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  1. I agree, Nog was a surprisingly great character. I wrote this on another forum. His character is one of the things that Trek is all about. He wanted more for himself and was from a species that is often not taken seriously. The captain wasn’t even sure about him either but eventually decided to sponsor him. He shows that we can be more than where we come from or what others may think of us just because of our looks or species ect. Then watching his recovery from the war with the loss of a limb. Chirs
  2. That’s about all I’d want to see in the Moore universe of BSG. I’d rather just start over with something new. Chris
  3. Yeah, scratching my head now too. Having less and less hope for this show now. Chris
  4. I may have misunderstood the tweet I referenced. According to Syfy Wire. This WILL be in Moore’s universe. https://www.syfy.com/syfywire/new-battlestar-galactica-series-wont-be-a-reboot?__source=Blastr_Vayner_syfy_Facebook&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=battlestargalacticawontbeareboot&utm_term=paid&utm_content=link_ad Chris
  5. Toynami really nailed the colors. I love the tone and the finish on them. Chris
  6. Dobber

    YetiStand Alpha.

    Good Lord are these fast-packs getting ridiculous! And I thought the Armored 25 was big! Chris
  7. @Mazinger This is a reboot. The show runner tweeted that this will not be a remake of Moore’s BSG. Was posted on the previous page. There’s potential. Like I wrote above if they can find the sweet spot in between the 2 previous series’s tones and follow the Mythology of the originals a bit more I think it could be something great. Chris
  8. I have that happen from time to time too.
  9. I think if they can hit a tone somewhere between the 2 other series with a Mythology a little closer to the Orginal series that would be great. Have the Cylons be the Alien species again with the Robots being the tools of the actual Cylon species. Maybe make the Humans a little more likable instead of just all being pieces of dreck that the RDM series made them out to be. I know people have flaws...but my God they went a bit overboard. People CAN be and ARE good too. Also, it would be cool if maybe the show starts with the long running war still raging....similar to TOS, but let the war go on for the season. Then maybe as the Season Finale or season 2 mid season Finale have the Attack happen. This would allow the viewers to feel the impact of the holocaust more as maybe we could’ve learned more about some of Colonial society through the characters ect. Also have some more of the Fleet survive the Attack and have them protecting the survivors as they gather together over the course of a few episodes to prepare to depart. During said gathering the remaining Fleet ships are lost through attrition with only Galactica remaining to protect the rag tag Fleet. This would also set up Pegasus returning later as we maybe already get a quick look at it and Cain and see the significance of the ship, so when it returns briefly it again would feel like something. Just my fan wank at any rate. Chris
  10. Sweet! The Ep. 8 Awings are pretty nice too. The art department did a good job, IMO, with updating old designs. The just really failed when it came to NEW creations like the transports and Bombers. The Ep. 8 Resistance bombers wouldn’t have been so bad if they did anything. Maybe have them fending off swarms of TIE’s for a bit but there was just too many of them. Then the start taking hits but shrug it off for a bit until finally being overwhelmed. Instead they couldn’t even take 1 hit! Dumb Chris
  11. Funny enough, the asymmetry of the T-70’s S-foil split is one of the things I like most about them. Lol! Different strokes. Sorry Knight, don’t like that at all. Chris
  12. Cool! Where is this from David? I like the little changes made to the Y-Wing and I still LOVE the T-85....that thing looks like a Beast! Too bad it was only on Resistance. Maybe we’ll get lucky and it’ll make an appearance in Ep. 9. X-Wings always sell so who knows. Chris
  13. Poe’s new X-Wing. I’m probably in the minority for really liking the T-70. I find it a nice update to the classic T-65 while paying homage to McQuarrie’s original and Orange is also my favorite color. So I like this Chris
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