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  1. Awesome news! I for one LOVED the first one and was waiting for this. Chris
  2. Yup, I completely agree. I totally hate TLJ and am completely disappointed with the squandered potential of the sequel trilogy....but I’m not going to suddenly act like George was doing everything so right the way most seem to be. I remember how things were and won’t jump on the “revisionist bandwagon” the way the internet seems to be. Just because Disney is screwing up doesn’t mean Lucas was doing much well either. Chris
  3. I remember that too. There was another slightly older kid that was leaps and bounds better. I even remember when Lucas and the producers were talking, it seemed like the McCallum and another person were surprised to find out the other kid wasn’t who Lucas was talking about when they were talking about the obvious choice. That’s the problem with being surrounded by “yes” men. I’m not going to pretend that Lucas was the greatest the way so many are NOW. I remember most where so happy when Lucasfilm was sold and he was no longer in control. Yes, some weren’t happy about Disney getting it, but just about everyone was glad George was no longer in control. NOW after TLJ, people suddenly say “poor George.” Funny how we forget. Chris
  4. Not bad... but not great. I am interested though. Chris
  5. HOLY FARKING SCHNITT!! That looks AWESOME. Looks like that stone or gem thingy grants a person their greatest desire? So Dianna gets Steve back, Kristin Wig’s character becomes desirable, Villain gets what he wants ect. Man I hope it is as good as it looks. Loved the first one. Chris
  6. So any theories on who it is that shows up at the end of the episode? Carl Weathers, another Mando, maybe even Fett (they are on Tatooine near where Fett met his “end” only 5 years earlier. Chris
  7. Teaser trailer Monday. Please be good, Please be good... Chris
  8. Oh I get that. What I was referring to is that possibly the seeds to a larger story or arc are hinted at at the end of the episode. Either way I’m fully enjoying the show. Chris
  9. Another cool episode IMO. And finally... So it seems the point to the series, so far, is just the Mandalorian trying to survive after his “betrayal” and I’m fine with that. Though, something was definitely hinted at at the end of the episode. This episode seemed very much like Star Wars to me especially the fades between scenes. It will need to evolve to something more than just surviving episode after episode, though, and it may be getting there soon. Chris
  10. Question, is the site listed above a decent place? I’d like to get that LUT and that Star Destroyer. Also are the parts good? I never bought an MOC before and I definitely don’t have spare parts or can afford purchasing them from a brick sale site. Chris
  11. Wow...that looks amazing with the Launch Tower and pad! I may have to look into getting that. You guys got me really happy I took the plunge on the Saturn V. I think she and I will have a lot of fun building it together. Chris
  12. My large Batmobile and the Saturn V arrived yesterday....along with the bonus Christmas tree. Looking forward to getting to work on the Batmobile and can’t wait to give the Saturn V to my daughter on Christmas. That thing looks amazing! Chris
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