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    I have both 2nd releases on pre-order since I missed out on the first round. Just was curious if Stig would be improved as it seemed it was kind of loose with parts popping off. Chris

    Been away from the thread for a bit, so did the Rey MOSPEADA have better QC than the Stig? If so should we expect the rerelease Stig to have the same improvements? Sorry if theirs was already covered. Chris
  3. First Man

    Damn that looks good. The trailer really conveyed the danger of what they did. Chris
  4. Finally got around to seeing the movie. I guess I’m in the minority as I really liked it. Enjoyed it FAR more than TLJ. Solo wasn’t a perfect movie by any means but I had a great time. also that Kylo REN Review is priceless! Lol Chris
  5. Like those designs too except the Sword of Omens. Really dislike that take on it. NOTHING beats the original sword of Omens design. Chris
  6. Once again they decide to make a movie that few want or asked for. Still waiting, like many, for an Obi-Wan movie. Chris
  7. Star Trek: Discovery

    I prefer to think of Discovery as a visual reboot. As in all events are the same but ANYTHING we SEE onscreen, whether it is TOS, Movies, or any other series, is just a visual interpretation of in universe events, from the time it was produced. Makes things much easier to take. Could the production tried to make things look more like TOS....sure. But people that want everything to look just like it did in TOS (made in the 1960’s) is just silly IMO. Chris
  8. Cobra Kai

    On episode 5 now, I’m really liking this show. The first 2 episodes got me to sign up for the free trial so I can binge the whole season. This show is a pleasant surprise. Chris
  9. Loved it as well. Chris

    Regretting cancelling my pre-orders...personal issues...now they can’t be found anywhere without the rediculous mark ups. Can’t help but feel money is being left on the table by these companies when preorders sell out and there is still a demand for these items. I don’t get why money is invested to make these figures and then it’s a “one and done” production run never to be had again. Chris
  11. Hi-Metal R

    I had the same issue....along with a really loose connection to the peg under the wings when trying secure fighter mode. The legs keep popping off and drooping. I just gave up put it back into battroid and the box. First release I’ve been disappointed with. Chris
  12. Ron Howard reprising his narrator role! Lol