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  1. This looks great, also good to see so many pictures of the parts un prepared or painted.
  2. Saw this go out live, and thought who on earth is she a quick google showed that this had become the top thing on twitter in less than a minute and in the top ten google search inside 30 seconds. That's scary. A few mins later the world was on to new things, how fickle it is. Hope this makes it rather than kills it.
  3. The other issue would be Humungy Gawd would come sniffing around for royalty payments. Or claim they own it.
  4. They are dead to me. Problem is how long till the others all do the same, I use Imageshack myself, but had a few images on photobucket.
  5. I love the fact you guys talk about getting guns, heck in old Blighty the best I can do is a BB gun or a Nerf pistol. Getting a license over here is so hard.
  6. In secret, you do know it's like five foot tall, or do you have a secret bunker. LOL
  7. What you can do is sand some spare plastic a sprue will do, then mix the dust into the glue it then works quite well, I've used it before to pack an area where it was difficult to get the filler in with out a load of effort to sand it back.
  8. I'd love one but it would end with a divorce I think.
  9. Yes and yes!! In in my mind that's the Classical music they used in the Japanese release version of the film.
  10. Yeah enough retro for us old farts and enough new for the kiddies too. Finally a sci-if show that uses the time dilation of a black hole correctly. 3 Timelords for the price of one.
  11. These look great and reasonably priced.
  12. Still looks better than most of the previous kits that have been Officially released. just paint it pea green and your done.
  13. I'm sure they'll be back. They are an adversary as old as the Cybermen. I think that story arc is far from over.
  14. Didn't the Master meet up with his older self already. IIRC it was with maybe Sylvester McCoy or Peter Davidson. I remember the 70's era one with the 80's one. eaither way I'm glad as I enjoyed John Simm as the Master.
  15. Looks lovely Also a nice change to see a Valk build that dosent look better with wear and tear.
  16. http://www.yoycart.com/Product/538146807888/ That looks like the 1/55 KO's that were in all the Chinese tat shops a few years ago, myself and several MWers bought them to use as parts for custom 1/55 builds . There were some that honestly the blister pack they came in was better and stronger. The better ones were like in the link, almost 100% part swappable with actuall bandai/taka ones, to make some horrific abominations. So if they use the same construction plastics and method then the KO's will be of good quality. Arcadia should be worried imo.
  17. HG have a whole department devoted to deploying Ninja teams and typing up part filled in Cessation notices ready to send to anyone who even thinks of making anything Macross.
  18. I have the exact same issue with my account. Stupid thing is they still send out the emails to me each week, but try and sign in and they say there is no account registered to the email address. Try and register again and they say there is already and account registered WTF.
  19. Hasbro Takara have made examples of a few KO producers. They don't bother so much with the crappy look a likes or the over sized KO's As they are obviously not genuine.
  20. So when this happens to Hasbro Takara they have the weight of a bank vault full of cash, and expensive lawyers to throw down a challenge to the IP breaches. How well financed is Arcadia ? This could break them if it gets outta hand.
  21. Pengbuzz if you are after rare earth magnets cheaply, you can get a couple or three out of old hard drives, they have two for the head placement and usually two small ones in laptop drives that are purfect. You need to chat up your local pc repair guy as they'll get loads to just junk. Not sure how it works where you live but our local household refuse centre usually has loads of PCs people have dumped and the workers are happy for you to "borrow" parts once you've asked etc. You just need to take the drive apart and your good, nice chunk of aluminium left over with at least one shiney coffee coaster too.
  22. Every time I've had a damaged package Anime content or not, its been down to the U.K end of things. Ive had package dropped in puddle out side my house, and the postal worker denied it had happened despite me seeing it from an upstairs window. I've had a package crushed so they could push it through the letterbox even though it was marked fragile. I had a package make it all the way from Japan double boxed only to get crushed after clearing customs at Heathrow (London airport). I know it happened them as when you pulled out the crushed area the customs steam was incomplete, and wold have been complete if it had happened after. The item was no longer mint in box, more in box. I had a car body panel, well packed by the senders, they do it all the time, so know how to get it right crushed on the delivery van, the delivery guy got stroppy with me when I refused to sit for it after seeing how he treated the packaged on his truck. Recently I've a package left under a bush in my front garden, in the rain, it was there for three days till it was noticed by chance, due to me approaching the house from the other way, which we don't often do. None of the stuff that's been damaged has in any way been a cheap purchase, the last problem was an Amazon purchase, so it's not really down to the class of sender imo. My findings are if it involves one of the Toy town little league couriers or Parcel Force (part of the Royal Mail) then your usually taking a risk. The unfortunate thing is EMS gets to the U.K and then gets stuck to Parcel Farce for final drop. The only safe problem free services I have used is DHL and UPS, but you pay a premium for that kind of thing. Sorry for the long post but this subject makes my blood boil.
  23. LOL I had that same conversation only a few days ago. Also in the UK chips are made of potato slices where as French fries are sometimes a mix of corn flower and other stuff. Both are equally nice in my opinion. To me a cookie is a flattish round thing with chocolate chips embedded that come in various sizes and sometimes in packets of 20 or so. Biscuits are nearly the same but come in boxes or packets, and sometimes have chocolate on top or cream sandwiched in the middle like an Oreo cookie. Oddly they are considered as cookies in the UK. Equally all can be dunked in milk or hot beverages. No wonder the Americans are confused.
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