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  1. favor please, can you try the upgrade parts on the black getter and take a pic?
  2. Major Focker

    Hi-Metal R

    thanks. i''ll be on standby. if it comes in this wed-fri though, i may be delayed in responding as i will be travelling somewhere remote at that time.
  3. Major Focker

    Macross figures

    what's the approx scale for this? 1/8?
  4. Major Focker

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    cute=kawaii sugoi=awesome/amazing .. unless you meant she was cute for saying sugoi so many times?
  5. Major Focker

    Hi-Metal R

    may i take you up on that offer? missed out on the PO
  6. NY SAL Small Packet x 3. i actually got the postal notice a couple of weeks back, but was too busy to pick it up at the post office. as previously mentioned, now that i have 4 in hand, i will dispose of one. if anyone has the Arcadia Altira Island resin model or the VF-171 with Sheryl on the back, maybe we can work out a trade or something.
  7. in hand at last. merry christmas to me =)
  8. i hope Appleseed gets some love too. 2020 can't come soon enough
  9. i like the box. hope they also make a plastic foldable container/crate down the line. NY also asked me for extra shipping. total 7300 yen shipped to Manila. it's been shipped but i probably won't see it until 2019. postal services grind to a crawl during December.
  10. Major Focker

    Hi-Metal R

    whew! just remembered this. and to think i was just lounging around at home this afternoon.
  11. had they done the MF valks, i think the line would've sold better
  12. Major Focker

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    were there any pics shown?
  13. agree with that. and while a number may disagree, i also consider her work in Frontier to be better and more varied than Plus
  14. yeah, i'm just relieved this ordeal was finally resolved. sorry it didn't quite work out for you. was sending them emails roughly every couple of months, then weekly last month when i read in this thread that other members were having their orders filled, and noting that the order numbers and dates were getting closer to mine. i also thought of reducing my order just to make sure i get one. instead, i told NY to send me the 31A's one by one as they become available, rather than waiting for all 3 before shipping. shortly after i got a shipping preparation notice so i thought at least one was being prepped. frankly, i was surprised when the shipped notice came a week later and all 3 were being sent, individually, as well as my Garland. so now i have 4 x 31A. contemplating selling the 4th (or 1st, since i had it in-hand sooner than NY's) i got as an insurance, albeit at a premium, to recover the $360 i spent on it. i guess i have a few weeks to think about it until the NY orders arrive.
  15. my 3 from NY are finally on their way, shipped 11/07/18, ordered and paid 10/27/17
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