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Found 23 results

  1. Happy Holidays: I've been working on creating a list of every single Macross kit in all scales (1/144, 1/100, 1/72, 1/48, etc) and materials (plastic, resin, vinyl, etc). The last (2) years were spent compiling links to every website/thread containing information/pictures about Macross kits. Anyone interested in assisting, please let me know. The ultimate goal will be to update the MW Model Section. http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/topic/10945-macross-172-scale-complete-list/ * If you have a list of your Macross model collection please send it to me via MW messenger to see if there's anything missing. (Shawn, Chad, Carl, etc.) * If you own more than (10) kits or have any rare ones but no list, please consider to take a picture and send it me or create a list yourself. * If you have any background information about the origins of rare manufactures (Experten, I.H.P., Liquid Stone, D-Stance, etc.) please contact me or post in the thread. First off, I need feedback on the numbering system for the following kits. If you own any of these kits that have numbers on the side, please help me fill in the blanks. These pictures are from my personal collection. (Please be specific what you're referring to, or pictures will be awesome.) 1.) Arii 1/100 HEWAT Model Collection Question: Does anything come after #10, or other numbered Arii collections you know of? 2.) Arii 1/100 Silver Box Model Collection (I'm only missing #102 VF-1J Hikaru if anyone can help.) Question: Does anything come before #78, after #112, or between #84 and #98? 3.) Bandai 1/100 Model Collection The VF-1S, VF-1D, and VF-1J Max each have two different box art available. (Picture forthcoming) Question: How many releases were there? (Original, 15th Anniversary, and 30th Anniversary) Question: Which release had numbers on the side? (Original most likely) Question: What's the missing numbers? 4.) Imai 1/72 Model Collection Question: What's the missing numbers? (Very strange numbering system, they jump around a lot..before, after and in between unknown.) 5.) Hasegawa 1/72 and 1/48 Model Collection Question: They use a numbering system, anyone have a large collection that could provide a picture with them in order? 6.) Bandai 1/72 Model Collection Question: Did the original variable kits use a numbering system for the 1st release like the Bandai 1/100 1st release did? Question: How many releases were there? (Original, 15th Anniversary, and 30th Anniversary) Will update as we go, Christopher
  2. Hello, Cleaning out the closet sale for my duplicates, I've been buying and selling here on Macross World for close to (20) years. Many mentions on the Straight Shooters List. Reasonable offers accepted, Express Mail Shipping worldwide whenever possible. Please let me know if you have any questions via MW messenger. PayPal Friends & Family preferred, but if not please add 5% to cover the fees. Thank you in advance! 1.) Takatoku 1/55 VF-1S Super (Owned a long time, never transformed or displayed, complete nothing broken.) SOLD 2.) Club M 1/48 VF-1S Strike Ultimate Detail Valkyrie $275 (Amazing kit and rare.) 3.) Club M 1/72 Resin Kits $40 each (Some are still sealed in shrink wrap.) 4.) Arii, Bandai, Hasegawa & Imai 1/72 & 1/100 Model Kits $25 each (Arii silver boxes sell for good prices due to rarity as well as the Imai. Max 1/100 VF-1A Strike complete, but box not.) 5.) Toynami VF-1D Super Convention Limited $25 (Never opened, never displayed.)
  3. I adapted the armor of and old ARII model of the 1/100 Zentraedi soldier / Kamujin to display with my HMR valks, This was my cheap solution to not being able to buy the one at Wonfest
  4. My take on the DYRL zentran mecha scheme on 1/144 scale .. Like, really old models. Arii and Bandai brittle plastic and decals to pull my hair at every turn
  5. Hi guys, I'm selling this Macross figures and model: 2 Hi-Metal R regult - SOLD 1 Arii Glaug 1/72 model kit, many pieces cut and presented together, some glued, some not, complete, box shape 8.5, $110 shipped with tracking number.
  6. The momentum seems to have died down here on these sale items, and I am going to move the remaining pieces to Ebay after this weekend of the 19th-21st. Last call for MW peeps! It is time to liquidate my 15+ year collection and reclaim the three large closets that it currently occupies. I am on the SSL and have conducted sales and trades with many of you here over the years. Local SoCal buyers are particularly encouraged to pickup or meet up (I'm in the SGV), however all sales are welcome and I will ship anywhere within the US. All items are priced to move quickly, and if you purchase multiple items I will make additional pricing concessions. Most items listed have been opened and displayed, and may have small amounts of wear and tear as is normal for items like these: some shelf wear should be expected. I've gone over every item twice to verify condition prior to listing and have noted specific issues, as relevant. If there are no outstanding issues noted in the listing, you should not expect any. Items will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis and I will honor inquiries in the order they are received. Please look over my items and send me a PM listing the item(s) you're interested in. I will make every effort to keep item status updated here in the thread, and will maintain a wait list for any items that multiple parties are interested in. I expect to receive a fair amount of traffic on this so please be patient with me - I thank you in advance! Shipping cost is at buyer's expense, and I will only ship insured with tracking within the US. I can use USPS or UPS at your discretion. Shipper's web-based rate calculators will be used to factor shipping and I'll eat any overages beyond the agreed quote. Paypal accepted. I am Verified and a 13-year account holder. Please add 4% for Paypal or send payment as gift. I have uploaded 200+ photos of the items below to my user gallery: ** Edit - apologies for the formatting in the posts below. The forum software is automatically merging posts which I did not intend to be merged. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  7. Or, as I liked to call it while building, Pickle Squadron. All are 1/20000 scale plastic kits from Arii. They're old, but went together pretty easily, and look pretty nice considering their size. The fleet Nupetiet-Vergnitzs 5731 Queadol-Magdomilla 10107 Quiltra-Queleual Thuverl-Salan Tiny SDF-1 As usual, more can been seen here.
  8. From the album: Personal Macross Kits

