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Getting even better!  Itano Circus is in full effect!  He just needs to get it to do the CFA-44's multi-target spam.

mutters something about "those crazy Belkans.."

He's got a few others up as well, showing the various weapons systems working.  He managed to mimic the Falken's laser system with the gunpod, firing as individual shots, but opening up to fire the full beam.

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30 minutes ago, wm cheng said:

I love them!!! But $55 for 1/144 scale planes (before shipping and customs?!?!) Are they on crack?!?!?!

Even crack isn't that expensive. :p 

I have picked up several of those releases, but never for more than about $35 US, which is still insane for the size, considering that's how much the 1/72 Hasegawa Shinden II costs.  Generally, HLJ will unload them at a decent discount when they fail to sell at the insane MSRP.  Paying in yen at HLJ would actually probably get you an even better discount. 

I get that they're niche designs.. but I wish Hasegawa would continue that line and make more of them, because the 1/144 kits hurt.

In their defense though.. they're really good little kits, on-par with Bandai's molding techniques, and there is something to be said for little knick-knack-sized kits that are easy to set on a desk unobtrusively.  They come with the main body colors pre-painted on one version, and they build up into something more like what Alter did with their Yukikaze releases, including multiple options for weapons and landing gear that you can swap how you please.

Would still love a bigger kit.. but they make nice little swooshable displays (and go nicely alongside the Tomytec Macross kits ^_^)

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Apparently it's the 25th anniversary of Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere.

Blew my head off with it's design & world building when I tracked down & played the japanese version.

Here are my Hasegawa Delphinus 3 (Cynthia version) and Rena's Night Raven from Kotobukiya.


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