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  1. Incredible @M'Kyuun. Well done. Shows your mastery of LEGO engineering, no doubt built on top of what you learned from building your transformable Monster. So impressive. Bravo sir, bravo.
  2. Yo dawg I heard you liked Metroplex, so we put a Metroplex in your Metroplex! Also, when's the 1/1 scale VF-1 already? Seriously though, that must have been a very big/expensive 3D printer that printed out those pieces, because I don't know of sub $500 model with a bed big enough for some of those chunks. Well done.
  3. Fanfic/Plot twist thought of the day: The real answer to the Fermi's Paradox (Why aren't we chilling with all those wacky aliens yet?), is that we are the Proto-Culture. We'll seed all the M class planets in our arm of the milky way crazy cat's spliced with people genes. Thousands of years from now our evolved roombas turn on us and hunt us down for our sins and general messiness. We'll be forced to send out a drone ship built out of the remains of the Yamato (because roombas hoard all the rest of the metal) to search for help. And in the meantime make a slave race of really tall clone troopers to fight the roombas (because, how could that possibly go wrong?) Finally V-ger shows up in episode 26 to teach us and the roombas to all get along through the power of song and drum and bass music.
  4. Alright, I'm probably gonna get shot down in flames here, but I'm of the opinion that battroid modes with heads are superfluous. Sure they looked nice as kids, but when I go into my own fanfic speculation, I just can't justify any "real world" need for heads with eyes and little head lasers. I'll go so far as to say that Gerwalk is all I would need in any live action treatment. (Doesn't stop me from wanting different head variant VF-1's however.)
  5. Hmm, I keep hearing so much about that show, but I couldn't get past the first 2 episodes. Once I've gotten past all my shows, maybe I'll try again. Also, TOS was not a terrible show in the context of when it was made, though it had more than a few terrible episodes? Paradise Syndrome, ahem...
  6. Beautiful collection. Original 1/55's with boxes! Nice.
  7. Still working through Season 2. This feels like a spiritual successor to Ronald Moore's Galactica, particularly when it comes to Smith. She's almost like an improved Gaius Baltar, in that, Moore's BSG went to extremes, often unnecessarily in it's plotting, to bring in drama. Really digging LIS.
  8. Off-topic: On a lark, I decided to watch Mr. Plinkett's review of ST:Nemesis, hadn't seen it yet, wow, did that movie suck. Paramount sure didn't do the franchise any favors with the TNG movies.
  9. Actually, we have yet to see the planet Vulcan in any post-Kelvin timeline produced media. It exists in Discovery because that is prior to the original ST timeline, but nothing has been made yet post that supernova. While I hope Vulcan does still exist, I'm not gonna hold my breath.
  10. I'd imagine so. Man they went straight for the heart strings, straight to the jugular with that plot choice. Couldn't have hit me faster, harder.
  11. Hot-take: Strong opening. Obviously more than a bit of fan service. Many questions brought forth. Let's go!
  12. Cool. It could also be a redshirt on the old Enterprise. Lord knows they went through a lot of them.
  13. I have a thing about rivets and indeed even panel lines. I think they show up too exaggerated when easily visible because if we blew up that item to 100% scale, they've be just gaps that would affect the airframe. That pic above just screams this. In reality if we shrunk an F-14 down to 1/100, I doubt we'd see panel lines of the cockpit assembly anywhere near as easily as we see in that VF-1 pic.
  14. I think it might also be a good time to throw in some easter eggs connecting to Casian Andor, Kanan and Hera from Rebels, and maybe start showing us a bit more of the fall of Mandalore.
  15. New promo vid: I will say it feels a bit disconcerting to see so many Romulans surrounding Jean-Luc. Can't shake the feeling they've all got daggers or gom jabbars hidden up their sleeves.
  16. I like how that valks are taking off DYRL style on the outside. Very nice.
  17. When I played FPSs I liked to get as high of a framerate as possible so I would only ever use 1x or 2x anti-aliasing. Higher definition display may also increase input lag, the amount of time when you click, and you see the action happen on your screen. For most casual games, that's probably not an issue. Now as for fighting games, well they usually aren't very demanding on hardware, but must absolutely run at 60 FPS - no more, no less. Anything that increases input lag is verboten, so 4K monitors are wasted on fighters.
  18. Well the Cats movie definitely shows up some of the uncanny valley issues with trying to make the cats too feline in they look. For me the biggest issue is in how the ears are rendered at so large and nakedly top of the human head. It's just alien. The Cats musical look is more appealing and keeps the ears sort of ambiguous and a part of the hairdo. Really, when I think of the look from the animation and what that should look like on screen in a live action movie, it's more or less this: Which is to say not very cat-like at all. Rather, more like really well done-cosplay. Everytime I see either fan concepts or possibly studio concepts for Thundercats they end up going way overboard bring out the cat/lion look and the overall effect is that the character either looks like Simba from Lion King or some sort of werewolf.
  19. I don't think I'm capable from disowning anything Trek, except for complete Kelvin/JJVerse stories. Because those are crap. But TV land Trek has had just enough Trek for me to stay in it. Guess I'm a glutton for punishment. Actually I know I am. Very few undertake a full Voyager re-watch knowing what they are about to be subjected to.
  20. He he, that's funny. Is that a "kitbash" of the Matchbox veritech?
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