    Aqueous Macross Color Set 3 Destroid Defender. Aqueous Macross Color box in comparison to 1/72 Defender kit box. The 1/72 Defender was actually my first ever Macross kit, so the paint set makes a nice companion piece.

    © Ray "AcroRay" Miller

  9. From the album: Personal Macross Kits

    Aqueous Macross Color Set 3 Destroid Defender. The three little jars seem like they would barely have enough paint for the job. Oddly enough, each jar has no label or unique marking. You get a sheet of them to apply yourself - 1, 2 & 3. Hopefully you're not color-blind! My sample's base medium had migrated out of the lid of each jar, collecting like dried amber inside the box. One jar is actually tightly glued into the box.

    © Ray "AcroRay" Miller

  10. From the album: Personal Macross Kits

    Aqueous Macross Color Set 3 Destroid Defender. Color placement notes.

    © Ray "AcroRay" Miller

  11. From the album: Personal Macross Kits

    Aqueous Macross Color Set 3 Destroid Defender. Vintage water-based acrylic paint set for Imai & Arii Destroid Defender kits. I had wondered about these sets for a long time, so I bought a dried-up but unused set cheaply via eBay.

    © Ray "AcroRay" Miller

  12. From the album: Personal Macross Kits

    My recent buildup of Arii's "Metalize Custom" 1/100 Destroid Spartan kit. A rubbing with a #2 pencil against the cut-off gate points touched up the lack of chrome in those spots.
  13. From the album: Personal Macross Kits

    Vintage kit from Arii's "Metalize" sub-line. These are a unique challenge to build!
  14. From the album: Personal Macross Kits

    A nice example of the beautiful box art Arii created for their kits.
  15. From the album: Personal Macross Kits

