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  1. Well, actually, the early drafts of SW had action taking place on forest planet "populated by a more primitive version of wookiees". That got cut, but they came back as Ewoks. Of note, the Native People of the California close to Skywalker Ranch are the Miwok, pronounced like the Ewoks, so that's probably where Lucas got that name. https://www.quora.com/Why-did-Lucas-change-the-final-battle-of-ROTJ-from-Kashyyyk-to-Endor
  2. I heard that about AO and haven't wanted to sully my memory of E7 by watchin AO. I'm also worried this will try something weird like that.
  3. I'm probably adding more noise than signal, but I'll share my home set up. I have my desktop with a big monitor and then I set my laptop next to it, screen flipped open, and then I use the desktop keyboard and mouse to float between the two with the help of https://symless.com/synergy. It's a light server/client app that just sends over your typing and clicks to the remote system allowing you do drive it all from one keyboard. I've been using Synergy for years and I like that I can run it on any of the 3 major OS flavors - windows, mac, linux. I've actually had 3 systems on my desk running at once, all from one keyboard without issue.
  4. Agreed. Hope it isn't all grimdark, though the first series to have lots of grimdark moments, it balanced it out well with humor and light hearted character development moments.
  5. Me and my family re-watch the original cartoon perhaps once a year. We know when the emotional gut punches are coming, and yet, pow, it get's us all over again. I love this show. I remember scoffing at the advertisements for it during it's original run - like, "how good could some American made Nickelodeon cartoon be?" It wasn't till I started hearing by word of mouth how much people liked it that I decided to get a copy. So glad I did. I, too, am apprehensive about this planned version, if only because there's a lot of silliness and zany moments that just lend themselves so well to animation and I'm afraid they'll be lost in the production. The Witcher leaves me thinking that perhaps there's a chance. It manages to use a lot of humor and do it to good effect. Avatar without the humor would really be sad and dour, you know, like the M. Night Shyamalan movie was. It got some things right, but man was it a chore to sit through.
  6. While most people think the voice of God might sound like Morgan Freeman, for me it's Werner Herzog. I could listen to that man talk about paint drying or grass growing for hours. Honestly, I could.
  7. I think making it that small actually sort of increases the likelihood that they'd later introduce a Tread. Tread's are BIG.
  8. Engineer's triangle, you can have any two of the following: - done fast - done cheaply - quality
  9. Mazinger

    Macross figures

    @sh9000 You are one brave, adventurous Macross fan to sacrifice an HMR to the gods of diorama building. I salute you and eagerly await progress pics!
  10. Huh, I didn't recognize it since that build looked so much more awesome than what appears in the cartoon. Thought it might have been from some Mars war anime I still haven't seen. Ahh, Spiral Zone, the wholesome, low-key Walking Dead of my youth.
  11. Babs Gordon doesn't look so bad, but agreed I was put off by these big ol' spaces on Supes and Bats. Weird design choice. Wonder why they went with that over a hinge. The SOTA Street Fighter line does different treatments for different figures. Tall figs like Birdie, Balrog, and Sagat got ab hinges, while E. Honda and Dhalsim got ab swivels like this. They also don't look that great, but not as bad as this, and over 10 years ago now, and from a smaller company with a lesser budget.
  12. Just had that happen 4 times in a row. The image I tried to upload was only 2.1 MB, which isn't all that big. Perhaps the server ran out of space? UPDATE: It might indeed be a size limit - I turned down the resolution on the JPEG so that the pic was only about 350Kb and the upload went through.
  13. Got an old Gakken 1/55 Legioss Triple Changer that's missing a wing or two? Well, you can print yourself some: https://www.tinkercad.com/things/1To2wOGx1Wj-gakken-155-legioss-right-wing-replacement-v3 https://www.tinkercad.com/things/9lrXEMkBgV1-gakken-155-legioss-left-wing-replacement-v3 Help yourselves. They are not perfect reproductions, all the original panel lines aren't on them, but they look good enough to me. I'm loving being able to restore these old toys. Update 2X: Here's the thingiverse link: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4083103
  14. There is a new version of Samurai Showdown out now for consoles FYI: https://www.snk-corp.co.jp/us/games/samuraishodown/
  15. I liked the first one, though it did start to strain even my suspension of disbelief with each added injury to the mother. Seems like this will be "The Walking Quiet", which I'm sort of fine with, since I still watch TWD. If they don't get to the , "Let's take back the planet"/resistance part of this overall story, I'll be disappointed, since that's where I thought this was headed at the end of 1. Seems like this might be a smaller film going by the trailer, so if it's good, I'm willing to wait till a part 3 to see the "Rise of the Bug Hunters" story.
  16. So I put together my 3d printed Legioss. It took some work as the jointed sections needed some adjustments to fit together. I’ll chalk that up to my on experience with printing. The painting is trash, mostly because I got impatient to put it all together after my airbrush clogged a couple of times and decided to just manually brush the rest. I’ll consider this a prototype. Lots of learning was had.
  17. I doubt the Tesla truck would look like it does without Syd Mead's influence.
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