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    It's been so long since I've seen Mospeada or Robotech....did the Legioss not have foot thrusters like Valkyries did? What did it use in fighter mode? Chris
  2. Yamato 2202

    I hope you are right, but from a business stand point it would prevent people from waiting until the whole series is released to sign up and binge watch a series and then quit either without paying (if there was a free trial) or only paying one months subscription. I can’t help it if how they list their episodes is confusing. Chris
  3. Yamato 2202

    I understand it takes time to dub, that’s not the issue. The issue is that it appears that only 2 episodes at a time will EVER be available ie the current one and the previous weeks. Anything older will no longer be available. Example would be Ep’s 11 and 12 but 1-10 are not. Look at their release schedule and you’ll see Chris
  4. Yamato 2202

    Just noticed that it looks like this is a windowed release. Only having 2 episodes available to watch at a time. If anyone was waiting for all the episodes to air before subscribing, like I was, we may not want to do that. Chris
  5. Yamato 2202

    Thanks! I was a little confused by their site as it said 4 episodes, but I only saw the first episode. Thanks for the review too. Chris
  6. Yamato 2202

    I wish I could just buy them. Even if it's for streaming. I don't like having to pay $5.99 a month. I would prefer to just have them like the rest of my digital library. Anyone know what the release schedule is for this? Chris
  7. Netflix Original Stranger Things

    Steve was a big surprise for me last season, he started out as the cliche' jerk boyfriend but then became a really good guy that fought with them. I agree that he and Dustin where even better this season, Nancy took the turn for the worse to me. Chris
  8. Netflix Original Stranger Things

    My wife and I just finished it last night, another great season IMO. If season 1 was compared to the Goonies, then as was pointed out, this season was definitely Aliens. Loved it. I too didn't care about 11's sibling, I found her and her gang irritating. Pretty bad when you'd think we should sympathize with her because of what was done to her. Instead she's like Magneto, "I was mistreated so my sins are justified in return" I really hate that logic. Chris
  9. Netflix Original - Big Mouth

    "Call back to episode 2....you know you're binging" and Jay's pregnancy "scare" holy crap...that was so wrong. LMAO! Chris
  10. Jean-Claude Van Johnson

    Looking forward to his return. Chris
  11. Really excited for this. Krasinski totally surprised/impressed me in '13 Hours'. Chris
  12. Netflix Original - Big Mouth

    I thought the same thing. The episode when the boy's have a sleep-over at Jay's house was so damn funny. When Jay is describing how he "modifies" his pillow and then you see the Hormone monster taking notes and calling him a genius....I lost it! Chris
  13. Been binging this show today and it is Friggin' HILARIOUS. It's an animated show about puberty and it is very raunchy/inappropriate, but it really reminds me of what it was like at that age. I haven't laugh so hard from a show in a long time. Give it a try, Chris