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  1. Man I miss Mac Plus. I would love to have a nice transfer like that....That was gorgeous! Also, Isamu and Guld are sociopaths that have a LOT to answer for. They demolished part of a city and potentially killed how many people over their squabble. Chris
  2. That was great! Tom the all time best screams and yells. Freaking hilarious.....and man Tom and Jerry was sadistic! Lol Chris
  3. I for one really hope Caliber will make a VF-1D with a properly elongated canopy. Think of all the custom schemes they could do too using real-world Tomcat schemes. Chris
  4. Dang, that looks really nice! Chris
  5. Man Chloe Grace Moretz just does it for me, good God she is beautiful. That being said even that isn’t making me want to see this. Chris
  6. @mikeszekely, I’m with you on the designs. I regret not getting Perukill when I had the chance. Not a fan of the Bayformers but was REALLY impressed by the engineering on that toy. Sad to hear UT is closing up and there will be no reissues. Chris
  7. IIRC, the Mk1, 2, 3, and Blackbird are in scale with each other. 1/33 I think. The 7 is a bit small as is the Raptor. Edit: Yup I remembered correctly https://www.wixiban.com/toys/eaglemoss-bsg.htm Chris
  8. Maybe the music will be similar to how “All along the Watchtower” was in NuBSG. That something about it’s harmonics destroy dilithium or some nonsense. Possibly sent by or inserted by the sphere builders to get revenge on the Federation for thwarting them in the 22nd Century and then defeating them in the 26th. I use the Sphere builders because of all the temporal policing talk which was a result of the temporal Cold War brought on by the Sphere Builders. Chris
  9. Never had a problem with them until the Bandai DX SSP set. Paid back in June of 2019. They never shipped it and won’t answer any of my messages about the status of the order...still shows unfulfilled...or about a refund. Heck I’d even settle for store credit as someone else said they did for them but they just ignore my messages. They took my money and don’t care. Theives. Chris
  10. He-man is just Prince Adam after a weekend at Fire Island Chris
  11. I always loved how no one knew that Prince Adam was He-Man. At least Superman had glasses and a different hair-do. Adam is just He-man with clothes on. “LOOKING EVERYWHERE EXCEPT FOR WHAT’S RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU” Chris
  12. Cool episode....glad they at least answered the helmet thing. Question is
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