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  1. yes! already contacted him. He hasn't them in stock anymore. so, BUMP!
  2. hi! I would buy 2 saddle bags set and 2 rocket launcher kit for upgrading my 2 1/10 rand cyclone.. please pm if you want to selle me one of these kits. thanks.
  3. I think about the vf-5000 in a view to producing them on the vf-x licence or the M7 licence or the both licence Or another endless repaint of vf-1 :rolleyes:
  4. i Yes i spoke about canards because I didn't see any articulations on them. i lke the naked wing too
  5. amazing work but the small intakes wings are not supposed to fall back?
  6. had the same problem 25 vf1 1/48 scale. I have flatened the out boxes and inserts in two big cardboards i made the same with the macross zero boxes and the vb6 boxes. In an other cardboard I superposed the plastic insert. and in a last cardboard I superposed all the vfs I reduced the volume was taking Valks boxes around 70 percent. wish I could help you but you should take care to the cardboard with all the exterior boxes was very heavy (around 27 kilos)
  7. Oh-oh-oh-oh... Everybody was Kung Fu bumping...
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