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  1. Thom

    My VF-0S

    It's an elegant design, and really, as the first of the VFs it just has to be in the collection! As for a Battroid version, I hadn't considered it too much. That's not to say that I haven't considered it at all...
  2. Thom

    My VF-0S

    Thank you very much! The panel lines were easy with a bit of ProModeler wash. It's great stuff. Just brush on, let dry, and rub off! http://www.promodeller.com/buy-the-wash/ And I figured it would be easier keeping the pieces separate. It certainly was handier. Although next time I will cement on the vertical stabilizers and putty before painting. Laying the beveled bottoms flat against the top of the fuselage had them laying outward far too much. Following the diagrams had them standing up further and looking correct, but this left a gap on each outer edge where the fin met the body. I'll also paint the insides of the body as there was light bleed through even after a couple coats of paint. That'll be done also in the wing slots. If anything, doing this one has only showed how to do the next one even better, and those I look forward too. Thom
  3. That is awesome. There are no friendly skies with this guy.
  4. Sweet job. It looks like an Anniversary scheme you'd expect from the Japanese. It's great!
  5. Thom

    My VF-0S

    I started this one as a straight project, to give me a little rest from too much scratch. It's a great model and builds up really good. I'll probably make another however, seeing as I forgot to do some things and will refrain from doing others. This is turning out to be more of a test shot.
  6. So, we're talking about two movies now!?! Awesome!! Although, didn't they do the evil songstress schtick in Mac-Plus? If Sheryl does turn out to be some kind of spy, but still a good person at heart, then she's probably being controlled much as Brera was.
  7. It looks like they're giving a lot of Ranka's storyline to Sheryl, which cheeses me a little bit. Unless they both need to be caught by Alto! I hope they don't second-rate her character. Also had these linked to me on Starship Modeler...
  8. Just received mine too. I have to commend you on some great work. I really appreciate the level of craftsmanship you put into it. Though I will have to agree on packaging. Don't place too much trust on the post carrier to not bend it to make it fit! And I say that not to be offensive in any way to any postal workers on this august site!
  9. That's really nice! I love the cool mods.
  10. The upgrades to the VF-25 look incredible! Can't wait for the molds to come out for that addition!! And if they do change the Quarter does that mean they'll be another model coming our for that too? And I wouldn't mind at all if they gave Alto a sex change! He looks hot as a chick! If they're changing so much, or at least key sequences, I would like for Michel to survive and the triangle to be resolved!! Revenge Klan is awesome, but sad. And I didn't like how the triangle left me hanging... Still would have liked a continuation rather than a redo, but I'll watch this with just as much anticipation!
  11. Have to agree on using the gray. It offsets the red just right. I plan on doing a Milia and Max versions someday, placing them on the same base. I also have a D version that'll become the Virgin Road.
  12. Thom

    Red VF-25S

    Sweet! Real cool effect there.
  13. Yes, thanks for passing that on. Too bad there weren't any more of the ship...
  14. Hearing good reviews, I am once more anxious for my order. They look great, but until they arrive they're just one dimensional!
  15. Just to toss in the benefits of a lifting body... Keeping in mind that it was never intended that way! http://tailslide.firelightsoftware.com/f15wing.asp I think we can agree that with a large enough wing surface, the benefit of a lifting body, thrust vectoring that can make a Mig dance on a pin and the FBW that all high tech aircraft now - or will - employ, that the VF-1 would be able to fly.
  16. A well-known nic of the F-117 (which is still a bomber!!!) is the 'Wobbly Goblin,' just for that inherit instability. Though I just had a thought... dangerous - yes... Since we know the vertical stabilizers are hinged for the inward swing and transformation, could they not also be canted outward during flight to act as elevons?
  17. I have voted and Misa has won!! Robotech - don't shudder like that - was my favorite 'cartoon' as a kid, and I would say that 'Lisa Hayes' was my first crush. Yes... I was young... She's a hard ass with a tender heart, and though I like Ranka a whole lot, there's just no beating the original. As for Sheryl, she is a pale imitation for a go-getter heroine. Yes, Misa crashed the plane - I actually havn't seen DYRL yet... - but after if there would be anyone I would rather have covering my back it would be her.
  18. I don't have the funds... but I bought three anyway! I couldn't resist!
  19. Did I already say that I'm interested too...
  20. I'd say it's looking really good. As for tearing off the sprue, I've taken to cutting it just short of the piece, leaving some sprue on which is then gently sanded down. And have you seen this thread yet? - http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=30923 My Valk has been on hold for a while, and now I'm glad. I can't wait to add that to mine!
  21. No wonder I stopped building my Valk so long ago!! You are my Fracking God!! Give me my fix.
  22. Just as the tag line says! They slashed the price by forty percent, so now its just about thirty bucks! I just ordered two... http://www.hlj.com/product/BAN958497
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