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  1. Yeah I remember liking the longer season 2 much more. Anakins fight with Ventress was awesome! With great foreshadowing. Chris
  2. Seto, are any of those series good? I’m not familiar with any Trek novels except Shatners trilogy from the 90’s. Chris
  3. See I only know him from Dexter’s Laboratory and the original Clone Wars. I know he also did other shows like Samurai Jack but I never watched it. So the Uber violent, gory tone took me off guard. Chris
  4. Well said. When people go on and on about how much they hate something, I never understand why they watch it. Opinions are valid and allowed obviously, but when it’s said “then don’t /you don’t have to watch it is said it’s not to be dismissive just helpful really. Trek really has been struggling lately and that’s a shame as it it’s such a good and hopeful franchise, or should be anyway, so I want to be hopeful for this new series as well. Chris
  5. Thanks for sharing that! Just a good day in the life video. Chris
  6. Uhhh...cool.....I think. Maybe just a little too over the top. Not sure how I feel about that. Chris
  7. Yup, finding myself cautiously optimistic. Also good to see, what appears to be Vulcan, again. Really want to see some Fed ships. I wonder if at some point they’ll show the Enterprise -F? If so will it be the online version or something new. Chris
  8. Eaglemoss’s next line will be The Orville. Starting in 2020! https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/orville-starships-collectibles-line-revealed-at-comic-con-1224582 Chris
  9. He’s just riding in the back of a F/A-18F which is a 2 seater. But he is in the there having to withstand the g’s and such. Chris
  10. Couldn’t care less for this movie, but that right there stirs thoughts of a live action Cheetara and The Thundercats. Chris
  11. This former Bug driver didn’t have much of a problem with the trailer. In fact the only thing he questioned/really commented on was the beginning and even then only stated that he never did that and it was probably a Blue’s pilot performing that.
  12. Nah, he was in the back seat of an F/A-18F and I figure the movie will just make it look like it’s a single seater with alternate forward facing shots with a pilot wearing his Maverick helmet. Chris
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