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  1. She looks great peter, it came out great! Chris
  2. For me, I actually like the new kits main wing section shape better than the custom you posted. I think it just needs the central section to be bulked up more like the one you posted. I’d also probably leave off the miniguns if they can’t retract. Chris
  3. For comparison sake. Got to admit....I’m not liking it as much any more. You’re right, it’s way too thin and I don’t care for the blunt front points. I think a blending of this new kit and the one that chronocidal posted would be best as there are things on that one I don’t like either. Chris
  4. I feel the same...along with the red tint on the front windscreen instead of the green the Tomcat actually had. What was the reason for that change??
  5. @electric indigo, thanks. The panels are a molded on part of the kit. Chris
  6. It’s all good Chewie, appreciate it. Differing opinions are always welcome. Chris
  7. Oh man...I bought the big Batmobile last Christmas and it’s AWESOME! I’m gonna need this now too! Chris edit: Slightly disappointed the miniguns can’t flip in and out to be concealed.
  8. Been working on my Kelvin. No pattern on this era of ship, just random panels
  9. Go man go! If you get some blending sticks that you rub over the pencil work it smooths and evens it out Blending the lines together hence the name. Keep it up, and yes, it is much easier prior to assembly. Chris
  10. That sounds great. I’m glad the focus on the crews and families and the purpose behind the mission, rather than just focusing on the disaster itself. I would hope they would go into it though. Thanks for the info....I did forget that I cancelled my Netflix, though, so it’ll be a while before I see it. Chris
  11. Woo Hoo! My PF OD has finally arrived after it’s tour of the Eastern U.S. Arrived in NJ then went south to Atlanta GA, next up to Kentucky then, likely driving literally just past my house, north to Pittsburgh PA, and then finally back to me in WV. Such efficiency, LoL! Anyway, the OD is gorgeous. Thankfully my weathering is done well. No overly done blotches that I’ve seen on some. Very happy with my item! Chris
  12. Interested in this. I’m curious if they will address the fact that some of the crew...if not all of them....survived the explosion and at least 1 was conscious for, at least, part of the fall back to the Ocean. So sad. Chris
  13. Maybe if the rumors about Sabine making an appearance are true she could teach him that not all Mandalorians follow that rule. In fact most don’t and only his more “fanatical” group still does. Chris
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