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  1. Is that a VF-1 in VF-25A colors? And does this mean that we'll spend the entire of next year wondering when pre-orders will open for this show's releases? And whether V2 will follow after the first wave? :-)
  2. I don't think even the ever so available VF-1 went on sale before they sold out, other than that controversial VF-1J circus theme. The last YF-19 release was 4 years ago and this is the first update. If it goes on sale i will be really concerned about the future of that VF-0D !
  3. To be honest for the price i don't mind having it as a fighter only figure! Although i did buy it full price on release. If it cost 30,000YEN - such as a VT-1 now - it'd be a different story. Hopefully an RVF-171 will be made with new materials!
  4. Not that i will have much joy, but does anyone own this but would rather have $250 exclus. shipping and paypal fees? Otherwise can someone in Japan go find Alter's re-issues manager and tell him that i'm looking for it?
  5. I was being a bit ironic. Obviously i agreed too and those deluxe coneheads probably have the least sophisticated transformation ever! You just push everything in!
  6. I do prefer this version over the weathered GX-57 but i couldn't resist that and GX-58 as a set. If they release a companion GX to this i probably will follow ! :-)
  7. Is this still due for end of the month? Nippon Yassan have not sent payment requests yet, right?
  8. To be fair it's only a handful of people who do not moan about how easy it is to break TF masterpieces. If we do not take the weak shoulder Yamatos into account, you can mess with the rest quite a bit without worrying. I have transformed MP-9 and MP-11 and with both the ratchet joints were a nightmare, as were those swing joints that had to be pressed upwards or downwards when they were supposed to rotate only, as were all those steps that asked you to hold parts in place by tension - the YF-21 does have a few of the above but somehow felt safer. Personally i'd rather pay more money for something more durable, even if it means getting a loose joint here and there.
  9. I know. If you are going to spend that much you might as well spend it more wisely on this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Macross-Frontier-Smoke-Clear-Variable-Stand-for-VF-25-VF-27-AQ1525-1-60-/271424455200?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3f32288220
  10. After the brilliant Vf-19 visors i was hoping for something eye-catching on this one. It doesn't seem to be the case with this one, right? No, i'm not cancelling my pre-order, just noting.
  11. Did you really expect it to be that easy? These sites are not Amazon !!! You have to ask through the contact details.
  12. I think you are referring to this? -> http://www.collectiondx.com/news_item/91113/space_pod_crab_03_non_scale_model_kit
  13. Wouldn't it be a bit irrational of them to re-issue the very same variant when they can bring in a whole load more orders if they make a Hikaru version this time? But that cannot possibly be before 2016 if 2015 belongs to the VF-0D. Until then Arcadia may be called something else. :-P
  14. Extremely glad that they released these packs stand-alone. After the VF-27 super pack release, i thought they may do the same for re-issues.
  15. I've actually been asking for this for at least 1 year ! Just when the YF-29 repaints were slowly curing my collector's bug !
  16. Definitely more exciting than what could have been simply a VF-1 Max and Kakizaki reissue news. :-)
  17. Actually i did get something that looks like it with "foam sheets". I thought the material was different. Thank you!
  18. I looked up paper types online for half an hour… and gave up. Basically it's very convenient to use for protecting sharp tips when packing models. But… what is it called?!? Thanks :-)
  19. It's not so much the price as the possibility of opening this and finding a cracked shoulder. Regardless of fixes, it would ruin my day!
  20. Nightmare scenario: The house is coming down, they are all in their boxes but you can take only one!!! Choose! Life-threatening scenario in fact!
  21. Dimis


    Thank you again! I'm so glad to be a member of a forum where people do take some time to help you out!
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