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  1. LOL. YF-21 gave me a slight fever at the time. Took me 30 minutes to do it safely, and that's after and while watching visual guides.
  2. I agree with you. This darker grey looks richer.
  3. I wish NY could start a warehouse option ! But if they did they would no longer be able to make profit from shipping costs as they currently do. Therefore unless all their customers refuse to place orders unless they do that, they never will.
  4. "Complete the Red and Black stripe collection", is starts that way ! Then something grey or tan creeps in and suddenly you got another 10 variants to chase ! Happened to me ! LOL
  5. I agree. Getting worried about Tamashii Nations exclusives is reasonable - some not popular Tamashii Shop items too perhaps - but this will definitely be available on release for a reasonable price. Every other DX has been the last couple of years ! I paid Y25000 for the Super VF-27 and then it was available for Y17500!
  6. Agree with the above. For instance the Metal Build Destiny was sold out everywhere instantly. Not to mention what prices the Metal Build Raiser for the 7 Swords was fetching until the combo pack was re-issued. If you were a Gundam collector of similar merchandise you'd be just as annoyed, and perhaps more because the sort of premium those mount up if you don't get them within a month after release is exponential to Macross'. Also if you were a modeler with a preference for Master Grade Zeon suits, again you'd be forever angry as one person mentioned above. I'm not a modeler but i stalk forums because i love Zeon suits. They are so sparse and their updating is so "not happening" you'd have to develop new skills to make something look as sophisticated as a Gundam suit.
  7. I paid for mine within hours of receiving the payment request, but they are in Preorder- Payment OK still. While another Tamashii exclusive released the same day, the SPEC Gilgasamune, was shipped yesterday. So i'm guessing they may be buying mine as we speak. :-)
  8. And to think that i'd found this on two shops for about $100 two years ago and thought i might wait for a better deal like a 50% ! http://page18.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/w101355028
  9. I think all-blue is a bit overkill. If there were enough white or light gray details to balance it out, maybe, but i for one wouldn't buy it - and it is one of my favorite designs.
  10. When i had done some browsing across non macross-focused forums and blogs on the VF-4, the general opinion was that it is one of the more fascinating fighter-mode valks.which is so bizarre when Macross collectors would not necessarily buy it! This fighter is my most favorite of all too - and so is the backshot of the battroid, love those two huge thrusters. A redesigned SV-51 Ivanov - without sagging wings - might be a contender but it's going to be so long, it will still be annoying to handle.
  11. After the VF-19 was released Yamato had said that they had considered making the intakes removable but that would compromise the poseability in battroid which they thought was an important mode for this valkyrie. I remember it well because i was quite annoyed as i always prefer the fighter mode. So if they made that decision only 3 years ago, would they redesign it so soon? Ok Bandai kind of did with the VF-25 but that was because they put no thought into the V1 in the first place anyway.
  12. Mine from NY. Looks fine but i won't transform it because i have the V1 too. I want to keep it mint because i will certainly not be getting a 2nd. (Or rather third?)
  13. Once i proved that an ebay seller had knowingly sold me a used Soul of Chogokin for new and Paypal still wouldn't make him pay for the return shipping costs. I seriously doubt they'll support you on this.
  14. The thing is that you need to use a tracked delivery for Paypal to cover you in case they say whatever afterwards. As long as they agree for you to return it for a refund and send it with a tracked delivery you will eventually get the agreed sum either by them or Paypal. Also you don't want to go into an argument about whether they received it or not !!!
  15. To date i have had only item by Yamato arriving broken and that was a Megazone 23 Proto-Garland. I also had a VF-19P, and a VF-1S Hikaru weathering with a small paint transfer issue each (thankfully not noticeable on the second). With Bandai instead i see sloppy paint application or paint chips, and parts that may not align perfectly. I have been under the impression for a while that with Yamato the problem was after manufacturing, that the assembly and testing was done too early after painting as though they were rushing them out of the factories, but with Bandai the problems creeped in during the manufacturing of parts or the painting. I'm not sure whether the stages i described are so, but that's the only way it makes sense to me. So this issue with Arcadia seems to fit again.
  16. I cannot understand what's up with these shops. Don't they have some insurance set-up about such things? We discuss them as if they are ebay sellers running their business from their living rooms with Paypal being their only resource as to what they ought to do as a seller. If they cannot offer the same terms to international customers then they ought to shut down their international sites, and make them order through Proxy service agents, and see their sales drop like flies. (perhaps not for macross products, but certainly for much else)
  17. Dimis

    Nekki Basara Guitar

    If a Mass Effect rifle replica can be sold for $1000 - a piece that does nothing other than look authentic to the design - and if this still being made by ESP my guess would be $1500 ? The customer is the well-off hardcore fan so even higher would not surprise me- because tribute bands, the best use of these guitars i think, will probably not be able to afford this and Basara's guitar together anyhow :-)
  18. totally agree. i really want the bird of prey variant.
  19. Nothing, i was joking ! (although this time with the display box, any stores ought to check them if they are shipping them across the globe) It's just that it's been on preparation for 2 days !
  20. Since NY are taking their sweet time handpicking a crappy QC copy to send me - lol - to those who've got it and who've also got a VF-4G: is the plastic as crisp? Or is it closer to the VF-11's, which i think is crisper than the VF-1? I may not be putting this across correctly but if someone understands do let me know !
  21. also i love the "child's bid" warning! it's like he knows that someone can buy this only by mistake ! even if he offered it at a good price i would still avoid a seller who sounds like they are out to pick a fight.
  22. actually those are its eyes. the yf-19 is supposed to have eyes beneath the lens. god knows why
  23. I also thought about the possibility of v2 for the VF-11 before i bought them but unless they do a complete overhaul how much can they improve other than the hip joints perhaps? As a fighter it's perfect. Compact, streamlined and solid. More so that the VF-1 and nothing like the YF-19 where everything was loose. And it's not the most popular of designs that everyone will just throw 30,000 YEN on it ! However i would buy a v2 of the C and still keep v1 ! :-)
  24. At least this one doesn't have YF-30 markings all over ! (VF-171EX)
  25. Considering that last year i spent $400 on the VF-11C, it's okayish. I think most of us had been spoiled with how long the VF-11b had been on sale. It was available for less than $175 shipped, but about $250 is now what people spend at Yahoo auctions so you couldn't help it really. Yesterday i got an itch for the SDF-1 that i never got around to buying, but upon seeing the current prices, it went away... :-)
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