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  1. Looks great! Loved the music they used in the trailer too. Chris
  2. Dobber

    Top Gun 2 is comin

    Lol, yeah probably....though that would be REALLY bad. At least Top Gun used easily noticeably different aircraft for the MiG’s in that movie. Chris edit: How many victories did Maverick have in the first movie? I can’t remember. Was it 3? If so the the silhouette’s are wrong.
  3. Dobber

    Hasegawa 1/72 VE-11D Thunderseeker

    Gorgeous! Chris
  4. Dobber

    Aircraft Super Thread Mk.VII

    I sure did
  5. Dobber

    The Transformers Thread Next

    You’re not crazy, VERY strong similarity. Chris
  6. Dobber

    STAR WARS Merchandise Episode - 2

    The Bandai kit is a bit larger than the old MPC kit but smaller than the 1/72 Fantastic Plastic Resin kit. Someone at SSM posted these comparisons. The MPC versus the FP Resin (MPC is the smaller one) and this Is the FP kit next to the Bandai which is only slightly smaller, mainly in main wing length Chris
  7. Dobber

    STAR WARS Merchandise Episode - 2

    Thanks for the review! I have the SDCC exclusive as well. Bought it from BBTS, but I haven’t opened it yet because I’m moving. Yeah the A-wing is REALLY off...Yikes! Chris
  8. Dobber

    Legos, anyone?

    That is AMAZING! I always find it so incredible what some people can do with LEGO. The engineering to make these custom sets is astounding. Chris
  9. Dobber

    Star Wars Resistance

    Man, I never did get to finish that show due to Disney’s crappy shuffling of it’s time slot. I really need to track it down and watch it from the start again. It was so good. Chris
  10. Dobber

    Hi-Metal R

    Man do I want a VF-1D with a Proper elongated canopy and not just a reshaped one like Yamato did. Chris
  11. Dobber

    Hi-Metal R

    I understand that but you’d figure the engineering wizards could find a work around. Chris
  12. Dobber

    Hi-Metal R

    Forgive my ignorance, but when did the small V-stabs for the VE/T-1’s become an acceptable thing as the animation and line art show the regular stabs. It’s the one thing I hate about these variants without their packs on. Totally kills fighter mode for me. Chris
  13. Dobber

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    I always found the Yamato 1/48 fighter mode to look too wide when viewed from above. It was the 1 thing that really bugged me about it. The canopy was just too wide. Chris
  14. Dobber

    Arcadia 1/60 SV-51 Ivanov

    I did the launch position pose when I still had my custom. Definitely saves space