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  1. where can i get those yellow truck models? can't wait for HW3! meantime, i'll start on Deserts of Kharak. i've been putting it off for fear of disappointment
  2. i think it was sometime last year when Paypal defaulted to their own conversion despite my settings. since then, i've been careful to manually change the conversion to that of my bank. however late last year, whenever i changed the conversion to use my bank's rate, it would result in an payment processing error/failure with Paypal stating that my card was declined. but when i check out directly with the seller, say amiami or HS, the transaction goes through just fine. i also confirmed with my bank that there wasn't any declined payments. earlier this year i did some experiments. when i changed away from Paypal conversion, the payment failed as expected. right after, i restart the payment process and leave it at Paypal default conversion. sure enough, the payment goes through. i've confirmed this behaviour with amiami, HS, HLJ, eBay, and Amazon. i would think there's something criminal in Paypal's behaviour.
  3. Promare = Gurren La Kill Trigger has done it again!
  4. Neuromancer was what got me into reading lots of cyberpunk but what really stayed with me was the world of Budayeen (When Gravity Fails/ A Fire in the Sun/ The Exile Kiss by George Alec Effinger). sadly, it'll likely never be a movie. the PC game Bladerunner just recently became available on GOG. so no need to mess with CDs anymore.
  5. oh wow. Eizouken blew me away. and that ED!
  6. may i take you up on that offer? will PM you in a bit
  7. i caved and finally got a 1J at a local store for $450 the store owner happened to be there while i was browsing so i tried to go for a discount. he countered saying it was a first release edition that comes with a stand. was there even a 2nd release sans stand? and cheaper? about to walk away, he mentioned buying online would entail $30-40 shipping and about $80 in import taxes. sounded about right. so the apples to apples price (vs. a web purchase) was now $330. still, there was a chance i could've avoided taxes; so back to $410 comparable price. seeing i was unconvinced, he threw in the missile set. quick check on webstores pegs it at $110-130. but i already have a missile set which i bought for $50, intended for the VF-1S. anyway, i took his offer. so in the best case, that VF-1J was effectively just $200, and in the worst case $360. still unsure whether it was a good deal or not. as you can tell, i'm still trying to rationalize my purchase...
  8. Major Focker

    Macross figures

    usually, fiberglass
  9. received my Black and Gold 1S from HK seller. haven't opened it yet though.
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