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    Hi-Metal R

    Agreed. Bandai, listen to our song!
  2. Well, seems like Freddie Prince Jr found more work: http://www.darkhorizons.com/prinze-jr-joins-punky-brewster-revival/ "Freddie Prinze Jr. has joined the cast of the pilot for the “Punky Brewster” sequel in the works for NBCUniversal’s upcoming Peacock streaming service."...“Scooby-Doo” and “She’s All That” actor Prinze Jr. will play the recurring role of Travis, Punky’s working musician ex-husband. Travis remains a good father and has lingering chemistry with Punky, but travel takes him often away from town. Doesn't seem like it will take up all of his time, wish Disney would do more with him and his character from Rebels, though that would require some set up.
  3. 1. VF-1 2. YF-21 3. Q-Rau 4. VF-11 5. VF-17S 6. Nousjadeul Ger
  4. Mazinger

    Hi-Metal R

    I'll be disappointed if there's no further Zentran releases. I did just order a 3D printer so if we get nothing else I'll just have to print out some STLs or, god forbid, learn how to CAD up my own.
  5. Shoot, I'd take that if it led to us getting Thrawn on the big screen. I'm actually most curious about what happens in this movie that might set up whatever next trilogy is on the way since there will be another... and another... and another...
  6. Actually, that was the one seen that really got me excited. Might not make sense, but I thought it was bad ass. Still not sure that I'll pay to see it in a theater though. I've passed on a lot of things this year.
  7. Wow, that VF-31D really pops! Congrats.
  8. Well since there's been so much discussion regarding 3D printing in here I thought I post a couple of questions. I'm considering getting a printer and had been very exited by the Elegoo Mars, that is until I saw the very small print volume. The details and relative easy of use do make it seem like a winner, but I want to print things like BSG Colonial Vipers and other large non-transformable things. It seems like I could always cut up large models and then re-assemble them but that honestly seems tedious. I am now considering the Creality Ender 3 as it seems to have good reviews and is inexpensive. Here are my questions: - What are your preferred filaments for fine detail printing on FDM printers? - Would you consider it necessary to use a filament like PolySmooth in order to get do away with print lines and bring out fine details? - Should I maybe go for a resin printer instead? I welcome all opinions, feel free to DM me or move this chat to a separate topic if more appropriate.
  9. Nice, what I find interesting about that is the impact of physics and gravity on the model.
  10. Curious, what tool did you use to get such nice rounded sockets for the revoltech joints? Any specifics would be appreciated as I have been considering modifications of this kind on a few projects and already have a batch of revoltech joints.
  11. Ok, this Doomcock guy is just offbase here. No one is gonna go out of their way to boycott Freddie Prince Jr. Prince's portrayal of Kanan Jarrus was well done, and his critique of fans isn't completely wrong here. Gotta be edgie to pull in the eyeballs, or ears, I guess.
  12. And there you have yet another cool concept. This is why Batman's rogues gallery is the best, the characters just lend themselves to so many classical archetypes.
  13. Nice. Make's it look like a metal build with actual battle damage. Reminds me of IG-88.
  14. Hmm, might that be interpreted to mean that the movie is behind schedule freeing up Kenji Yasuda's schedule up to go find other work? If so, that's a bit disappointing.
  15. Asking the important questions here.
  16. Yeah Diamond is Unbreakable definitely had that feel. Been months since I finished that arc and really, what is most memorable are the characters versus all but the final baddie. I think after the end of the next anime series to debut, Stone Ocean, I might try to read over the manga starting with Diamond just to see who different it was.
  17. Now I’m wondering when we’ll see a Rainy Boy custom with his cycle.
  18. Mazinger

    Hi-Metal R

    Yeah, I'm worried they'll drop any further enemy mech releases in lieu of more VF repaints. And though, I've tried to hold off, I might just then need to invest in a 3D printer and crafty with revoltech joints to get the toys I want.
  19. Maybe the tribbles can have evolved into the Critters. You know, since we're re-imagining stuff or perhaps Picard feeds them after midnight on accident.
  20. Me too. Given the lack of news I was starting to worry that Netflix had dropped the show.
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