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  1. Model or toy...? Well, when I received the Quarter, I opened the box, said 'Oh Cool!' and put it on its stand. Great to look at, as I don't play with them very often. If ever. Then I get a model, with all its little bits and instructions, and I get out the hobby knife and sand paper and sticks and airbrush and hunch over a modeling table for months at a time, laboriously fitting pieces and gluing, and possibly modifying as I go... Basically, it falls to personal preference. I greatly enjoy putting models together, with that feeling of accomplishment, including the sticky fingers and sanding dust, and after it all being able to look at the shelf and say, 'I made that,' rather than, 'I bought that.' It just feels like its more mine... Thom
  2. Cool, I just won the 1/4000 Yellow Submarine DYRL SDF-1 on Ebay! Pretty good price too considering the 1/5000 scale transforming toys for sale at close to $200! Can't wait to get it and toss it together. It'll be a little out of scale compared to the Quarter, but I can live with that. Besides, it'll quench my SDF-1 needs...!
  3. I'd be happy with a static cruiser-mode model. I bought the Quarter, and it has yet to be transformed!
  4. I'd like an entire series of capitol ships, please. Carriers, escort ships, New Macross carriers, all of them. Not to scale with the Quarter certainly! But 1/5000 would be pretty good...
  5. There is a nice addition to the Homeworld game. And this one. Your friend could possibly do something similar.
  6. If it did say that, then HELL YAH!! Nah, just kidding. I'll be envious of those who can afford it, but dropping $200 on the Quarter is about as far as I'll go, even for a Macross capitol ship. I'll just have to dream about finding that perfect sale someday...
  7. DANG IT!! I want one, maybe two, but I'm hundreds of miles from the nearest IKEA - AND THEY DON'T SELL THIS ON-LINE!!
  8. I have to say I like it, though I'm not in love. Love would be the original VF-25 super packs!! Seeing it for the first time, cruising out of its hangar was awesome. And it looks like it works good enough in atmosphere there. Maybe I like the super pack better because it makes the VF-25 look like a ten-ton hammer that you don't want to be anywhere near. Whereas the tornado pack looks like its dressed up for a ball...
  9. They may have staged the photo with the Quarter on its back, the arm pointed straight up. In any case, I made my payment!!
  10. They would have to change the name of the song 'Triangle,' to 'Square...' Or let it just become a 'swap-meet..'
  11. That's an awesome idea! Say they were falling for each, but Grace couldn't have her two favorite toys falling in love and ruining the plan, so she forces them apart! A whole new storyline could be Brera trying to break from her control to be with Sheryl again. Who knows how much will be changed!?! And true, Alto and Ranka didn't see much of each other during the last few episodes, but I would put that to Ranka maturing and seeing that there was more than her own concerns, and that she would have to sacrifice them for the greater good. Of course she just got powned by Grace anyway and was set up as the new 'Queen,' falling right into Galaxy's hands... Hence, Alto to the rescue...
  12. EDIT-ed Awesome pictures. Its great to see how he did it too. Definitely gives some ideas for the old brain to work on! Thanks for posting them.
  13. And if we're using these as possible outcomes, she may end up with Brera! You know, high class star and rogue fighter pilot who may or may not be one of the enemy...
  14. Need some Ranka love! Personally, I don't see why so many people actually hate her. Hate being a strong emotion for a two-dimensional anime character. I would dispute that she does not have a loli figure, she is a likable young character, and her progression from child-like to mature young woman is quite clear, even as Sheryl leaves behind the glaring show business glitz that kept her cold and unapproachable. 'Bitchy.' Sheryl has some great qaulities, and I don't dislike Sheryl, but I do root for Ranka to win Alto in the end. As for Harem endings, they're too easy. To make a choice like at the end of Macross, between Minmei and Misa, is the tough part.
  15. Came across this on a Japanese language site, that I can't read... but - http://www.hkml.net/Discuz/forumdisplay.ph...=136&page=1 I found this link on one of the threads. Its an awesome-ly done model with lights galore! Blows me away... Turn up the volume!
  16. Did anyone else notice in the pic with Sheryl, Alto and Ranka, Alto appears to have... 'womanly hips'... ?
  17. I think we're in more pain over that than you are!!
  18. Beautiful work. Awesome. Although... it looks like Misa is 'checking' out another pilot..
  19. Though I'm not a fan of the Stampede, what you've done so far looks superb. As of yet, I've only done one VF, with plans for many more. Including a scratch/bash of several line drawings. Its aways great to see more none SOB(Straight-Outa-Box) work. Keep up the great work!
  20. Yes, by that point I think he was just resigned and happy. Just imagine what was happening before the baby showed up! Must have been a wild ride!
  21. Received mine. They're in great shape and look awesome. Thank you. Now, what else are you planning?
  22. I like the new pack, though my first choice would remain to be the armored pack from the series. The one thing I would change on the Tornado would be the design and mounting of the beam canon. They just look too fragile and art-deco... Now, shift them out a little and beef them up, something like a pair of gunpods mounted above the body, and it would be perfect.
  23. Thom

    My VF-0S

    Many thanks for all the compliments, they are very appreciated. Compared to my other builds, that was quick! Fokker's bird is all finished, after the final placements of the marker lights on the nose and the wing lenses, touched with a little Future to give some shine against the dull coat. She makes a good start to the VF collection, though at some point I will do it again, with a little refinement...
  24. Thom

    My VF-0S

    It's an elegant design, and really, as the first of the VFs it just has to be in the collection! As for a Battroid version, I hadn't considered it too much. That's not to say that I haven't considered it at all...
  25. Thom

    My VF-0S

    Thank you very much! The panel lines were easy with a bit of ProModeler wash. It's great stuff. Just brush on, let dry, and rub off! http://www.promodeller.com/buy-the-wash/ And I figured it would be easier keeping the pieces separate. It certainly was handier. Although next time I will cement on the vertical stabilizers and putty before painting. Laying the beveled bottoms flat against the top of the fuselage had them laying outward far too much. Following the diagrams had them standing up further and looking correct, but this left a gap on each outer edge where the fin met the body. I'll also paint the insides of the body as there was light bleed through even after a couple coats of paint. That'll be done also in the wing slots. If anything, doing this one has only showed how to do the next one even better, and those I look forward too. Thom
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