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  1. Well said and agreed. The only thing I really agree with from the disappointed fans is that last season and this season are a bit rushed, comparatively speaking. I heard it is Benioff and Weize not wanting to continue as to why it is wrapping up so quickly...and that HBO was will to through money at them to continue.
  2. I teared up at Sheldon’s speech. I only recently became a fan of the show last July. I own all the seasons now and have watched it through several times already. I’ll miss them. Chris
  3. What??!! Lol! Like Tober said why not blame Bran, or Eddard, or Rheagar and Lianna....anyone but DANNI! “Only natural” she responded this way! LMAO. You basically proved the writers point then!
  4. Where are they doing somersaults, backflips? And I only noticed a couple of unnecessary spins. For the most part they seem to be trying to actually strike each other. It’s what I liked about this fight the most. Also, I look at Vader’s different boarding actions as he had his “Fun” in R1 and had no need to charge in again in ANH. He is Sith afterall To each there own though, not everything is for everyone. Chris
  5. Yeah, a simple change would make everything work whilst still allowing the “fan service” goodness of the scene to remain. Have Vader board the ship just as it was shown in the movie but instead of the Rebels desperately trying to get the physical disks onto the Tantive IV, have it be an attempted delaying action while they are TRANSMITTING the plans to the Tantive IV that is....i don’t know....at the out-skirts of the system. Vader bursts into the comm room just as the final transmission finishes instead of standing in the docking bay. The Devestator tracks the transmissions and the chase is on. Viola’! Now Leia’s and Capt Antilles’ lie could have a chance/or at least make more sense along with Vader’s line of “several transmissions were beamed aboard this ship. I want to know what happened to the plans you intercepted.” I have no idea why the made the Tantive IV and there for Leia actually be present at the battle. 1) very bad place to be for a Senators daughter 2) They are CLEARLY seen fleeing the battlespace from a captured Rebel ship. Chris
  6. Dobber

    YetiStand Alpha.

    So I ordered my first stand, a Beta with etched Kite, and several accessories.....though I don’t think I got everything I need. I bought 2 banking adaptors but do I still need to buy the fighter mode extensions? Won’t the banking adapter attach to the fighter mode stand adapter included with the Valkyrie? Also, any possibility, Yeti, that you could make adapters for Eaglemoss stands? All of their models use the same sized peg for their clear stands. I’d love to display my Battlestars in formation on a YetiStand. Eaglemoss has a ton of different ship models, 1 stand adapter would serve them all. just a suggestion. Chris
  7. Interested to know as well. Chris
  8. What I appreciate about this one, I commented when the teaser was posted a couple of years ago, was the choreography. They looked like they are try to hit each other, not just clanging the blades together or being all flashy. They look like they are trying to kill each other and blade contact is only due to a parry. I wish more Mainstream films would follow this example. It looks intense. Vader hasn’t seemed so intimidating in a long time. Chris
  9. Awesome! I was wondering what happened to that...he had a preview a few years ago then nothing. Well done Chris
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