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  1. i wish of yf 30 with nuns markings ....
  2. Damn.... i find my black triangle broken too...... want a vf171 ex Alto )))))):
  3. It can be fixed, i use a micro screw to make my own fastering, but after a certain time it brokes again. This is a very thin plastic for a holes, on the lower part under head...but you can try
  4. Hellyeah, i will pray for it !!!!!!!! and cheyenne !!!!!
  5. I pray for vf 171 v2, and Cheyenne destroid !!!!! also want to see Ozma reissue and renewal Lucifer regular ....
  6. oh my god, the SMS again ....
  7. Thanks to everyone, i think that i made my choice !!!
  8. Thanks to everyone,but now must go, ( duty calls ) i will wait for some new comments, you really help man !!!
  9. it will be cool, but i've looking on ebay and amazon, and few other sites but the price was only higher ! Maybe you send me some i don't know ?
  10. Ok, some of my doubts becomes real ! Let's talk about price . The situation: sv51 Nora - 422 $ / vf 27 renewal - 250 What's the best choice ?
  11. i think so too, but Nora is so beautiful !!! Thanks a lot !
  12. Yes, you are wright ! The durability is important for me. I've got vf 25 ozma, and for me this is the best toy from this side . Or i just lucky ! But it was also very expensive ! vf 27 based on 25 so it makes me thinking about whose the best from the perspective of price-quality , Nora or Brera ...
  13. I've already seen this review but still don't know.... i mean that this review is the best of what I've seen but on anymoon.com there is no video about Nora and this keeps me thinking .... also i've seen a video review on CollectionDX but i think that this is not a good example of video review at all . Please don't think that i'm a complaint person, but there are a lot of cool video reviews of vf 1, vf 25 and many others, and just a few about the sv51 ... Anyway thanks a lot !!! i'm from Russian Federation !
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