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2 hours ago, Thom said:

He could be deceptive in a good way...

I liked it. A little let down by the ending though

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I liked season finales to be all buttoned up, rather than cliffhangers. I don't want to have to wait half a year for the continuation.


You mean like some of the Cobra Kai endings we have gotten?

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^^Or like most of Agents of SHIELD’s season enders or Mandalorian’s season enders.

End the season’s arc/story, but toss in a snippet to get people excited for the next season.

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23 minutes ago, TangledThorns said:

Finished LOKI last night. Good series but I think I liked Falcon and Winter Soldier a tad more, kinda reminded me of 24. Gawd I miss 24!!!



The first few seasons of 24. Not Kim being chased by a mountain lion 24. 😅


Really enjoyed Loki, probably more so than the other D+ shows so far, which really surprised me given how ambivalent I am regarding the character.


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I hate to admit it, but it doesn't surprise me.  Any time a new technology or medium arises, the studios try to finagle their way around paying the writers or actors an equitable cut.

It happened before when Ron Moore's BSG started producing webisodes for the internet.

So of course the lawyers are going set everything to the Mouse's advantage:  "Oh we can't pay you so much because of the pandemic!  Oh!  The premium funds from the purchases on the +?  That's not in YOUR contract;  you don't get a cut!" :rolleyes:

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