VF-1D parts would speed up a mockup display.
  22. Anyone else notice that the VT-1 has a TV style cockpit control stick & HUD.
  23. As others have pointed out, I love how Hikaru & Misa are properly sized and not tiny like the VF-1J or Max 1A pilots. The tent is a nice touch too.
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