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MΔ - VF-9


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8 hours ago, Jasonc said:

The wings look like they are extended out more. Is that the case?

To keep the original silouhette, I have kept the length/wingspan ratio around 1:1. Since the new version is 1cm longer the wings should be larger equally in length and depth. 

The wings shown are not final, they are the last things to tweak, I gonna finish them next week I hope. 

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Hi guys,

I've finally finished my "version 2" and just ordered a copy to test print. On the paper, this version (in black) has been seriously buffed up from the previous one (in red). I just hope everything works as expected once printed.











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You can print in HP plastic which is grey or black (for twice the price though). Shapeways offers a colored plastic but the coloration is only on the surface, that won’t work for my model which uses sprues that need to be cut, you will end with a red/blue with white spots valk.

One thing that can easily be done, you can dye the valk once assembled by plunging it in a red/blue dyeing bath. I know that the Rit brand works very well with shapeways plastic, leaving an homogeneous and pratctically permanent color. 


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Yep sounds good to me. I remember buying some ink used for tampos on toys but was a pain to get my hands on it.  Airbrushed a Yamato Vf-1A on some parts and it never rubbed off...this dyeing method seems way easier and uniform to get done though. 

Thanks for the info and cheers !


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Wow had no idea about that dye technique. Would just need a clear top coat afterwards. Especially on those black parts... that guy really should have been wearing gloves lol. 

Looks really good though. 

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I decided to make a few pilots available for this valk. I downloaded a standard US fighter 3D model and added him the Macross' helmet and paultrons. I founded that the DYRL version would match better the VF-9.

Since I know there are fans of female pilot (@Sildani and me included) I made both male and female versions. Select Large size for male pilot and Medium size for female pilot. -Sorry there is no gender drop down menu yet.-




female pilot_VF9.jpg

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I spent some time to build the little guy and now I must say I am impressed by the changes compared to the original VF-9, this version has a greater presence and is looking tough next to the VF-1 in both battroid and fighter modes. 

The fighter mode is solid with a lots of tabs, probably a bit too much because each transformation step is tabbed so that it can hold the pose step. 

Battroid is also greatly locked. 

Still I had errors in my files, particularly I must be unlucky with the wings that missed a rotation channel and mysteriously the Hips assembly that was down-scaled... anyway I have a few smaller fix’s I want also to make on the final 3D model so I will update everything in a few weeks. 








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To anyone wanting to assemble it, I highly suggest to buy M1 steel pins in 5-6-8-10 and 12mm lengths of eBay. I have been assembling a couple years and cutting my own pins from nails, this is so painful and time consuming: it really makes the assembly much more enjoyable. Speaking of pins, you will also need one M1.5 (diameter 1.5mm) x 20 mm length and two M1x20mm for the hand traps.

For the gerwalk specific articulation, I have added a dual pivot Z-shape articulation to the hand attachment. That makes a larger empty lane in the back of the battroid mode but at least the gerwalk is sleek now :)



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15 hours ago, valhary said:

Certainly the adjustments improves the look with regard the first prototype 

I love the gerwalk mode and if we talking another adjustment this bird will be stunning

Thanks to all the feedback I didn't cancel this project, and I am glad I didn't because I really like it now.

What now ? I have tweaked the 3D files to include all the fixes I wanted. I need to print for end of August the complete Wings, replace my prototype HIPs, test the new beefier landing gears, and I will test a set of male female pilots too. Once I test these and if they are good the project will be finished and I will move to painting stage.

I will also prepare a quick assembly note for those who want to buy it with pictures I have taken during my assembly.


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Amazing work, Xigfrid! I want all of the things you make! But I'd just end up with them in a box and never put them together... Cuz that's how I roll, apparently. I've recently realized that I'm a bit of a hoarder. And specifically model hoarding tends to run in my paternal family.

Despite that dose of realism, I am totally interested in the pilot figures, if they fit in other VFs.

(i.e. the VF-1 v2, VF-11, VF-171...)

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On 5/17/2018 at 3:39 PM, Xigfrid said:

Considering the small size, I hope around 150$, but the there are 2 parts to be printed separately: the clear canopy and the seat+interior details. These can rise the price significantly. 

I will be able to tell once I begin to upload the parts at shapeways. 

With all this work and effort you put into it. Have you ever solicited your services to Bandai or Arcadia ?

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