    Haven't decided if I'll build this or not. The base kit is terrible. I've got two other Metalize kits that I WILL build, but I didn't much like this design to begin with....
  16. Hey guys and gals, as the subject indicates I am looking for the 1/72 VF-1J Armoured Valk' in Battroid mode. Please PM me with shipping cost included in your asking price, to St Thomas, Ontario, Canada. Thanks.
  17. So what follows is a list of all the kits I'm going to be selling at the MWCon. I kinda went overboard when I bought these and realized I'll never have time to build all of these. I actually have a lot more than is listed here that I just couldn't part with. There are some pretty rare kits in there so if you see something you want, find me at the MWCon. I'LL POST PRICES VERY SOON. I need to figure out what some of this stuff is worth. Anything not sold at the con will be listed here after. Pics to come... Quantity Brand Series# Model # Series Model/toy Scale 1 Hasegawa CWO7 64507 Last Exile Vanship &Vespa 72 1 Hasegawa 23 65723 Macross VF-11B 72 2 Hasegawa 12 65712 Macross Display Stand 72 1 Dragon N/A 38311 Avengers Iron Man Mark VII 9 1 Hasegawa 65792 65792 Macross VF-1S/A 48 4 Hasegawa 2 65652 Macross VF-1J/A 48 1 Hasegawa Limited 65798 Macross VF-1A 48 1 Hasegawa 2c 65752'2 Macross VF-1J Clear 72 1 Bandai 3 124909 Nausicaa Gun Ship 72 1 Bandai 10 504996 Macross VF-1J Max type 72 1 Hasegawa 20 65720 Macross VF-0A/S 72 3 Hasegawa QG3 72103 Macross Photo etch 72 5 Hasegawa MA-233SA 65793 Macross Photo Etch 48 1 Jazmine Limited 248002 Macross Photo etch 48 1 Hasegawa 3 65766 Macross Minmay Decal 72 2 Hasegawa N/A N/A Macross Model Graphix Decal 72 1 Hasegawa 15 65715 Macross VF-0S "Macross Zero" 72 1 Hasegawa 18 65718 Macross VF-0D "Macross Zero" 72 1 Hasegawa Limited 65771 Macross VF-0A "Macross Zero" 72 1 Hasegawa Limited 65775 Macross SV-51 "Macross Zero" 72 1 Hasegawa Limited 65776 Macross SV-51r "Macross Zero" 72 2 Bandai 166791 166791 Macross Monster 200 2 Hasegawa 6 65706 Macross VF-1 Valkyre Weapon Set 72 1 Hasegawa 3 65703 Macross VF-1S Valkyre 72 1 Hasegawa 1 65701 Macross VF-1A Valkyre 72 3 Hasegawa 2 65702 Macross VF-1J Valkyre 72 1 Hasegawa 7 65707 Macross VT-1 Super Ostrich 72 2 Hasegawa 5 65705 Macross VF-1S Strike Valkyrie 72 1 Hasegawa 4 65704 Macross VF-1A Super Valkyrie 72 2 Bandai 166788 166788 Macross Tactical Pod Regult 72 1 Hasegawa Limited 65768 Macross VF-1S Strike Battroid Valkyrie 72 1 Hasegawa 1 64501 Space Wolf SW-190 72 1 Hasegawa 1 64701 Space Wolf SW-190 "Herlock Custom" 72 1 Bandai 166790 166790 Macross Destroid Spartan 72 1 Wave KM-01-3600 KM-01-3600 Mospeada Legioss 72 1 Bandai 166789 166789 Macross Destroid Defender 72 1 wave MC-71-6800 MC-71-6800 Macross Destroid Tomahawk 72 1 kaiyodo 34 525296 Macross VF-1J Revoltech N/A 2 kaiyodo 51 525296 Macross Regult Revoltech N/A 1 nichimo 16 nichimo Macross Small Missile 200 1 nichimo 3 nichimo Macross Destroid Spartan 200 1 Nichimo 8 nichimo Macross Regult Scout 200 1 nichimo 7 nichimo Macross Regult Soldier 200 1 nichimo 9 nichimo Macross VF-1A Valkyre 200 1 Arii 16 Arii Macross Destroid Spartan 100 2 Imai 79 Imai Macross Armored Space Suit 100 1 Imai 17 Imai Macross VR-052F/T Mospeada 12 1 Yamato N/A Yamato Macross VF-1J 48 1 Yamato N/A Yamato Macross VF-1A Angel Birds 48 1 Yamato N/A Yamato Macross VF-1J Hikaru Ichijo 60 1 Yamato N/A Yamato Macross VF-1J Miria Fallyna 60 1 Yamato N/A Yamato Macross VF-1J Super Valkyrie 60 1 Yamato N/A Yamato Macross VF-1A Do you remember Love 60 1 Yamato N/A Yamato Macross VF-1D Variable Fighter 60 1 Yamato N/A Yamato Macross