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  1. Dobber


    Yeah, it’s a great movie with just a stupid style incorporated into otherwise beautiful animation. It’s unfortunate and nott consistent. It only happens when people are moving but not when things are moving or even when people are jumping around. Once again, trying to be different doesn’t make it better. Hope they drop that in the sequel. Chris
  2. Dobber


    My only issue with it was how it looked like at times it was meant for 3D or something....like it it was blurry and had that double image going on...and the frame rate for the animation was a little jumpy. Not sure why they did that. Chris
  3. Dobber


  4. Dobber

    Top Gun 2 is comin

    My guess, it’s supposed to be a made up foreign nation that is still using the Tomcat. Through the course of the movie Maverick and ‘Lil Goose need to escape from said country and steal it to make their get-a-way. Mav gets to dominate in the sky one last time with the old bird. Chris
  5. Dobber


    I would suggest that the arm gauntlet pistons NEED to be loosened significantly. Chris
  6. Dobber


    I received my reissues today from Amazon.jp, wow that was fast! These are great toys. I only transformed the Stick version. The foot armor didn’t pop off to easily. The most fiddly part was the gauntlets and the ball joints on both ends of the gauntlet pistons. In the end I just disconnected the ball joint on the gauntlet and that freed up the arms. Speaking of the pistons...my man are they stiff! I may grease them up. Figuring out how all those parts are supposed to be twisted here and there for the pistons and thigh armor is very tricky, otherwise the transformation is pretty fun. Rey seems nice too, but I’m just displaying him in bike mode with Stick Jumping in the armor behind him. Chris p.s. I don’t have the originals so I can’t compare. Sorry.
  7. Dobber

    Bumblebee (Transformers... 6?)

    Yeah, I just had Nickelodeon on for my kids and the commercial came on. I couldn’t believe they showed what happened to “Not-Starscream” Like 505th said, I was like “THANKS” Chris
  8. Dobber

    Bumblebee (Transformers... 6?)

    Nope but I just saw a trailer that may have spoiled what happens to “Not Starscream” Also another one that clearly showed the roof coming together and essentially melting together to make it seemless. Oh well... Chris
  9. Welcome...but yeah I thought the site was hacked and a bot was spamming us with all these threads. Chris
  10. Dobber


    Both the Stick and Rey I ordered have already shipped to me here in the US and I just ordered yesterday. Chris
  11. Dobber


    What is the best video for transforming instruction of the Sentinel MOSPEADA? I remember somewhere in this thread there was a video that had a better transformation order and how to avoid over stressing a key joint. Chris
  12. Dobber


    Thanks for the heads-up. I just ordered both ended up saving around $90 from my pre-order with BBTS. Chris
  13. Dobber

    Hi-Metal R

    Don’t forget the Max 1S from DYRL. Chris