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  1. Calibre also just announced their next VF-1....a Canon Fodder VF-1a! i want the Max and Miriya but the model numbers just killed it for me but the CF 1A is an easy win. Chris
  2. I loved the Itano Circus with the strings. Chris
  3. Didn’t the novelization also have a more fleshed out discussion between Obi-Wan, Yoda, and Mace about the perils of spying on Palpatine they wanted Anakin to do. it was really good IIRC. Chris
  4. Is that official!?? if so...Rex is coming as well! Although he kind of sort of has been retconned into live action already in Return of the Jedi...but still awesome! Chris
  5. Calibre’s next in the “Dream Cats” lineup of Fictional F-14 schemes is Shin’s F-14 from Macross Zero.
  6. I agree. I don’t get why people are so bent over Rey not being a “nobody” Not that she needed to be a “someone” either, but it was clearly alluded to in Ep 7. It is silly to make her a Palpatine, though, as it added absolutely nothing to the character or story. Didn’t change anything. Chris
  7. Yup, it was actually good writing. Instead of the new girl (can’t remember her name yet) being great at everything, she’s shown to be very naive. Full of good intentions and a lot of talk. Very well done for a young person for once. it’s funny how it shows how much more world weary and mature Ashoka is...even compared to the “Older” sister. Chris
  8. Agree, I liked Qui-Gon as well. Ever wonder if Dooku was telling the truth or at least part of it when he was interrogating Obi-Wan in Episode 2 and basically eluded that Qui-gon understood the problems and shortsightedness of the Jedi and that he would’ve joined the Separatists. Chris
  9. Man, this show and the Mandalorian are the true Heir’s and Legacy of Star Wars. Really enjoying the past few Ashoka episodes. Chris
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