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  1. That is a good track too. As for Newman, he was one of the big ones in the 90’s. He actually made 2 of my favorite scores Less than Zero and Men Don’t Leave. Unfortunately, Men Don’t Leave was never released. I had an unofficial copy for a while but have since lost it. Chris
  2. ^^ Nice! Finally finished 2202. Not as bad as I thought but the fleet/ship porn was a bit much...and this is coming from someone who LOVES that sort of thing. Motivations and history of the Gatlantians was a little confusing for me as was keeping track of the characters. I did enjoy Desler’s back story and motivations. Definitely going to build a 2202 refit and final battle refit Yamato to display with the 2199 version to display as an evolution of the ship display. Also have a Ginga and standard Andromeda class kits coming to kit bash into the Aquarius. I really love the EDF ships. Chris
  3. For those of you that like movie scores, 1917 has a surprisingly good score. It was the first score in years that I noticed while watching the movie that grabbed my attention. This track in particular: Chris
  4. Only thing that stupid Cats movie did was demonstrate what a Thundercat can look like. Cheetara.
  5. Lol...I always think that Master and Commander: The Far side of the World was the last great Trek movie. A brash young Captain who is in love with his ship and who’s best friend and confidant is a scientist and the ships Doctor. He’s dedicated to the mission but would sacrifice all for his friend while exploring the unknown. Chris
  6. I was just coming here to say the same. Just saw it last night....my God what an amazing movie. Not adventurous like some war movies or over preachy. Just a hard nosed look at the utter hell of WWI. Amazingly acted and filmed. Very very TENSE. Also agree about the town....and the music in that scene....WOW. This was the first score that really caught my attention in a long time. The film really made me think of Dante’s Inferno. Like the characters were going through the different levels of Hell. A truly AMAZING movie. Chris
  7. Personally, I felt S1 got a lot better after Maurine and John reconcile...about halfway through the season. Chris
  8. Looks like it should be painted on the side of a van.
  9. The problem is, without the different time lines we wouldn’t be able to see all the characters from the get go. The series would just start with Yennifer. Then after a few episodes Geralt would be introduced. Then the queen near the end of the season and finally Ciri in like the last few episodes. I personally don’t think the show would flow as well if we weren’t watching all 3 from the beginning, and would probably require a lot more filler material for each character to fill out episodes. Maybe what would’ve help would’ve been an onscreen text of 50years earlier ect. Instead of just wanting for the audience to catch on. Chris
  10. That may be something they could do with the baby Yoda.......have the Mandalorian find Sabine and Ashoka whilst they are on the own quest. They didn’t leave until after RotJ either. Chris
  11. I forgot about that, that was great! Chris
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