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  1. Fantastic Work! Those Valk’s look awesome! Chris
  2. While I don’t hate Discovery but do really dislike Picard, both the show and now the character (thank you so much CBS and Patrick Stewart for ruining a great character) I do objectively wonder if low numbers are more due to people not wanting to pay for a CBS streaming service. It wasn’t free on Amazon Prime here in the U.S. it was still a pay for add on even with prime. I certainly don’t want to pay for ANOTHER streaming service, particularly a CBS one. Chris
  3. Crap I forgot about this and just sent an email too. Chris
  4. I was able to get on right away. Chris
  5. Almost done with the upper saucer surface. Here’s a video showing how it catches and reacts to light at different angles. IMG_1922.MOV
  6. What’s FJ? Chris
  7. Gah! Double negative! Bad Dobber BAD! Lol! Chris
  8. Bottom Primary hull paneling done. Moving on to the upper surface. Chris
  9. One of the guys that does the videos for HLJ says it like that. First time I ever heard decals pronounced like that...drove me nuts I got worried I was mispronouncing it wrong my whole life. I looked it up on the internet and apparently it’s a Canadian thing and a few regional spots in the US. Chris
  10. Thanks guys. I really REALLY love the design too. It’s a perfect update of the classic ship that, as chronocidal said, really works well as a bridge to the Refit (scale not withstanding) Personally, it’s far more believable that this design would become the Refit than the original. I ordered a second kit that want to paint up in more traditional colors...either TOS or closer to the Refit era. I’d really like some aftermarket parts like new engines and maybe a torpedo housing to go with it. It’s a perfect sized kit for me, again not considering scale, as it’s not as big as the old Ertl Refit kit or as small as the classic ships in 1/1000 kits...which are a descent size too. Just need some options. New ship names and registries would be nice too. i did some more work on her this eve, but the light is not great for such detail work and overhead light causes too much glare. I have a quarter of the saucers underside left to do now and the the edges. That should be finished tomorrow, then on to the upper surface. Chris
  11. All I know is people that pronounce decals like “Deck-els” are statans spawn! Chris
  12. Been doing lots of builds lately. Almost finished 2 Bandai X-Wings (Reds 2 and 6) and just started the new R2 1/1000 Discover Enterprise. Doing all the paneling on the Enterprise with artist pencils by hand. the base coat is MM acrylic Aluminum. EVERYTHING else is pencil work. Chris
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