VF-1S Strike Valkyrie 60 3 Hasegawa 10 65710 Macross VF-1 Battroid Valkyrie 72 3 Hasegawa 13 65713 Macross VF-1A Super Battroid Valkyrie 72 1 Hasegawa 14 65714 Macross VF-1S Strike Battroid Valkyrie 72 1 Imai 25 Imai Macross Nousjadeul-gear 144 1 Bandai N/A 645075 Macross Nousjadeul-gear 144 1 Hasegawa N/A 65780 Macross VF-1D Valkyrie 72 1 Hasegawa N/A 65782 Macross SVF-41 Black Aces 72 1 Hasegawa N/A 65764 Macross VF-1D Virgin Road 72 1 Bandai N/A 645075 Macross Attack Tomahawk 100 1 Arii N/A N/A Macross VRLITWHAISHIP 20,000 1 Bandai N/A N/A Macross Queadluun Rau 144 2 Hasegawa N/A 65758 Macross VF-1A Angel Birds 72 1 nichimo `N/ N/A Macross Valkyrie VF-1S 200 2 Bandai N/A N/A Macross Action Base white 100 2 Moscato 12 12 Macross Spartan 72 2 Moscato 7 7 Macross Destroid Tomahawk 72 2 Moscato 6 6 Macross phalanx 72 1 Moscato 8 8 Macross Defender 72 1 Moscato 15 15 Macross Commanchero Gunship 72 2 Moscato N/A N/A Macross Zentradi Soldier 72 2 Moscato 14 14 Macross Kamjin 72 1 Moscato 13 13 Macross Gnerl Fighter Pod 72 1 Moscato 16 16 Macross Tacticar Pod Glaug w JTGraphics Decals 72 1 Moscato 9 9 Macross Regult Heavy Missile 72 1 Moscato 10 10 Macross Regult Light Missile 72 1 Moscato 11 11 Macross Regult Scout Type 72 2 Moscato 3 3 Macross Regult Tactical Pod 72 1 Honneamise N/A N/A Macross QF-300 E Ghost 72 1 Chara-Works Vol 1 5 Macross VF-1A CF 144 2 Chara-Works Vol 1 3 Macross VF-1S Strike Hik 144 2 Chara-Works Vol 1 1 Macross VF-1J Hikaru Ichijo 144 1 Chara-Works Vol 1 4 Macross VF-1S Roy 144 2 Chara-Works Vol 1 2 Macross VF- 1J Miria 144 1 Chara-Works Vol 1 6 Macross VF-1A Angel Birds 144 1 Chara-Works Vol 1 7 Macross VF-1A Secret 144 2 Chara-Works Vol 2 1 Macross VF-1J Max 144 2 Chara-Works Vol 2 2 Macross VF-1A Hikaru 144 2 Chara-Works Vol 2 3 Macross VF-1S Minmae Guard 144 1 Chara-Works Vol 2 4 Macross VT-1 144 1 Chara-Works Vol 2 5 Macross VF-1A Hikaru Super 144 1 Chara-Works Vol 2 6 Macross VF-1S Strike Roy 144 1 Chara-Works Vol 2 7 Macross VF-1A Secret 144 1 MikeSalzo Macross Monster 72 1 MikeSalzo Macross LaunchArm 72
  18. Some of you (hopefully) noticed that I recently got the book VF Modeling Manual. In there, they give a description on how to do a recessed vernier for your 1/72 kit. As I am building an old Imai Gerwalk now, and trying to pep it up a bit, here's what I did to make the vernier. Start by getting yourself some 5 mm plastic pipe. I'm using Tamiya. No special reason for it being clear, that's just what the hobby shop happened to have in stock. Next, take the part you want, and drill a 5 mm hole (obviously, on the Hasegawa kits, just remove the original casted vernier area. Cut a small piece of the rod. I did around 4 mm long. Then, smooth out the rough edge. Now, here is where I'm deviating from the Modeling Manual plans, since I've got some extra parts from Jasmine Models lovely VF-1 PE set. I'm using the round pieces in the lower left. Glue the round piece onto one end of the short tube. Draw a mark on the tube for how far you want to insert it into your kit. You only want to go 2 mm or so. Put it, and glue it. Once the glue has set, trim off the excess, and sand it flat. Put on the top piece, and you're finished! (actually, wait to do this until you've primed and painted. much easier to get the inside black with no cover) Now, if you don't have the PE set, use a small disk of plaplate (5 mm, natch), and a small strip over the top of it. You'll also want to get a circle scribing template (probably around 6 mm) to go around the outside of the hole.
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