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  1. Love the Sd Vf's. Great job there
  2. I was looking on Hobbylink Japan so no worries there, bought loads from them over the years.
  3. Is that correct a box of ten of them for 3 thousand yen. if so I might have to get one just because.
  4. I managed to buy the VF's the Rau and a couple of versions of the Regult a few year ago when in Shinjuku. Never knew there was a Monster as well There is a CD Trader store there and one of the floors was always just Gashapon. So many different kinds. I think over my several visits to Japan I have spent a fair few hundred pounds in there. I bought everything Macross they had, and each visit just picked up anything I didn't already have. Even snagged a couple of still in box Chunkies for about. £10.
  5. Not wanting to derail this great thread anymore but didn't we have something similar with one of the major forum updates a few years ago? IIRC it was just down to a few adjustments, likely these will get sorted when the site formatting is adjusted to work on the new set up. it looks like some off site picture hosts are working and some are not, normal service will resume shortly.
  6. That seems to be one of the main problems on the fan build submission site, they have ignored so many really good AFOL creations just to go with something that they can turn into a commercial piñata. The amount of builds over the years that have made the 10,000 votes and dissapeared into the void afterwards, it can't all be down to Lego saying it would be commercially to expensive or difficult for builders to make. Not when they can toute a personalised mosaic picture of yourself with a total of £25 worth of bricks for £100, and people que up to get one. Would you you consider making the build file available for the ARMD 01 available ? I've always loved them as a design, I've tried the LDD on several occasions and can honestly say I'm crap at it. Give me a vat of bricks and a few days and I can build stuff, but the budget doesn't stretch to the random bulk buying of new and used boxes of Lego that it used to do. So that kinda approach is out of reach now.
  7. As a long term Lego collector who has easily spent as much on Lego as Macross, I am in awe of this build. I often wondered when someone might try and do this correctly. Id be up for building one of these, brick link and my Lego account would take a bashing Awesome work.
  8. A good selection of the popular sets from across the range, would do well I think. So many AFOL's would be down with this. It could spawn a range IMO.
  9. Has it been that long I remember your builds as if it was a few months ago.
  10. What I'd really like to know is if the person/party that bought the Zentran soldier moulds is planning on casting a few as I missed out on getting one for my collection.
  11. Well it one more tick on my things that need to be made as kits from Macross list.
  12. I was intending to do something similar with one of the several recasted 1/55 GBP kits I have.
  13. Never noticed that before........ Fear the claw!!!
  14. If you say the R word three times in front of a mirror Carl Macek will come back to life.
  15. The type of print I have been told would work best is direct substrate printing. The machines are top dollar and not many companies have one. Both the companies we supported where I used to work who did print on vinyl didn't have one. That said one of them has put me in touch with one that can.
  16. Printing on styrene is easy, it seem printing on 1-2 MM styrene seems to be the hard bit, for all the suppliers I have contacted.
  17. Nice !! Wel one thing is for sure you haven't lost any of your skills. Good thing is Big West and Humungy Gawd can't serve you a ceasation order for that work.
  18. PE parts........ Now I have to buy one.....
  19. I can't believe this thread has been going since 2009. I'm still trying to get someone to print this on 1-2 MM. styrene. The amount of companies who say they can do it then don't bother to get back to me is soul destroying. I have another company in mind but will only be able to get to them the next time I am off work on holiday, so that's not going to be for a little while, but when I spoke to them they said they could do it and have done similar before. I will of cause let you all know as soon as I can.
  20. That looks quite polished, a machine gun toting bear and a speedy guy with over sized scimitars, nice. All we need is a set of subs and we are go.
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