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  1. Currently in the middle of printing out the "pilot" or driver figure with my newest "toy", an AnyCubic i3 Mega printer. Then I gotta print out the cycle. I also bought MaxLab's (the stl file creator's) Legioss model so that will come at some point too. UPDATE: I created the following topic to track files that we might find online that others on these forums might be interested in. If you know of some or perhaps some that you'd like to share maybe you can add them to:
  2. Seems like. They should probably wait a few years though, maybe with the release of another KI title, probably for the next gen XBox. I'm still waiting on news about the Darkstalkers line. I got a Storm Collectables brochure at a convention and all there was with respect to that was a title page with the Darkstalkers logo towards the end.
  3. I agree. I have 8 years on my current gas car and think I'll wait another 5 years or so before getting another vehicle. I like to keep my vehicles until it just stops making any economic sense and typically go for dependable, value models. Given that I can wait a bit I'm mostly interested in the following two features for whatever comes next: A) Not be fully gasoline powered auto - I might go for a hybrid, if they are still being made and there haven't been any serious improvements in the range of full electrics, else I'd just go that route. I would still like the ability to drive from LA to SF in a day without having to wait hours for a recharge of sorts. I would also hate to get stuck in some remote place because I had overestimated how much charge I had left. B) Auto-driving features. When I surfed early mornings in previous years and then had to commute freeways for hours at a time to get to work, it was a pain. I'd always think, man, when are auto-driving cars gonna become a reality. Being able to sit back and let the software do the driving for 90% or so of the ride would have been ideal.
  4. Damnit, now I got look up that scene. I knew we should have stayed longer.
  5. Agree with you @Tking22. I think it’s a great update to a character that I remember as more of an after thought from the original comics. I think the way the character actually relates to the rest of the hero coalition and vice verse is one of the more important parts of the whole series so far. Can’t wait till next week.
  6. That's what does it for me, but I haven't felt that way about this show. My better half is completely engrossed by it. Guess I'm just glad that we're getting more stories in the SW universe that aren't simply Revenge of the Sith/Attack of the Empire part N. Not sure if you guys say the Unreal Technology shorts on how the show is made using "rear projection" Unreal panels: Very interesting to me to see how far game engines have come. Back when I loved deathmatch FPS LAN sessions, I was an Unreal Tournament diehard. "Facing Worlds" was my jam. Cool to see it being used to make a live action show, apart from being the game engine used for most current fighting games.
  7. Agreed. It hasn't gotten the attention it deserved and the musical numbers were great. There a TV cartoon series for it, but I don't have the Disney channel and would rather have a feature.
  8. Most impressive 505th'd. Must have taken time, patience, a lot of coin to assemble that collection.
  9. Not bad. Didn't grab me as much as the first, but it had at least 2 good songs I think will endure. My 11 year old liked it a lot.
  10. Ah, cudos to Sildani for catching it first. Guess I'm not the only one binging ST shows with Picard coming up.
  11. So I'm currently doing a re-watch of Star Trek DS9 and I'm on episode 11 of season 3, "Past Tense, Part 1", when this kid shows up. In this episode, Sisko and gang end up in the far past of 2024 San Francisco, so yeah I'd buy that some of those Matchbox Veritechs will still be around:
  12. Really, what was the gag supposed to be? Have any of the creators ever explained it?
  13. Cyber Truck looks awesome. Mean that un-ironically. I love the design and yes I also loved Robocop and Back to the Future.
  14. I thought that the consensus was that it was due to badly done outsourced artwork, but in the above pic the art doesn't look so bad. I know that the Argentine fan short film from a few years back actually used that as part of that characters backstory.
  15. I too vote for the killing with fire, or at the very least Paramount will not see any of my hard earned samolians any further JJVerse features.
  16. Looks like you have an infestation going. Better to nuke the site from orbit, just to be sure. . .. ... Now imagine Xenomorphs hatched from Zentrans?!
  17. I might not be in for these myself but they sure do look good and I admire that they are creating they're own characters.
  18. Season 1 episodes: Episode 1 - Tuesday, November 12 Episode 2 - Friday, November 15 Episode 3 - Friday, November 22 Episode 4 - Friday, November 29 Episode 5 - Friday, December 6 Episode 6 - Friday, December 13 Episode 7 - Wednesday, December 18 Episode 8 - Friday, December 27 What an odd release schedule. Well at least we don't have to wait for only 1 episode per week.
  19. Well if nothing else, the art on these comics has improved by some factor of 100. It they stay consistent with it, where are we gonna get our fix of nightmarishly bad, gritty Minmei art? A crisis might ensue.
  20. Ok, entendido. Tienes mucha razon. Gracias.
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