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  1. I will give it a go later as to be honest my tactic was move away from them, as far as possible, build, build, build. Then move in for the kill with everything. It was a bit of a fish in a barrel situation, they didnt last long. I will report back.
  2. I fired it up a couple of months ago, but I used it in the remastered edition, although I do have the original version disc some where also. didnt find any issues but I only played it on easy so killed the opposition quite quickly. I just spammed loads of Valks and went all mass exterminate on the ship by ship. The AI tried but I just overwhelmed it.
  3. Do they ever actually supply any goods. sounds more like one of those pyramid scams. Get money, make customer wait, send customer, useless store credit, hope customer, a, doesnt get email or, b, never wants to spend store credit. c spend money on sports cars and nice holidays.
  4. The plastic is ABS based so plumber plastic pipe weld will do it. There are two versions you can get, one gel type, and one thin liquid type. The gel is great to glue where it wont show to much or you can finish the plastic. I suspect the liquid type will be more suitable as you can be more accurate with it. It works by slightly liquidising the surfaces. You bring them together and the solvent evaporates the plastic solidifies and you are good to go. So unlike other glues that bond by being a medium between the two parts its more likely to stay put on a toy. Devcon is also a winner. That stuff glues most everything to most everything else. Used to use it where I worked. To bond metal to plastic. Once dried you needed to grind it off to get rid of it.
  5. Very random. unless it is for Halloween, do you do Halloween in Argentina?
  6. big F

    1/55's revisited

    Are the carded KOs still being produced, the only ones I have seen recently are being sold by collectors or shady retailers who wanted £70 for them. I am not paying that for polystyrene crap that was sold for £5 in all the Asian Tat shops. especially when they are for my little boy who will undoubtable burry them in his sand pit or just generally abuse them.
  7. I too played 2nd Violin in the school orchestra, our conductor was fairly out there with music choices but we never got any Anime to play. That said SDF Macross was still known as Robotech back in 86-89 in Blighty. We did almost convince her to let us play the transformers theme though.
  8. This work is awesome. Just shows that even the most broken of kits can be made to look great, even when you’d think its next journey would be the bin.
  9. I tend to dip in and out of this thread as it depresses me that I cant work on any of my kits as still have no workshop space..... looks like it wont be any where completed till next year, due to issues with drainage.... but I am always impressed by all the work shown here.
  10. Yes it would be great to see what they did with a plastic kit from the eighties that’s been butchered by one of our 9 year old selves. A double challenge on how to make it both look good and to be built well.
  11. I wonder how many of us have half baked kits from 30 years ago stashed in the garage or attic waiting for a second chance.
  12. So back in the day I used to fix mobile phones. I bought screens and other parts from a company based in Sydney, they’d ship to the UK in a couple of days. The service was awesome. One day Im talking to my account manager who asks why I buy from them, turns out they get their parts from a supplier, whos about 10 miles away from my house. I had approached them in the past but they were more expensive. Bonkers to think the carbon footprint those parts had. Made in the far east sent to the UK then to Oz then back to the UK.
  13. I think the advantage of the US, is although, modelling as a hobby is in decline supposedly, the size of the left over community, is still massive compared to the UK. Add that to the US mentality of anyone can make it, business wise, you have, a price driven consumerism, that keeps your prices low. Those companies have no need to send product outside of continental USA, so don't really care about the price, as your population size keeps them busy. So if you want to pay $40 for a thing they sell for $2 then they are gonna win, and can justify the man hours used to special expedite your purchase. A few years ago when the $vs£ was better for the £ buying in the US and shipping it over was preferable for a lot of items, now its more equal not so great. Oddly I can still DHL an item from the US, cheaper than the same item going the other way. Apparently this is not entirely due to tax, as DHL just use the highest numbers and change the currency sign. That said we do have cheap stuff here, just not things that clean paint from models someone messed up years ago. A few years back, I did try and set up shipping Future out to my cousin in Australia, she lived near a model shop and when I told her about the mark up, she spoke to the shop who were interested, as I could send it out in bigger bottles, make a mark up and they’d still make a profit and be cheaper than everyone else. My cousin would get items she cant buy in Oz packed for free. So everyone wins. Didnt work out in the end and she has now moved to some where that doesn't have a model shop.
  14. F that. I had an employer question why I am vegetarian. He seemed to think it would affect what I did at work. I didnt stay. He was a total prat anyway, the company has now folded, largely due to his management. I think if I had mentioned I make models and other similar skill set hobbies, I would have left sooner. He’d already made it clear he didnt like classic VW’s which I do so his card was marked already. I feel for anyone who's employers seem to think that your private life is somehow theirs.
  15. Im fairly sure at that price someone on MW could set up some kinda deal at 50% of that price and sell direct, Amazon prices some times are just plain stupid. Its like the massive mark up for Future in Australia due to it being not sold there. Its more expensive than good Burbon. Simple Green looks good and write ups are favourable, but its £15 per litre. So pre postage is more than LA Awesome, as a litre is 35 fluid oz. somebody is getting rich and its not me.
  16. Ive used Mr Muscle oven cleaner but as Anasazi says you get a lot of nasty fumes and mixed milage from it. Car dot 4 brake fluid works also, but I have not done that so much as you have to submerge the parts and once done there are disposal issues, as its toxic, which where I live is a PITA as the local tip wont take it, and garages dont want it as its contaminated and the reclaimers dont like that. Both those methods usually require a fair but of scrubbing and after care. Your method sounds much more appealing, thanks for sharing. just gone onto Amazon and its £8.99 plus £4.30 postage to the UK for a 32oz bottle. Ouch.... now I know how the Auzzies feel buying Future floor polish. Write ups on Amazon seem for the most part to be from model and miniature builders..LOL
  17. I have been looking at Cricut and have been wondering if printing one blank then printing the sticky out bits separately then sticking them on etc. It would mean slightly redesigning some parts to allow them to have recesses etc. The ironic part is when I started this thread I was working for a company that has several of the printers we need to do this as they print credit cards. They probably wont do it as a custom job, and I think I would rather burn all my Macross stuff than go back there and ask them. So we are where we are.
  18. You are on to the road to recovery now that you have admitted you have a 1/20 addiction. These kits have me interested..... just need to finish the workshop and office build to have somewhere to make and the n display them.
  19. This is not dead, still keep coming back to it. Several suppliers who I contacted have now gone out of business. But I am searching for one that can print it on 2mm styrene. Quite a few have said they can then cant. Some can but the price they want I coukd have a go at building a printer and print my own and still be better off.
  20. Great work, and great photos.
  21. I dont recall one being released. Sham though, as you say one of the popular hero characters and hero mecha.
  22. Yes that the kinda thing. I always wanted a 1/6 scale to allow me to place an Action Man (GI Joe) in just think of the detail level required to pull that off correctly..............
  23. Oh yes. The bigger it is the more you can fit in.
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