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  1. That was so AWESOME! I’m waiting for someone to redo a whole movie next. Chris
  2. Thanks guys, I use micro set and sol so if I understand you it should be safe to use right out of the bottle. Count me in for a set of these as well. Chris
  3. @Anasazi37 I am an experienced model builder but am curious how you apply your decals to these toys. Are they water slide? Do they need a gloss coat to be applied to the surface first like is done in modeling? Just want to know what the process is for these. Thanks. Chris
  4. I hate when I watch YouTube videos that play a clip of the video you are about to watch at the beginning of the video. As in a clip from 3 mins into the video is shown at the beginning before their little intro theme thingy. So annoying to me. Chris
  5. Good god that MiG-21 is GORGEOUS! Such a fabulous build. Chris
  6. All this talk about the gun pod handle and such and the one that came with my VF-4A doesn’t fit on the Valk at all. The handle is too wide to fit into the slot. Did I miss something? Chris
  7. That was when my woes started as well. Not counting my never shipped SSP’s. I did get the PF VF-0D between the SSP order and then the also never shipped YF-29 purchased in Nov. Chris
  8. Wow that looks great! I’m always too intimidated to try a custom as I don’t have a brick stock pile and I’m not sure how to go about buying what is needed to make these gorgeous models. Like I mentioned above, I’d love to get the B5 Agamemnon, but don’t know if the sites that sell it are really just scams. Fantastic work. Chris
  9. Love the design but those main landing gear need to be longer or something. The wing tips are practically touch the ground. Imagine trying to land that thing! Chris
  10. Pilots call-sign “Bandit” Chris
  11. I’ve had my eye on that EAS Agamemnon for over a year now but I’m always apprehensive about ordering from one of those 3rd party sites that sell it. Chris
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