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  1. Missed this thread, been on other world that are not so familiar with Macross. Ive stepped back now and just read this whole thing in one sitting. EPIC!!!!!!
  2. Looks like I need to add to my not built yet pile.
  3. I reckon if you set both those off at the same time your fusion reactors gonna suffer a serious brown out. Looks good though.
  4. Having taken a closer look and compaired to my Hasegawa kits, this is a Hasegawa conversion. There a way to many bits that are exactly the same. It looks like its been done well too. I would love to see more pics of it, if you have the time etc.
  5. Cant help you with what it is but the hands look exactly like some that I have that were cast, from originals, size wise would also fit in with your size idea. I bought them a few years back intending to use them on some custom work that has so far yet to happen.
  6. Good work there, nice to see the whole male armor collection together.
  7. Superb work there electric indigo. Im supprised there is no official kits for the film, or even a resurgence of the Anime kits.
  8. I have a part built Hasegawa VF1 kit, its been that way for at least 7 years the wings and body got painted but the nose section is only painted inside, its gone yellow. all the unpainted plastic thats spent the last few years in the box is fine. So most definitely the uv got to it here.
  9. I love your build threads. Keep up the good work.
  10. Hope you didn’t pay top dollar for it. Makes the find all the sweeter:)
  11. Such a rare kit, it will be nice to see one built up. You are off to a good start. Waiting for more progress updates.
  12. This is excellent work so far, I have often wondered if one could motorise parts of one of these kits, although I was thinking a 1/48 scale might be the way to go.
  13. I'd go with a spay test, the amount of times I've been both pleased or disapointed with a colour just because I didn't test spray it first. The whole dry it lighten/darken thing always gets me even when I try and use "experience" to point the way.
  14. I used my one of these the other night it's supprising how many flaws that it shows up, in a good way though. LED light is so much better for modelling than other light. i think the only time it will let you down is colour matching stuff and subtle shading as the intensity washes out the colour, and the slight blue light you get from hyper white LEDs messes with colour. But for building and filling etc it's tha bomb.
  15. The SDF is the one Macross kit I don't have any examples of, and ironically my favourite ship all of Macross. The detail looks ok on this and the size is good. Can't offer anything inciteful towards its origin though. If it is a bootleg it's been done well, compared to some of the utter trash I've seen lately.
  16. If by some chance some spare resin fell into those pattern moulds, I along with quite a few others would part with cash for the results
  17. I think it's great even if nobody else does.
  18. Shame that Kawamori San didn't make them yellow to start with then the problem wouldn't be one.
  19. Also that Fasa seem to have taken all the credit...... Battletech..... Wtf! Know your history. i think it's official this thread is done, can't get much better than that, unless we start planting our own Macross stuff out there.
  20. Worrying to see on something that is essentially an expensive toy aimed at collectors. Youd think they'd thought that through. Puts me off buying any. I have had enough of that with my Chunky monkeys, and they are the best part of thirty years old so have an excuse.
  21. I'm suprised they didn't just slap an address label on the box and post it. I've had stuff delivered like that. That way the delivery guys get to see what you ordered bash it arround as they don't care or are jealous and the dodgy one can decide which hedge to hide it in to pick up later.
  22. I would guess it's to do with targeting, looks like it has a camera type lense in the front or something to help manuverability with the rest of the fast pack set up.
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