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  1. I recently missed out on getting several glass display cabinets from a client who was refitting their stores, they were only a year old and really high quality, used for jewellery, just didnt have anywhere to store them till my workshop and office is finished..... I just know its gonna cost me dear...
  2. That GWH F14 is just itching to have etched parts.
  3. Thanks for the info, I will have to give that a go at some point.
  4. Thats a really handy thing to know, what paint do you apply to decal paper. I’m guessing anything that’ll stick should work. I was thinking of an application where I may try it. Clear paper and translucent blue and smoke.
  5. Over the years I have met and or worked with several architectural modlers. All of which crack out excellent paper, card and plastic models of housing estates or new tower blocks for the exhibitions, or planning meetings, each and every one of them has a side line modelling passion or thing that they really excel at, ad all that I have asked would rather be doing that full time than making architectural stuff. I wonder how much that could be applied to your average toy designer.
  6. Just rewatched DYRL last night and the colours change a surprising amount. Some of its down to the animators trying to convey the lighting in space, some of it seems to be that they had a different pack of crayons that day.
  7. Isn't Teak also one of the woods that bugs don't eat, so that adds to its usefulness.
  8. Thread re awakening, just read through this in one go, great work.
  9. Hunt him down he can’t hide forever.... his kind can’t be allowed to prosper..... LoL if we didn’t have the internet full of line art and screen caps we would be happy with Matchbox’s version.
  10. Sorry I completely missed this. I will see what I can fish out for you and do some test photos to see how they come out, got to get the lighting correct etc.
  11. Just cad it then save as STL files and let the purchaser print and paint their own. Should be easy to dodge the Humungie Gauwd potentials also since you could give it an obviously similar name and differences that the user could remove.
  12. I have the start of a degenerative issue with my hands, probably brought on by engineering and modelling, with a heavy dose of 20 plus years of IT for a job. That said im not intending to change my life as the doctors suggested. A flying VF 1 is on my list of things I need in my life.
  13. This is right up my alley. I even have the remains of one of these.
  14. The missiles packs are one part I have never had in any of the 30 or so 1/55 I own. So I will get round to printing these at some point. I'm kinda glad that there is some action on the 1/55 section again, it alays was my favourite scale and subject for Macross. May be some new blood on the forum and the addition of 3D printing will give us the ability to do stuff that we just couldn't reasonably do 10 years ago. Time to get the old projects back out and have a bit of a re-think...........
  15. I have not yet got round to printing the gun-pod. Found out my printer was out of alignment and needs all re jigging as the thing looks like its been that way for a while. just not had the spare small person free time to do this. Regarding the Strike parts. is it just that you need some photos for scale and such. If that's the case I'm sure I can help out, just let me know , I pulled one of my 1/55 boxes out of storage the other day and there should be at least one set of Strike Armor in there. I do have at least one of each type in my collection, some are cast some are originals, even have several sets from the cheap bootlegs that are sold on blister packs. Just let me know if I can help out, I should be able to set something up and get scale photos that can be used for measurements.
  16. Well at least its a tasteful advert, and makes a change for it not to be all about the mecha. Hold up it looks like the artist is drawing with both hands.... Now thats news worthy.
  17. Wow. Outstanding work.
  18. big F

    1/55's revisited

    I can see several of the choice modifications on that inc the pen lid mod on the legs., developed here on this site, some ten years ago OMG!! Makes me want to get my mods out of storage and continue with them. Now that my little one is showing a distinct interest in cars planes and Robots, it could be time for some of my stored up Ko Bootlegs ( the cheap £5 ones ) to make an appearance. Still Want/Need to know who's this is.
  19. Nicely done. You know there is a new site that has printed parts for Toys that are no longer made, that has not long opened. the idea being you can print replacements and get your Toy back to how it should be. https://toy-rescue.com/ Currently it is devoid of Macross things, maybe this and some of the stuff hosted on various 3d sites should be uploaded for the Chunkie's. Either way I am going to Print up a few just to add to the Bootleg Valks I have earmarked for my Little one once he realises what Macross is..
  20. It worries me theres a list of likely suspects, in somewhere as large as California, that you can narrow it down too. That said it looks ok compared to some non Macross equivalents I have seen.
  21. I dont know about STL files but several members here cast those parts over the years so you might be able to get some parts that way. Maybe someone better at cad than me could, get their micrometer and the parts out and create an STL or two.
  22. big F

    1/55's revisited

    Nice to see you here if you haven't seen them then thats a thing, you being the king of 1/55
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